when you least expect it, the sun rises


Learn how you can be happy right now (even if your life isn’t perfect)! Explore the latest methods for raising your vibrations & becoming a vibrational match to your desires that you can start applying right away!

Learn a powerful 10-minute exercise to release relationship hurts. Also, get familiar with the method that you can use to end a relationship with love, peace, and a clear heart by rejecting the negative, painful, and hurtful process of breaking up.

As parents, you have the best intentions for your children. But you’ve probably never learnt how to parent so you might be unconsciously projecting your limiting beliefs onto your children. Learn a powerful 5-minute exercise to help you resolve any situation when your...

In recent years brain researchers have made incredible discoveries about human brain, and how to influence it for success. Learn how you can benefit with scientifically proven mind tools for manifesting your dreams.

Many of us continue to read like 6-year olds never questioning if there’s a better, faster way to read. Learn ways to read faster, comprehend more, and cut your learning time in half while still enjoying the book you're reading!

This teaching is about a totally new approach to changing your mind to think like a millionaire in order to bring financial freedom into your life.

Learn how to use the 5 universal laws of miracle making to make and design a life that you love! Plus, the 3 life-catapult habits to adopt immediately to ensure this coming decade is the best one of your life, AND how to eliminate the 5 highly toxic dysfunctional belie...

Limiting beliefs are changed by visualizing the desired outcome. That’s how you start believing that in fact it is possible to truly live your dreams!

The Law of Attraction is most understood when you see yourself as a magnet getting more and more of the way you FEEL. Nothing will come into your experience unless you invite it through your emotional thought.

Few realize that they can control the way they feel and positively affect the things that come into their life experience by deliberately directing their thoughts. ~ Abraham Hicks

Only when you have a conscious working knowledge of these Universal laws are you able to be the Deliberate Creator of your own life experience. ~ Abraham Hicks

Seconds of focused pleasurable visualization is stronger than 2000 hours of working to obtain a goal! ~ Abraham Hicks

Learn how to use the newly-discovered power of The Millionaire Brain Switch Method to install habits, thoughts and actions that will make you more money.

Build New Neural Pathways In Your Subconscious Mind That Increase Your Powers Of Creating Financial Success With Free Wealth Awakening Hypnosis.

Discover an incredibly powerful mindset system to breaking free of the rat race, AND learn about 4-step plan to becoming financially free!

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