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Next Steps for the 11 Positive Affirmations Workbooks Package Giveaway

We would like to say THANK YOU for entering our 11 positive affirmations workbooks package giveaway contest. Below are some of the details to make sure you give yourself the best possible chance to win this package and start creating life of your dreams with the help of positive affirmations!

  • Our Winner will be drawn November 15th, 2017. 

  • The Winner will be announced on both our Facebook Fan Page and via our eMail Newsletter on the day of the drawing!

  • This includes 11 positive affirmations workbooks completely FREE - you can find out more about them by clicking HERE

  • Sharing on social media is appreciated!


You Get Back the Same Energy You Put Out

Spread positive vibes all around your world - they will have positive impact on you! If you haven't done it already make sure to post on your Facebook page (and other social media pages) that you took control of your life and are getting ready to win at life! Just copy and paste the below message to your Facebook wall so your friends and family can enter as well!

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Don't miss out! The easiest way to know if you won the vacation is to be connected with us! Here's how you can connect with us right now:

  • Become a Facebook Fan (if you’re not already) HERE

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All of these things will increase your chances of knowing if you win the contest + help you stay connected with us for additional promotional offers & contests in the future!

Unlimited Abundance

clearing money blocks, unblocking and attracting abundance with energy clearing

Everything is connected. That's why, when one area of your life is unbalanced, everything else seems so much harder.


This is especially true when it comes to abundance. When you're constantly worried about paying the bills or going to a job you hate every day, everything else gets put on the back burner.


The Universe wants you to be abundant. You were designed to attract money and success.


And the only thing that's stopping you from doing that right now is your ENERGETIC FREQUENCY.


Just like 99% of people on the planet, your energy may be BLOCKEDAnd until you do something about it, your energy will remain blocked.


If you’re not earning what you should be, you need to permanently remove your abundance blocks.



There are bad forces within us existing as energetic blueprints called ABUNDANCE BLOCKS that sabotage every area of your life. In the first 7 years we absorb everything we see & hear. This information creates beliefs about who we are, how much we are worth of, if money is good or bad... You ONLY have to remove a tiny fraction of them to see an immediate increase of abundance.


Even if you know exactly what they are, and even if you make a conscious decision to remove them, your existing energetic frequency and subconscious thought patterns will always pull you back to the same limiting beliefs and behaviors.


That’s why the key to liberating yourself from them is to go to the Source — the part of your personal energetic field known as your abundance frequency.


If you've ever felt stuck or unsatisfied with your finances, or in your career, or in your manifesting ability, there's a high chance you're suffering from an abundance block. The block could be a subtle belief teacher gave you, like "hard work is the only path to success". It could be a meme induced by the media, like "the economy is going down the drain and we're all screwed". Or it could even be a seemingly innocent thought implanted by your parents, like "rich people are evil".

Money is just an energy that you use to do good things for you. Money is just an effect. Money is just a tool.


The true cause of your money situation is your energy field and abundance programming.


Abundance blocks are subconscious barriers society has implanted in you that silently and from behind the scene sabotage your efforts to abundance. These beliefs latch onto your subconscious mind and form abundance blocks in you. The result of this can be catastrophic. Many of us are saddled with a subconscious fear towards money.


Common abundance blocks:

  • Hard work equals success.

  • The love of money is the root of all evil.

  • Treating your job as a source of income.

  • Source energy abandoned me.

  • Limits on how much you can earn.

  • You have to struggle to make money.

  • Pleasing others.

  • Family blocks.

  • Fear of change.

  • Fear of profit.


If you don’t clear the root belief, you will keep on regressing into non-abundant frequencies.


The key to removing blocks is to vibrate on the abundance frequencies and clear the limiting thought patterns.

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