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7 Lessons on Manifesting Desires and Manifesting Dreams

7 Lessons on Manifesting Desires and Manifesting Dreams_What You Need to Know About the Law of Attraction_Law of Attraction Manifestation Technique

From a very early age, we've been taught to set goals. If we know what our goals are, we always know where we are going, we know our direction.

There is nothing wrong with goals. Okay, first of all, the word a GOAL. Let’s do one exercise. Say a loud GOAL. How does it feel when you say it loud? Does it feel light or heavy? If it feels light, then it's Okay, it means that it’s true for you. If it feels heavy, then replace the word GOAL with the synonym that feels light to you. It could be a TARGET. Does a TARGET feel light or heavy? If it doesn’t feel light, search for another word that will represent your goals. You can come up with your own word :) – I would be really happy if you could share it with me in the comments below :)

Okay, now we have decided which word will represent our goals. Let's take a look at some essential lessons about manifestation process.


If you are not the beginner in the manifestation process, you know very well the importance of deciding what are your dreams, desires, what we want… - your TARGETS. Don’t forget to dream big!!

| A goal should scare you a little and excite you a lot. (Joe Vitale) |

If it doesn’t scare you, you are not thinking big enough. Everyone has come to this beautiful planet called the Earth with a purpose to do big things, wonderful things! Unfortunately, the ability and the belief to do them are taken away from us at the very beginning of our experience on the Earth as human beings.

It is said that in the first 7 years of our life, we are like sponges, absorbing everything we see and everything we hear, whether it’s being communicated directly to us or not. And based on all the data that goes into our minds during that time, we begin to form all kind of ideas, beliefs and perceptions about who we are, how much we are worth, about how hostile or loving the world around us is, and about how hard or easy it is to create an abundant life. We were influenced by culture, country, race, language, upbringing, genetics, our parents, in what city we lived in, where we went to school, who our first best friend was, the placement of the moon, sun and the planets at the time of our birth, our mothers' experience at our birth, our experience in the womb, our past lives, our past incarnations in other realms in the spirit world, our parents and siblings past lives...

| Most beliefs we didn't consciously choose - and some of these we didn't even directly experience! Most of them we've inherited and absorbed. We carry around many of beliefs and experiences about life that aren't even ours. We are full of baggage that mostly doesn't belong to us! What is more, most of what we've inherited and absorbed is NEGATIVE. All these take away our dreams, take away our desire to fight for our dreams, to try to make them happen. |

Manifestation process begins whit the determination what are our targets – what we truly want to achieve, what life we want to live, what we want to do – not what was told us that is possible and what not, but what we truly want!

If there were no such a thing as money, what would you choose to do, how would you spend your time? Take into account that you were sent to the Earth to be creative, to create something that contributes to the development of the planet. I know that being all day on a beach it’s awesome. It gives you time to relax, to enjoy, to calm down yourself and get in touch with the nature, but this is not something you would like to do every day to the rest of your life because you are not creating. As already mentioned, you were sent to the planet to create amazing things – this is your purpose.


So, now we have determined our targets. Write them down as they have already become true. Include the part of being grateful for your achievement. Take a look at the following example.

| Dear Universe, I am so grateful and thankful for running a fashion company that creates fabulously beautiful, modern and elegant clothes. I work with truly talented and gifted people whose passion is fashion world and are so grateful for working with me. And not to mention all satisfied customers! They adore my company and can’t wait for launches of new collections. It exceeds all my expectations! |


Next lesson is to visualize this dream. Creative visualization is the science of realizing your dreams, and desires into clear and vivid images in your mind. In other words, you are able to see your desire fulfilled and feel real emotions. Emotions help you dramatically accelerate your manifestation. I’ve mentioned that most of what we absorbed was negative, right? That's why is so important to do visualizations. Because when we visualize, we visualize the life we want to live - full of joy and happiness. This signals our subconscious mind what we want to experience and it starts to search for ways how to bring what we visualize to our physical realities. Subconscious mind doesn't separate what is real and what is just imagination - it takes everything as it's real. Often imaginary things will cause your body to respond in the same way as real things. In this way, creative visualization tricks your subconscious into believing that what you want is already in existence.

| When you feel things before they exist, that’s when the Universe creates your new life. |

But what many people do wrong when visualizing is that they forget on EMOTIONS, they see, smell, hear... but they don't feel. And is understandable because emotions can be very hard to evoke. We have to look for resources that can evoke emotions.

The master in this field is definitely Lisa Nichols. She gives an excellent guidance during her visualization sessions because of her great ability to provoke emotions within you. This is essential! You have to feel strong emotions during the visualization in order to make your dreams reality. And she is extraordinary! You can experience her visualizations sessions HERE. I just want to warn you that you may cry during her sessions. But that’s the power, the beauty, and the most important, the KEY for creating a life of your desires!