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Gain Direct Access to Christie Marie Sheldon & Let Her Clear Your Abundance Blocks in 12 LIVE On

​​If you love and practice Christie's Marie Sheldon energy clearing for abundance, Christie's announced her new Unlimited Abundance LIVE Journey for 2019!

It's a LIVE online group coaching program for eliminating your abundance blocks.

Each month, you’ll get on a live call with Christie and other students. Here she’ll detect the group’s energy field, and rapidly clear each individual’s Abundance Blocks. You’ll feel a rush of positive emotions coursing through you (some people describe it as a "spiritual orgasm").

There will be 12 LIVE sessions! Every session starts at 10 am PST!

All you need to do is show up, relax, & let her do the work for you.

If you have the time and energy to invest in this special journey, it will be worth every second of it!



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LINK: http://bit.ly/ualive-special


You see, financial strategies and taking action are all important. But without having your energetic vibration aligned to your financial goals, you'll face hurdle after hurdle for every step you take. these hurdles are stressful and completely unnecessary.

But once you remove your abundance blocks, your vibration will automatically align with your goals! And suddenly, you'll find yourself making rapid progress.

When you aren’t getting the results you want, you really only have 2 choices for creating success:

  1. You can try harder (and keep doing what you’re doing)

  2. Or you can try a different approach

And that’s the thing. When most people try to increase their wealth or become successful, they go about it all wrong. Sure, their strategies might be solid - but if they still haven’t done anything to change their internal world, it doesn’t matter how great their plan might be. They’ll always have a huge amount of internal resistance that keeps them stuck. If you’ve ever experienced this kind of struggle, or if you’ve ever wanted to make a change and finally reach a higher level of wealth or success in life, then the LIVE program by Christie Marie Sheldon is your opportunity and recommendation to step further in your life.


Here’s how Christie explains how our beliefs can so easily influence our reality — Especially around the things like wealth and abundance.

"Manifesting anything including cash, money, less income, more income, is basically a sum total of all your energy frequencies and the patterns you received in your life that make up of your thoughts, ideas, judgments about abundance...

"I have discovered thousands of ways that we block our wealth and abundance. These stories and programmed patterns about wealth and abundance can block the very thing we are trying to create in our field of energy. In fact, I believe that if everyone changed these they would never ever ever have a money issue ever again."


Note that Unlimited Abundance LIVE is a LIVE program requiring heavy involvement from the author herself, her publisher as well as 4 tribe facilitators that manage the whole experience.

That's why the price is higher but the pay-off is enormous!

Plus, for another opportunity like this one you'll have to wait a whole year!

If you are serious about clearing your abundance blocks and moving financially to the next level in your life, secure your spot as soon as possible!



This is an Unlimited Abundance LIVE Coaching Program meaning:

  • There will be 12 LIVE online group energy clearing sessions with Christie Marie Sheldon, as she personally melts away each of your abundance blocks.

If you’ve ever wanted to ask Christie about your specific abundance blocks, then this LIVE program is the best opportunity to do it! You’ll have 12 opportunities to clear your blocks by Christie personally!

You can most certainly benefit from THIS!!!


The Unlimited Abundance LIVE Coaching Program is an online coaching experience where Christie personally hosts you and a small group of participants each month for 12 months as she

  • scans your energy field,

  • raises your vibrations, and

  • erases any stubborn Abundance Blocks that remain inside you.

This is a LIVE group coaching experience with Christie herself.

The Unlimited Abundance LIVE experience eliminates negative energetic charges from deep inside you, and keeps you in an unshakeable high-vibrating state of abundance at all times.

All with Christie by your side, guiding you and holding space for you, every step of the way!


Your eyes are closed...

You’re taking slow, deep breaths...

Your heart beats faster in anticipation...

And then it comes:

Sweet, breathtaking vibrational release... ahhhh

As yet another Abundance Block is sent fleeing from your energetic ecosystem...

If you’ve ever experienced a personal energy clearing session with a gifted healer like Christie Marie Sheldon (you can experience it in the video below), you may know this feeling.

Some describe it as being like a spiritual orgasm.

Some say it makes them feel “weightless”, knowing they’re finally free to create the rich, prosperous, fulfilling realities they crave.


It’s the essential next step in your Unlimited Abundance journey.

The Unlimited Abundance LIVE online group coaching experience is a 12-month adventure towards your most incredibly abundant life. Once a month for 12 months, you and a small group of participants will join Christie in a deeply personal online energy clearing session where she personally taps into your collective energy field, raises your vibrations, and erases all residual Abundance Blocks from within you.

This is a terrific opportunity to get closer to Christie than ever before!

To experience new advanced energy clearing tools and techniques she usually reserves for her private one-on-one clients. And, to keep yourself in an unbreakable state of high-vibrating abundance, where old and new Abundance Blocks can never pin you down.



On the top of the program's web page, you should see a countdown.

If you don't see it, copy the link: http://bit.ly/ualive-special and open it in a different browser (the one you haven't used yet for exploring the program's web page), or clear browser's cookies and then open the link.

LINK: http://bit.ly/ualive-special

The energy clearing session starts at 54:32.

The masterclass includes the following sections:

  • How Abundance Blocks are holding you back from wealth - Understand the concept of subconscious Abundance Blocks. This idea has helped many people overcome wealth issues and understand that it is not about how hard they work but by how they seek to heal their inner most beliefs about money.

  • Discover your personal Abundance Blocks - You learn a unique method to talk to your subconscious and intuitively discover your specific and unique Abundance Blocks. Typically this blocks came to you between the ages of 0 - 7.

  • How Energy Clearing Works - Most energy healers don’t share their secrets, but Christie believes you need to learn how to directly access your Abundance Blocks and remove them from your energy field. With a little practice, anyone can master it.

  • An energy clearing session for turning your passion into profit - Christie will perform a group energy clearing that you can join from the comfort of your home. In this way you can experience first hand, how to access your energy field and turn your passions into profits.

  • Tales of unlimited Abundance - What happens when you remove your Abundance Blocks? Christie will share a few real-life stories from past participants of this session, to make you understand that unlimited abundance is just an energy shift away.

  • An eye-opening Q&A session - In this section, Christie answers a series of piercing questions on Abundance Blocks, so that you gain utmost clarity over how the method works.


Christie Marie is known for helping people by using her spiritual gifts to give us guidance and help us manifest the reality of our dreams. She does this by helping us to

  • open up our awareness and

  • use our own spiritual gifts.

As a facilitator for consciousness, her greatest joy is to help people become who they really are. Making a difference in people's lives has become her life’s choice, because if enough people raise their consciousness and vibration to self-love and celebration, we can restore love on this planet!

Christie's greatest desire is for you to turn on your spiritual gifts and make your inner light brighter.

Over the last 15 years Christie Marie Sheldon has been enhancing people's personal vibrations to seminal heights, allowing them to become magnets for life's pleasures using Christie’s world-renowned ENERGY CLEARING METHOD.

She has worked with more than 35,000 people one-on-one.

Christie is a remarkable woman with a special gift – the ability to connect with other people so that they start to magnetically attract success and abundance on autopilot.

She is intuitive coach & energy healer who

  • eliminates people’s abundance blocks,

  • raises their vibrations, and

  • manifests their ideal realities.


When you think of a gifted energy healer, what kind of person comes to mind?

You might think of someone wise, authoritative. Someone decked out in beads and flowing robes.

Christie Marie Sheldon is far from your typical energy worker.

As any of the thousands of people who have worked with her through her Unlimited Abundance LIVE experience will tell you that there’s something special about this woman.

And is not just about her infectious laugh, or her bubbly, joyful, sometimes weird energy.

But rather, her uncanny ability to instantly read a person’s energy field - As easily as you would read a newspaper headline.

And then, to clear their Abundance Blocks, and dramatically raise their wealth vibrations - Just like how you might turn up the volume on a speaker.

Unlimited Abundance LIVE is an incredible opportunity to go beyond the home training program, and allow Christie to personally work with your energetic blueprint - All 100% online, so you pay only a tiny fraction of her normal face-to-face coaching fees.

A few days ago, Christie opened up the 2018 intake for Unlimited Abundance LIVE. Since then spots have filled up fast - and Christie would love for you to secure one.


If you’re a fan of live theater, you may have heard of the term, "breaking the fourth wall".

This happens when a character appears to become aware they’re in a fictional performance, as they turn to the audience, and explain an aspect of the plot to them.

In this moment, the invisible wall between fiction and reality shatters!

You may have noticed this narrative technique used in all sorts of productions - including TV shows like House of Cards and Modern Family.

But what could this possibly have to do with your personal growth?

After experiencing the energy clearing sessions with Christie Marie Sheldon, many participants say they’ve noticed themselves breaking the fourth wall between their conscious and subconscious minds.

As in, they’re able to consciously catch their Abundance Blocks in action, just as they bubble up to the surface - And in turn realize how deeply their own subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and habits are sabotaging their financial success.

This level of self-awareness is an incredibly valuable asset to your personal and financial growth.

But it’s also incomplete until you also know how to erase the Abundance Blocks you’re now becoming more aware of.

Christie’s Unlimited Abundance LIVE Coaching sessions are designed for just that.

If you’re keen on breaking free from your Abundance Blocks, so you can finally start earning what you really deserve then joining the Unlimited Abundance LIVE Coaching Journey is your gift for yourself!

It’s a gift that will help you

  • not just break your fourth wall more often, and become hyper-aware of every Abundance Block inside you;

  • but also erase them from your subconscious at light speed.



On the top of the program's web page, you should see a countdown.

If you don't see it, copy the link: http://bit.ly/ualive-special and open it in a different browser (the one you haven't used yet for exploring the program's web page), or clear browser's cookies and then open the link.

LINK: http://bit.ly/ualive-special


Scroll down to experience even more free energy clearing sessions by Christie!


You’ll have 12 opportunities to meet Christie Marie Sheldon herself & ask her your personal questions about your abundance blocks!

There’ll be 12 LIVE SESSIONS (all sessions start at 10 am PST):

  1. March 16th 2019: Being Fully You

  2. April 13th 2019: Telling A New Story

  3. May 18th 2019: The Gift Of You

  4. June 15th 2019: Receiving More

  5. July13th 2019: Embracing Challenges

  6. August 17th 2019: Monetizing You

  7. September 14th 2019: I Love Money

  8. October 19th 2019: Freedom From Guilt

  9. November 9th 2019: Blow Your Budge-It

  10. December 14th 2019: Money As A Force For Good

  11. January 18th 2020: Non-Cents

  12. February15th 2020: Fortune-It

Unlike recorded home training programs, your Unlimited Abundance LIVE sessions are hosted LIVE, in real-time by Christie herself - and are designed to simulate one-on-one coaching with her.

You’ll be free to ping Christie during each session to ask her questions and make your requests – and you can also drop her a message anytime as you progress through the 12-month course.

Plus, there’s the exclusive Unlimited Abundance Facebook group where you can hang with Christie and other students in a private and safe setting.​

Not only will you experience a unique Energy Clearing session every single month for an entire year, but you’ll also get to ask her your biggest abundance questions on the call.

Question is…

Are you ready to take your abundance to the next level?


Each Unlimited Abundance LIVE session is a deeply intimate & personal affair: similar to a private one-on-one session with Christie; brimming with hot tea, laughter, & tears of joy.

At the beginning of each online group session, Christie asks the group a number of carefully worded questions designed to reveal your Abundance Blocks in a specific area of your life. After a few questions, your blocks begin showing up on Christie’s ‘energetic radar’.

That’s when she begins removing them using her series of powerful energetic tools.

You’ll look forward to these sessions as a glowing highlight of your month. Each one lasts around 75 - 90 minutes.

All you need to do is show up, relax, and let Christie do the work for you.

Join Christie for a series of 12 monthly LIVE online group sessions, as she

  • taps into your energetic field,

  • uncovers your most damaging abundance blocks, and

  • clears your path to the financial success and abundance you deserve.

This is as close as it gets to personal one-on-one coaching with Christie, but at a tiny fraction of the price.

Unlimited Abundance LIVE is an intimate group experience.

Once a month, you’ll join Christie and a small group of students for a life-changing energy clearing.

Since these are live sessions, you’ll experience the benefit of Christie working with your collective energy fields, and systematically dismantling your abundance blocks.

Enrolling as soon as you can is the only way you can be part of the full experience, or you’ll have to wait a whole year for the next launch of this live program!

Here’s what you get when you ENROLL:

  • 12 LIVE online group coaching sessions with Christie for erasing your abundance blocks - one per month.

  • experience Christie’s advanced energy clearing tools.

  • recordings and transcripts of all 12 live sessions (as they happen) so you can revisit them or catch the ones you missed.

  • an unconditional money-back guarantee that includes the first call, so you can try the first session risk-free!

  • customer support whenever you need help.

  • 2 FREE Bonuses:

  • private Unlimited Abundance LIVE Coaching FB group, where you’ll interact with fellow students and Christie herself

  • 2x Energy Healing session recordings with Christie:

  1. Clearing Past Beliefs

  2. Clearing Fundamental Blocks


All sessions start at 10 am PST!

1. March 16th 2019: BEING FULLY YOU

At the end of this session, you’ll be thinking… "I can be more than I think!"

What are you avoiding becoming, that would create massive abundance in your life? You are a being, not a doing. Being fully you, owning up to your potential and stepping into it creates the doing that is needed - and having abundance makes getting there far easier.

In this session you will:

  • Be the freaking fearless Unlimited Being you truly are

  • Become intuitively guided and consistently take action to manifest your dream life

  • Wake up every morning thrilled to be abundant and alive

2. April 13th 2019: TELLING A NEW STORY

At the end of this session, you’ll be thinking… "I can release lifelong blocks!"

Sometimes we have these stories in our lives that we never really get rid of. We clear around them, we study them, we sort of think we got them. But eventually, things show up that prove we never really resolved these stories. And they’ll keep showing up until we make the choice to finally write new stories for ourselves.

In this session you will:

  • Release the victim-ey judgments locking your stories in place

  • Restore your ability to craft your new story

  • Finalize the old story and move on anew

3. May 18th 2019: THE GIFT OF YOU

At the end of this session, you’ll be thinking… "I really am a gift to the world!" Do you see yourself as a gift, with talents, love, and benevolence to give to the world? This very act of acknowledging ourselves as Infinite Beings strips away the judgments that force us to lower our standards of living. You reflect outwardly, what you feel inwardly. It’s time to let your light shine. In this session you will:

  • Acknowledge the gift you are

  • Remove the blocks to shining your light

  • Show yourself kindness, love & benevolence for all you bring to the world

4. June 15th 2019: RECEIVING MORE

At the end of this session, you’ll be thinking… "I am an amazing receiver of abundance!"

If someone offers you a gift, do you typically receive it with grace and gratitude? Or, do you rebuff it, turn it down, and say "oh, you shouldn’t have"? Often, it’s our own apprehension to receiving abundance that blocks us from having more of it. That changes now; it’s time to open your arms to abundance.

In this session you will:

  • Break the cycle of turning your nose at options and opportunities

  • Stop the unawareness on how often you can’t take what the universe is giving you

  • Program yourself to say "yes, I’ll receive that!"


At the end of this session, you’ll be thinking… "I can master any challenge life throws my way!"

When adversity approaches, do you hide? Run? Stop? Break down? Or, do you choose to look it straight in the face, overcome it, and thrive? It’s time to discover how to not just get through challenges and adversity, but welcome them as catalysts for amazing growth and transformation.

In this session you will:

  • Stop telling yourself you can’t

  • Face obstacles with fearless anticipation

  • Create a new, triumphant path with every opportunity thrown your way

6. August 17th 2019: MONETIZING YOU

At the end of this session, you’ll be thinking… "I can make money in everything I do!"

What amazing aspects of YOU could be making you more money? Are you sitting on a goldmine of hidden skills and gifts you could be sharing with the world? There is someone out there who can’t wait to pay you for being YOU - your job is to simply make them aware of you, so you can open a new floodgate of abundance.

In this session you will:

  • Create value using your gifts and skills

  • Realize the value you can and do bring to people

  • Discover ways to sell, offer & monetize your gifts

7. September 14th 2019: I LOVE MONEY

At the end of this session, you’ll be thinking… "I simply adore money!"

Your energy determines how the Universe interacts with you. And when it’s vibrating at the level of 'Love or Above', it becomes a catalyst for miracles, manifestations, and yes - abundance. All you need to do is learn how to elevate those vibrations - and keep them there.

In this session you will:

  • Discover why your vibrations matter more than most people think

  • Learn how to raise your vibrations on demand

  • Manifest better things by controlling where your attention flows

8. October 19th 2019: FREEDOM FROM GUILT

At the end of this session, you’ll be thinking... "I deserve an amazing quality of life!"

Do you secretly feel guilty whenever you have more than others? Often, it’s the nicest people who have the most abundance-blocking doubt, fear, and guilt. It’s time to release that guilt because a guilt-free you is more prepared to give more to the world - and you deserve to have it all!

In this session you will:

  • Pick the quality of life you truly crave

  • Locate hidden blocks that stop you from feeling amazing about creating this life

  • Stop pounding the pavement wondering why you still aren’t getting what you deserve

9. November 9th 2019: BLOW YOUR BUDGET-IT

At the end of this session, you’ll be thinking.... "I can budge my budget!"

Do you have a budget that won’t budge? A long time ago, Christie made a decision that her budget wasn’t going to control her; she would take charge and make her money work for her, not against her. You’ll be surprised at how this simple shift in perspective towards your budget completely transforms your financial life.

In this session you will:

  • Locate the ways you are leaking money with zero rewards back to you

  • Discover the shocking ways you blow your money on non-cents

  • Find the hidden pattern of spending that wreaks havoc on incoming money

10. December 14th 2019: MONEY AS A FORCE FOR GOOD

At the end of this session, you’ll be thinking… "Money is a force of good in my life!"

Do you feel victimized by money despite spending so much of your life pursuing it? Is money stealing your joy because you are doing things you detest in order to grab it? What if you could reshape your life to abundantly attract money from a space of fun and joy? Join Christie in reframing your money story.

In this session you will:

  • Create boundless joy in your relationship with money

  • Align with the positive aspects of making money

  • Stop generating fear and bad luck in your money cycles

11. January 18th 2020: NON-CENTS

At the end of this session, you’ll be thinking... "There are more than enough resources, money, and abundance available to me!"

Do you secretly believe you don’t have enough of something vital? Like time, money, options, opportunities, wisdom, connections, or even luck? What if you found out that you actually do, and that this idea of lack is nothing but a stubborn illusion? Life can be a box of chocolates filled with all your favorites, when you let it!

In this session you will:

  • Find the quality career or business opportunities you deserve

  • Look for hidden resources that are all around you

  • Rise above the blocks robbing you of the time and clarity to do what’s needed

12. August 17th 2019: FORTUNE-IT

At the end of this session, you’lFebruary 15th 2020: l be thinking… "I now have the ideas, steps and plan to create my fortune!"

When you break down the word 'fortune', you get 'for' and 'tune'. In this session, Christie will help you tune into the download your soul has been wanting to share with you about the plan, the ideas and the knowledge to shape your future. The priceless gift is the unbreakable clarity and resolves you’ll gain from this experience.

In this session you will:

  • Receive an energy download from your Infinite Self

  • Open the pathway to messages and insights for your future

  • Fine tune your energy to move forward with ease



Light up every step of your Unlimited Abundance LIVE journey with love and inspiration. In this exclusive Facebook group you’ll connect with fellow students from across the world, Tribe Facilitators, and Christie herself in a safe and private space. Soak up the stories, triumphs, and positive energy of people on the exact same journey as you, as you progress through each session and support each other towards the finish line.


  1. CLEARING PAST BELIEFS (Explore your past relationship with money to identify the origins of your most damaging Abundance Blocks - and shape a future that draws wealth and success towards you on autopilot. A highlight of this session includes clearing your current negative responses toward money, career and your living environment to reveal an immediate sense of fulfillment and happiness in everything you do, every single day.)

  2. CLEARING FUNDAMENTAL BLOCKS (While we all have Abundance Blocks, many of us also have blocks in other areas in our lives. Have you noticed that many of your relationship, health, and self-esteem issues were also imprinted on you at an early age? In this clearing session, you will learn how to heal these blocks allowing you to manifest fruitful relationships, bulletproof health, a soaring career, unshakeable self-esteem - in short, everything.)


Christie Marie Sheldon has conducted over 30,000 successful private energy clearing sessions for people from all walks of life - including celebrities, CEOs, and politicians. Her method has been proven over and over again. It works. It will dramatically transform your life, as long as you stick with it. That’s why you’re offered a money back guarantee, which includes the first session. That gives you plenty of time to experience the first call, observe your results, and even interact with Christie and the community through the Facebook group. You have nothing to lose but a whole new world to gain.​



On the top of the program's web page, you should see a countdown.

If you don't see it, copy the link: http://bit.ly/ualive-special and open it in a different browser (the one you haven't used yet for exploring the program's web page), or clear browser's cookies and then open the link.

LINK: http://bit.ly/ualive-special


Scroll down to experience even more free energy clearing sessions by Christie!


Once again, this is A LIVE PROGRAM.

Enrolling as soon as you can is the only way you can be part of the full experience!




Not exactly, but it’s close! Unlimited Abundance LIVE is an online group coaching experience. You’re joining Christie and a small group of participants for a monthly online session, where she’ll personally work with the group’s collective energy field, boost your vibrations, and erase your most stubborn Abundance Blocks on the spot.


The Unlimited Abundance home training program is a powerful resource for overcoming your 24 Abundance Blocks and creating a more prosperous and successful life.

However, after experiencing positive results with the program, many Unlimited Abundance students still find themselves searching for the ‘next level’. Some even just want a way to connect on a more personal level with Christie, preferably without traveling or investing in her premium coaching rates.

This is where Unlimited Abundance LIVE comes in.

It’s a deeper, more personal, more transformational experience compared to the original program. You’ll experience breakthroughs, epiphanies, and releases that would otherwise have been inaccessible to you. And if you’re at all a fan of Christie’s energy clearing method, it’s the essential next step in your journey towards unlimited abundance.


The beauty of this process is that you’ll experience results at the very moment Christie is working on your energy field. You may not feel it on a conscious level - but once that Abundance Block is gone, you won’t even be able to conjure up the negative thoughts associated with that old energy - and your model of reality is instantly altered. As a result, you’ll start enjoying positive results instantly, which only get better as the days, weeks and months go by.


Christie has timed these sessions to last approximately 75 minutes - although due to their intimate nature, they can sometimes go beyond that, especially if Christie needs more time to erase a specific Abundance Block from you. All calls are pre-scheduled in advance, you can find the dates by scrolling up to the schedule listing.


Yes, even if you miss a session because you could not free up your time, don’t worry. First, you will still energetically receive the clearing at the time of the sessions because you have made a commitment to receive help. That really makes a difference. And second, you’ll get the recording and transcript of the session as soon as possible - which is usually 2 - 7 days after. This is also handy in case you want to revisit specific sessions.


Christie has a specific agenda for the 12 months of clearing sessions. She’ll try to cover all 24 of the Abundance Blocks, but she’ll be focusing on the dominant Abundance Blocks of the group. Basically, she’ll zoom in on your collective energy field, and will clear anything that comes up as important to your abundance. (And usually, most of Christie’s sessions will take you by surprise).


Christie has conducted thousands of one-on-one and group coaching sessions. Individual sessions are of course more private, but there’s a certain unique power that exists in a group session - and it comes from the collective energy field that each participant contributes to.

Remember that when a group of people gathers around focusing on a single goal - in this case, abundance - the energy is dramatically amplified. And because everyone is resonating on a highly positive level, your doubts, fears, and anxieties will subside, allowing fresh new energy to enter your field.

PLUS you get to also hear the stories of achievement from other people that’ll motivate and inspire you to take action. The experience - just by being there in the community and sharing your story - will change your life (especially your financial destiny) forever.

Finally, you get unheard-of access to Christie herself. You get to ask her questions during each live session. And, you can email or message her at any time, and connect with the Unlimited Abundance community through the online membership area and Facebook group.



On the top of the program's web page, you should see a countdown.

If you don't see it, copy the link: http://bit.ly/ualive-special and open it in a different browser (the one you haven't used yet for exploring the program's web page), or clear browser's cookies and then open the link.

LINK: http://bit.ly/ualive-special


Scroll down to experience even more free energy clearing sessions by Christie!

Case Studies From Unlimited Abundance LIVE Students


  1. Does it ever feel like your income doesn’t accurately reflect your hard work and effort?

  2. When you’re trying to attract more wealth, do you ever feel resistance coming from inside?

  3. Have you read books, taken courses, or been coached in personal finance - but still can’t get that breakthrough you’re looking for?

If your answer to any of these is YES...

then joining Unlimited Abundance LIVE could be the best decision you make in 2019.



On the top of the program's web page, you should see a countdown.

If you don't see it, copy the link: http://bit.ly/ualive-special and open it in a different browser (the one you haven't used yet for exploring the program's web page), or clear browser's cookies and then open the link.

LINK: http://bit.ly/ualive-special


Scroll down to experience even more free energy clearing sessions by Christie!

Everything is connected. That's why, when one area of your life is unbalanced, everything else seems so much harder.

This is especially true when it comes to abundance. When you're constantly worried about paying the bills or going to a job you hate every day, everything else gets put on the back burner.

The Universe wants you to be abundant. You were designed to attract money and success. And the only thing that's stopping you from doing that right now is your energetic frequency.

The Universe wants to deliver to you abundance of all kinds! But if you’re broadcasting a signal of "poor" it can’t because the vibration of "poor" and the vibration of "abundant" are 2 completely different vibrations that don’t match!

Just like 99% of people on the planet, your energy may be blocked. And until you do something about it, your energy will remain blocked.


Be more aware of

  • your limiting beliefs,

  • their power and

  • whether they harmonize with your desires.

A belief is a practiced vibration that you can sense on an emotional level! Maybe you can’t verbalize the block but you can feel lower emotions that indicate the activation of a belief that is not serving you. This vibration was activated because its energy is stored in your energy field! You have to clear that energy in order to stop splitting it. In the videos below, it's presented how you can do that.

If you've got practiced vibrations about your desires but contradictory practiced vibrations about how you don't believe in them, then you're experiencing split energy.

In practical terms this means:

  • A desire that has a lot of momentum and no resistance (blocks), it’s ecstasy.

  • A desire that has a lot of momentum and a lot of resistance, it’s miserable.

  • A desire that has no much momentum and no resistance, is the beginning of every manifestation you want – your thoughts begin to turn to things.


You have a thought. This thought vibrates at a certain frequency (the emotion that the thought produces within you). You are now focusing to that frequency meaning that your state of being (mood), mind and body are starting to broadcast that frequency. As a consequence, you receive more thoughts and experiences of a similar vibration as the frequency you tune yourself to.

In other words, you are a vibrational being that broadcasts a signal; this signal attracts back to you things, people and experiences of the same energy as your signal.

To understand better: When a radio is tuned to the 98.7FM frequency, it will only play songs broadcasted at that wavelength; it cannot receive the songs being played over 101FM – you know it’s not possible.

This is how the momentum is built around a certain frequency. When the momentum is built, all that you can perceive is that which belong to that frequency.

In practical terms:

  • If you focus on a problem, you can’t see the solution!

  • If you focus on a question, you can’t hear the answer.

You probably remember that when you started complaining about something, more and more reasons for complaining showed up. You added to that "complaining momentum" by continuing thinking about them. You just couldn’t stop complaining – this is because you didn’t stop the momentum at early stages when it was not so strong.

When you practice the same momentum over and over again, you forget that there are plenty of other frequencies available to you that you can deliberately tune yourself to. Frequencies that produce wonderful shifts in your life!

When the vibration of a limiting belief is stronger than the vibration of a desire, you become discouraged and give up. But it doesn't have to be that way BECAUSE YOU CAN CLEAR THESE ENERGY PATTERNS!


Money is just an energy that you use to do good things for you. Money is just an effect, a tool.

The true cause of your money situation is your energy field and abundance programming.


Abundance blocks are subconscious barriers society has implanted in you that silently and from behind the scene sabotage your efforts to abundance. These beliefs latch onto your subconscious mind and form abundance blocks in you. The result of this can be catastrophic. Many of us are saddled with a subconscious fear towards money.

"There are bad forces within us existing as energetic blueprints called abundance blocks that sabotage every area of your life. In the first 7 years we absorb everything we see & hear. This information creates beliefs about who we are, how much we are worth of, if money is good or bad... You ONLY have to remove a tiny fraction of them to see an immediate increase of abundance."

(Christie Marie Sheldon)

Common abundance blocks:

  • Hard work is the only path to success.

  • The love of money is the root of all evil.

  • Treating your job as a source of income.

  • Source energy abandoned me.

  • Limits on how much you can earn.

  • You have to struggle to make money.

  • The economy is going down the drain and we're all screwed.

  • Rich people are evil.

  • Pleasing others.

  • Family blocks.

  • Fear of change.

  • Fear of profit.

If you’re not earning what you should be, you need to permanently remove your abundance blocks. Even if you know exactly what they are, and even if you make a conscious decision to remove them, your existing energetic frequency and subconscious thought patterns will always pull you back to the same limiting beliefs and behaviors.


The key to liberating yourself from them is to go to the Source Energy — the part of your personal energetic field known as your abundance frequency.

When you go to the Source Energy, your energy expands which means that you are in a state of being where you are able to heal parts of your energy field that are blocked.

The more you expand, the more your energy shifts and the more you are able to clear blocks that you picked up during your life.

If you don’t clear the root belief, you will keep on regressing into non-abundant frequencies. The key to removing blocks is to vibrate on the abundance frequencies and clear the limiting thought patterns.


The manifestation process consists of five steps:

step 1


You are doing this all the time if you are aware of it or not. The contrast (moments in your life that are not pleasant to you – the unwanted things) causes you to ask for the opposite of the contrast (for the things that you do want).

step 2

THE UNIVERSE ANSWERS (this is not your job)

Your Inner Being (your Soul or God or your Higher Self or the Non-Physical part of you or whatever you want to call it) and the Universe vibrationally fulfill your desire in the moment you asked for it.

step 3

YOU GET YOURSELF INTO THE RECEIVING MODE (this is when you allow your desires to manifest – the emotions that you feel, tell you if you are in the receiving mode or not)

When the desire is born within you, the Universe and your Inner Being fulfill it on a vibrational level in the moment you asked for it (step 2). But you have to be up to speed with this desire (you have to become vibrational match in order to manifest it into your life). In simple terms, your Inner Being always feels great about your desires but you probably don’t because they haven’t manifested yet, so here is this vibrational (emotional) gap between you and your Inner Being. To resolve this and eventually manifest what you want, you have to feel the same about your desires as your Inner Being feels about them. Your Inner Being always feels joy, happiness, love, satisfaction, gratitude, fun… (all positive emotions). On the other hand, you may feel negative emotions like sadness, depression, anger, jealously… about your desires, and this is the emotional gap that you have to close in order to manifest your desires. Your work is to raise your vibrations to emotional levels of love and above, and the gap is closed. Your positive thoughts turn into desired things. This is creating on purpose – feeling emotions that your Inner Being feels on purpose in order to manifest what you want.

step 4


Your Inner Being knows all your desires, knows where you stand in relation to your desires, and knows all blocks and limiting beliefs that are on the way to full manifestation. You Inner Being guides you toward full manifestation but you have to stop resisting it in order to hear all clues your Inner Being is telling you. You stop resistance (which is also start allowing) when you stop thinking thoughts that cause you to feel negative emotions. You stop resistance when you quiet your mind (for example, in meditation). You stop resistance when you 100% focus (think and talk) on something that is not important to you (for example, birds, trees, flowers…). You stop resistance when you raise your vibrations to the emotional levels of love and above – this speed up your manifestation because now you feel emotions that your Inner Being feels and the Law of Attraction has to bring to you what you want.

step 5


The contrasting experiences will never stop because you don’t know what you really want if you don’t experience some contrast + you will always desire something – you may manifest 1 million but in the moment this desire fulfills, you’ll unconsciously desire for more millions because people always want more (we can be aware of that or not but we always desire more because we are creators). So, contrast will never stop but with all the knowledge and tools that are available nowadays you have the opportunity to develop new thinking pattern about finding yourself in the step 1 and not being mad at yourself because of that.

Step 4 is where people get stuck because they don’t have effective tools to practice the feelings of love (and above) especially when the contrast presents itself again. Furthermore, this leads to step 5 where they fail again, also because of the lack of effective techniques that would help them achieve state of emotional stability.


Love is the secret to healing, and it has a higher vibration. Human beings are a spiritual entity that is having a physical experience. That means, you have an inner energy (spiritual), and your body (physical) is a reflection of your inner energy. When we are having a disconnect (vibrational gap) with our inner energy, or if our inner energy is disturbed (with negative thoughts and feelings), the physical part of it starts reflecting what’s underneath it. That’s where illnesses start.

So, by connecting to the Source Energy and raising your inner energy to the level of love, you can heal yourself effortlessly. You just need to know how to connect your energy and turn it around.

The effective closing of emotional gap is also the reason why richer get richer and poorer get poorer… Ever noticed how some uncannily and "lucky" people can almost effortlessly attract good things into their lives? At work, they get all the opportunities. They lead social movements in their communities. They’re spiritual, yet also have a healthy relationship with money. Their relationships are consistently blissful, and they’re always in the pink of health. If you’re like most people, life is a mixture of good days and bad days. You may not be poor or sick, but you worry about your money and health a little more often than you’d like. You long for the time and freedom to live life on your own terms. You wish you were better at manifesting your goals. And so you’ve probably wondered to yourself on more than a few occasions what does it take to HAVE IT ALL?

If you think about what you want and feel great about it - you feel happy even though the thing you desire hasn't manifested yet; you appreciate the desire and know that's on the way to you; you like the idea of manifesting what you want; you are satisfied and at peace with where you are - then you don't have blocks about that thing you wish to manifest.

But if you think about what you want and don't feel good about it - you say I want this BUT...

(what comes after "but" is a block).

You really have to pay attention to your thoughts and emotions (emotions tell you if you are focusing on the desire or on the lack of manifestation!!) because here's a trap - you could be talking about desire and thinking that you feel good about it but inside you could be a subtle emotion indicating that you don't feel good when you think about that desire - this is a block.

So, it's really important to know how you feel when you think about something.


As an intuitive life coach and energy healer, Christie’s Marie Sheldon gift is in working with your energy fields.

She starts by creating a mold of the perfect energy template that has already been liberated from the specific abundance block you’re targeting. This is further enhanced by injecting positive beliefs and attributes into it, before infusing it in you through a set of specific steps.

The result is instant energetic transformation – with little to no effort on your part – that leaves your mind and body feeling absolutely rejuvenated. The beauty of this technique is that it works perfectly even through audio recordings, allowing you to save time and money on costlier one-to-one sessions.

The process is incredibly easy. If you enroll in the program, just spend a few minutes listening to your Unlimited Abundance audios in the morning, before you go to bed, or even during your lunch break (In the videos below, you can experience the energy clearing method.). You’re free to do it at your own pace, and for the most part all you need to do is relax and listen to Christie’s voice as she works on your energy field. As she does so, you’ll feel rushes of positive emotions and sensations coursing through your body and mind (some people describe it as being like a spiritual orgasm:)).

Best of all, once you learn Christie’s methods, you’ll be able to practice them by yourself for the rest of your life, and draw on them whenever you need a dose of energy healing.

GENERATE YOUR FUTURE SELF (Energy Clearing Session #19 from the Unlimited Abundance Home Training program)

This is a recorded session from the LIVE Unlimited Abundance program that took place in 2011. If you are interested in the recorded program, you can get it HERE.

In this session, Christie guides you through a process of using your image machine, to help your future self see what awesome things are in store for you. You get to look at what your ideologies, your thoughts, and your ideas are betraying your manifesting power. Also, you’re going to ask your future self what options you have to open the doorways to new opportunities. Also, there be lots of clearings of blocks that sabotage your future! So, tune in and make excellent future options show up for you. Let’s get your future self onboard!

Consider listening to the session more times – when a block is cleared, it feels light – repeat clearings until it feels light! The method is super easy because you are tapping into the Source Energy that creates worlds, and is giving your body life. So, all is well, you are safe.


The session starts at 01:00:36.


Many financial experts and high net worth individuals agree that a person’s income should never remain stagnant: and should in fact increase by at least 10% per year.

This annual increase is not only a way to consistently level up your standard of living and contribution – but is also symbolic of your lifelong commitment to getting better every day.

Unfortunately, Abundance Blocks cause most of us to fall short of this gold standard in personal finance. Instead, we get stuck in ruts. We wrestle with the same old insecurities and setbacks. And, we settle for the same amount of income for way too long – which thanks to inflation means we’re actually getting poorer each year!

The sustainable solution to this is not to work harder or clock in more overtime – it’s to erase your Abundance Blocks.

Use the calculator HERE (scroll to the What Could You Be Earning If You Were Free Of Abundance Blocks? section) to find out the amount you could be earning if you were free of your abundance blocks.


Think about the problem you want to solve, or something that annoys you. It could be anything – lack of love, lack of money, specific illness or pain, conflict with your boss, spouse, co-worker, kid…


"Firstly, you have to connect to the abundance frequency. You cannot feel fear in the same way if you are connected to the light. The light can be any higher power you believe in (God, the Universe…). You naturally connect to the abundance frequency when you pray or meditate (this is the time when you take your energy really up & connect to source energy - the light)."

(Christie Marie Sheldon)

How to connect to the light:

  • Close your eyes & roll them up a little bit.

  • Take your energy up about 300 feet (90 meters) above your head – there's a dimension that opens, & you see, sense or feel the source energy (the light). Some people see the light, some people feel the light - whatever works for you is totally Okay.

  • Imagine this light coming in your body from above through your crown chakra (top of your head).

  • Imagine it flowing through your whole body.

  • Imagine the light going through your feet into the center of the planet – there's a dimension where it feels like mother’s love.

  • Imagine the light bouncing back from the center of the planet into your feet – like a trampoline.

  • Imagine this light flowing up through your legs, your knees, your thighs, your hips, & your heart.

  • Imagine that your heart is the energy that’s now met – imagine a big energy ball in your heart.

  • You’re now connected from ABOVE & BELOW in the center of your heart.


"We are infinite beings. We don’t flow just one way. We flow from every direction. You bring in light from everywhere, & expand it out, so your energy is giving & receiving simultaneously."

(Christie Marie Sheldon)

How to expand the light from your heart:

  • Imagine that this energy ball in your heart expands like a big sunshine about 12 to 15 feet (3 to 5 meters) around your whole body.

  • Imagine expanding the energy (this sunshine) past the BUILDING you’re in, & send it love & blessings, & thank it for supporting you.

  • Imagine expanding the energy past the CITY you’re in, & send love & blessings to everybody in that city.

  • Imagine expanding the energy past the STATE you’re in, & send love & blessings to everybody in that STATE.

  • Imagine expanding the energy past the COUNTRY you’re in, & send love & blessings to everybody in that COUNTRY, so that everybody gets a little new awareness, a little consciousness, a little happy, a little abundance, a lot of abundance.

  • Imagine expanding the energy past the PLANET you’re in, & send love & blessings to everybody on that PLANET knowing that you’re connected to everybody and everything and it's safe, right & good for you to be here right now doing that.


"You detail your problem by asking questions. Sometimes you won’t get the answer, & that’s fine. Silent your mind, & listen to your intuition."

(Christie Marie Sheldon)

Whit the problem that you want to solve in your mind, ask the following questions:

What is the first age I ever felt…? Sad, angry, isolated…

Who did I duplicate it from - from myself, my mother, my father, or anyone or anything else? Could be more than one person/institution/media...

What is the emotion attached to it? Could be multiple emotions.

Where is it located in, on or around my body?



We're going to delete it across every field of energy that you could possibly imagine that you are plugged into at some level. Then we are going to uncreate it which means we are going to unplug the energy from the first moment you created it, & you're going to go back in time and pull it out like a big weed even if it was millions of lifetimes ago. The other clearing part, I say the word “destroy”. You're taking out the story in your field of energy, because the story has all these lies & untruths plugged into it. Sometimes I change the word destroy for destory. The reason that I do that, energy can't be blown up but the story around it can be blown up. We're basically just taking all the lies out of the story.

This light you are connected to is basically your infinite self. Your infinite self can decide something & make it be different. It can destroy the old story that is holding you back & sabotaging you, & create a space for new, prosperous story. The place in, on or around your body where you located the problem, is full of dense energy of the old story. In that dense energy are thoughts, beliefs, ideas, decisions, & conclusions about the event, & feelings… that form this old story.


(Christie Marie Sheldon)

You are going to target the blocked area of your body with a visualization of the light energy in order to remove the stagnant energy permanently.

How to clear the root of the problem:

Bring a lot of the light from above & below (the light that you connected to a while ago) to the part where you located the problem (question number 4) – this part is holding a lot of dense energy of the old story you want to destroy.

Imagine that this light is vaporizing, disintegrating & breaking up that dense energy of this old story – imagine parts of this dense energy falling & disappearing.

While the light is vaporizing this old story, say the following mantra 3 times:

I clear & transmute this energy across all time, dimensions, space & realities.

TRANSMUTATION means vaporizing the dense energy of the old story.

TIME: This story or pattern was stuck during certain time.

DIMENSIONS: As infinite beings, we have multiple dimensions – we have body, emotional level, mental level, & soul level.

SPACE: This story happened in certain space & it was locked there.

REALITIES: We made this old story real – when we decide something long enough, it becomes part of our reality.


Ask the following question:

What would it take for me to ___________?

Fill in the blank space with the opposite of the old story you vaporized in the step 4. Examples: to feel safe, to earn 10,000 per month, to manifest the love of my life, to lose weight, for an extra million dollar idea to show up in my world…

"When you ask “What would it take…" you are expanding your energy out into the Universe to allow unlimited possibilities to show up. The Universe has millions ways to bring us what we want, but when you decide that something has to show up in the specific way, you are limiting the Universe! When you say "What would it take for me to manifest the trip to Spain" you are allowing the Universe to decide in which way the trip will be manifested. Don’t limit yourself & the Universe by focusing on the ways – by doing this you are just lengthening the manifestation process. You don’t have to know how it will play out for you, just allow it to come."

(Christie Marie Sheldon)

Sometimes the old story can’t be completely destroyed in the first place, especially if you are new to this, or if the old story is really very strong – sometimes we don’t want to get rid of it. If you see in your life that there are still some proofs that the old story is still running, repeat those steps till you completely eliminate the old story. It is the matter of practice – if you want to tone the body muscle, you have to work out couple of times before it is toned, right? The same is here, you are training new muscle, so practice!

Now go & delete stories that don’t serve you :):):)


Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

Did this technique WOW you? Share your WOW with me in the comment box below.


The Speak And Inspire by Lisa Nichols
Tantra The Art Of Sacred Sexuality by Ps
The Mindvalley Yoga by Cecilia Sardeo
Awaken The Species by Neale Donald Walsch

Keep Smiling!

Here's Wishing

You Have a Wonderful Life Filled with

Smiles and Hugs and Kisses and

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