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[ONLINE MOVIE] How Can You Be Happy Right Now?

Updated: Apr 6

Do you love movies?

If you do, then forget Netflix, this is so much better!

It’s a new inspirational online film titled Unsinkable: The Secret to Bouncing Back.

Many of the top bounce back experts, teachers, scientists and leaders have come together to share their life-changing messages to show you exactly

  1. HOW to bounce back quickly from difficult times,

  2. turn your life around fast and

  3. achieve your wildest dreams!

In short, you’ll discover HOW YOU CAN BE HAPPY RIGHT NOW (even if your life isn’t perfect)!

It's an incredible film starring Sonia Ricotti, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Dr. John Gray, John Assaraf, Marci Shimoff and so many more experts!

This life-changing film will inspire you and you’ll walk away with a new lease on life!

If you want to move forward, you can start your journey HERE>>

No matter what your current situation is, whether you're experiencing financial problems, going through a breakup, just lost your job, having trouble with your business, suffering from health issues, or maybe you're just feeling "stuck" in your life - you CAN turn things around really quickly and bounce back higher than ever!

All you need to do is

  • FOCUS on what you want (pay attention to the subtle feelings so that you are 100% sure that you are not thinking about the lack of what you want - if this happens, the best thing you can do is to stop thinking about it!),

  • SOFTEN the feelings of guilt, shame, anger and sadness (or any other negative feeling) that may arise while thinking about your dreams and desires (until they completely disappear),

  • START EXPECTING your dreams to manifest - knowing it with 100% sureness,

  • REPEAT the process on a daily basis (pay attention to every though and feeling you have) until it feels natural to you. Right now, you are accustomed to the negative but with the repetition things will start changing for you - you'll desires will start manifesting, and by that you'll start proving to yourself that this works. Until you prove it to yourself, these are just words (that probably mean nothing to you) - but when you consciously change your thoughts and feelings, and see how your life responds to your new thoughts and feelings, only then you'll completely believe that YOU DO CREATE YOUR OWN REALITY WITH YOUR VIBRATIONS (thoughts are vibrations!)! So, think empowering and satisfying thoughts, and feel good about them. And know that IT IS COMPLETELY OKAY FOR YOU TO FEEL GOOD!

Nothing in the Universe happens by chance or accident. The Universe is a coherent concurrence and interaction of innumerable conditions attendant on the infinite number of energy patterns. ~ Dr. David Hawkins (Power vs Force)

Science shows that everything on the planet, from people to animals to objects, vibrates with energy.

This concept has been around for centuries. Throughout history, various cultures have devised systems to work with energy. The Chinese practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi. The Indians, Kundalini. In Japan, Reiki is a popular practice.

Everything is energy but most people don’t know how to manage it for their benefit. What's more, most people don’t even know that their personal energy can be measured. That's why they never realize how huge an influence their personal energy has on their surroundings and the quality of their lives

Quantum Mechanics has discovered that atoms and molecules are in fact composed of packets of energy. It's all about the energy that runs in/between all the molecules and all the atoms. Energy has its own personal energetic frequency. Emotions have their own energetic frequencies. Every human has his/her own energetic frequency.

Leading research on human consciousness is showing that this energy vibrates on a scale that operates on the discovery that each human emotion has a vibration in the exact same way that matter does.

Each human emotion has a vibration (its own personal energetic frequency) that can be measured, and is this personal energetic frequency that determines what your life looks like (e.g. if you're successful or not).

Energy vibrates on a scale called the Vibrational Scale as presented in the image below.

Source: Human Consciousness Vibrational Scale

Heavy emotions like fear, anger or shame vibrate at low and dense frequencies. But feelings like love, joy and peace vibrate at high and uplifting frequencies.

If you don't know where on the scale are you, help yourself with the meaning of some emotions:

  • SHAME - "I am not enough (successful, important, slim, intelligent, pretty...)".

  • GUILT - "I am bad".

  • ACCEPTANCE - letting things go, forgiveness

  • JOY - Here the deepest level of healing begins.

  • ANGER - Anger is moving energy that pushes you above apathy.

  • COURAGE - Courage moves you from destructive and harmful behavior to a lifestyle that serves and benefits.

  • LOVE - Here pain, stress, and struggle seem to melt away. You become a vibrational match for your desires and dreams.

You have a choice about which energetic frequencies you want to live in. If you pay attention consciously to what’s going on inside you, on what are you thinking, you can actually change your world.


step 1: REPROGRAM YOUR CONSCIOUS MIND (becoming aware of thoughts and understanding the importance of emotions)

Questions to ask yourself: What am I thinking right now that’s making me feel this way? Is this true?

step 2: REPROGRAM YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND (stuff that you believe to be true (limiting and negative beliefs) - subconscious mind is way more powerful than the conscious mind)

Questions to ask yourself: What are my beliefs (a belief is a thought you keep thinking)? Are they empowering and supportive? Do they support me in manifesting what I want?

step 3: ELEVATE YOUR VIBRATIONS TO A SUPER HIGH LEVEL (everything is made out of energy; like energy attracts like energy; what you focus on expands; positivity attracts positivity)

Here are some methods that you can use to raise your vibrations:

  • releasing the past,

  • forgiveness,

  • having an attitude of appreciation,

  • connecting to the Source Energy (meditation, journaling).

For better understanding of the 3-step formula, please watch the video below.


  • The 3 steps for lightning speed recovery from any of the challenges and obstacles life throws your way.

  • The quickest way to rewire and reprogram your brain to manifest great success and wealth - Anyone can do this!

  • The 10X method that dramatically accelerates your results to get what you want in 2020.

If you want to move forward, you can start your journey HERE>>


FREE Sessions For Raising Your Vibrations & Becoming A Vibrational Match To Your Desires

In the video below, many of the top bounce back experts, teachers and motivational speakers came together in a powerful free all-day Unsinkable Global Online Conference.

The focus was one thing – YOU and how YOU can live YOUR greatest life!

This conference is full of the latest methods for raising your vibrations and becoming a vibrational match to your desires.

7+ hours of pure inspiration and valuable content that you can start applying in your life right away:

1. HOW to Bounce Back BIG in 2021! by Sonia Ricotti

Sonia Ricotti will be going deep into her world-renowned teachings on how to overcome difficult times in ANY area of your life, as well as the steps and strategies to achieve great financial abundance, outstanding health, harmonious relationships, inner peace and happiness. Yes, you can have it all!

2. How to Shift Your “Paradigms” and Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind by Bob Proctor

If you’ve tried to make changes in your life in the past with limited success, then what’s holding you back are what Bob Proctor calls “Paradigms.” He will be teaching you exactly how to determine what your paradigms are and how to change them in order to completely transform your future and achieve the life you love!

3. Winners Never Quit: Rising Above the Impossible by Lisa Nichols

Get ready for some life-changing inspiration as Lisa Nichols shares what it takes to achieve the impossible in life! How no matter how impossible something seems; you can turn it around and come out on top! Yes, you can bounce back from anything and Lisa will show you how!

4. Mind Over Health: How to Live a Long and Happy Life by Les Brown

Not only is Les Brown a world-renowned motivational speaker, he is a “cancer conqueror” (as he describes it) for many years now. Find out his secret to defying the odds and how you can do the same (in any area of your life) and achieve great success beyond your wildest dreams!

5. The Secret to being Happy (Even When Life Isn’t Perfect) by Marci Shimoff

How do you become “Happy for No Reason” and be happy right now? Marci Shimoff will be sharing what research has discovered and what strategies and tools you can all use when you want to shift how you feel immediately and just be happy right now (even when life isn’t perfect).

6. Innercise: The New Science to Unlock Your Brain's Hidden Power by John Assaraf

Discover the science and research behind how we can reprogram our brain for success. No matter what area of your life you’d love to change right now (wealth, health, relationships, career, etc.), the quickest way to manifest great results in that area is by shifting your mindset. John Assaraf will be showing you how you can do that right now!

7. Finding YOUR Big Financial Opportunity During These Difficult Economic Times by T. Harv Eker

Even during difficult economic times, there are big financial opportunities out there for everyone. In fact, more millionaires are made during economic downturns than any other time. You will learn the number #1 thing you MUST do in order to figure out what that opportunity is for YOU.

8. The Six Critical Steps to Manifesting Money in 2021! by Sonia Ricotti

Sonia Ricotti will be teaching you the six-step formula to manifesting money into your life. Each step is critical to achieving financial abundance. If you haven’t achieved the financial goals you’ve set for yourself, chances are you’re simply missing one of these steps. You’ll find out which one it is.

9. MYSTERY GUEST: Soar to the Top: Transforming Adversity into a Meaningful, Successful and Happy Life

After a devastating work accident (and hitting rock bottom), our mystery guest rose from the darkness, and today, she is a beacon of light in the world. Her remarkable story and teachings will inspire you and show you how to live your greatest life, especially when life throws you a curve ball.

If you want to move forward, you can start your journey HERE>>

VIP Unsinkable Bounce Back System 2.0>> program is a foolproof system to bounce back big, turn your life around fast and achieve success beyond your wildest dreams!

In this amazing program, Sonia Ricotti guides you through a series of powerful tools and techniques that can help you not only overcome any adversity you’re experiencing in your life - but also guides you to achieve all the success and happiness you desire.



In this 7 module program, you will get the step-by-step training required to completely reprogram your conscious mind, reprogram your subconscious mind and elevate your vibrational frequency to that super high above 500 level. With this life-changing training, you will bounce back quickly from ANY situation! You’ll experience massive transformation in your life and achieve immediate and lasting inner peace (even in the midst of the most stressful of situations). You’ll discover the true secret to easily manifest great wealth, achieve optimal health, experience harmonious relationships (even with the most difficult people) — and begin living a life beyond your wildest dreams!


These meditations will completely shift and transform all areas of our life (wealth, health, relationships, career, business and more!).

  • Meditation 1: Shed Your Limiting & Negative Beliefs

  • Meditation 2: Meet Your Future Self

  • Meditation 3: Forgive & Set Yourself Free

  • Meditation 4: Get Clear About What You Really Want


These are 12 minute AM and PM Activations infused with Centerpointe Research Institute's Holosync® audio technology that will instantly elevate your vibration state to a state of love, peace, joy and gratitude. This special technology is designed to allow you to easily enter a deep meditative state to fully absorb the message deep into the subconscious mind and immediately shift your vibrational frequency to the above 500 level. It is essential to elevate your vibrational frequency in order to manifest and attract your greatest life! These instant activations will instantly put you in the highest vibration state.


These new NEURO-Mantras have been created specifically for the Unsinkable Bounce Back System 2.0! They elevate your vibration quickly and reprogram your subconscious mind with positive beliefs. Each Neuro-Mantra contains the 3X Effect:

  • High vibration music by high-vibration musician, Mark Romero

  • High vibration pictures

  • Powerful affirmations to help you reprogram your mind around that area of your life you are looking to transform

5. UNSINKABLE BOUNCE BACK BOOSTER VIDEOS You will never forget what you’ve learned from the Unsinkable program with these two BOOSTER videos. You’ll enjoy stunning high-vibration images, music and deep powerful messages you learned from the program. With this tool, you will elevate your vibration instantly and subconsciously reprogram your mind for great success, happiness and inner peace.






  • Be Unsinkable Series - Season 1 (23 Audio Downloads and Downloadable Transcripts) - Experts include John Assaraf, Nick Ortner, Byron Katie, Dr. Sue Morter, James Redfield, Janet Attwood, Carolyn Ellis, Loral Langemeier, Marci Shimoff

  • Be Unsinkable Series - Season 2 (23 Audio Downloads and Downloadable Transcripts) - Experts include Lisa Nichols, Mark Romero, Bill Harris, T. Harv Eker, Joe Vitale, Alex Loyd, Bob Doyle, Chris Attwood, Jessica Ortner, Jennifer Hough, Elizabeth Lesser

  • The Millionaire Money Formula (Life Class) - How to Take Charge of Your Life, Manifest the Money You Need and Open the Doors to Extreme Wealth.

  • Overcome Procrastination NOW! (Life Class) - How to Break Through Your Blocks, Stop Putting Things Off and Start Getting Things Done!

  • Healing Relationships (Life Class) - How to Radically Improve ALL Relationships, Let Go of Past Hurts, Set Boundaries and Experience Positive Interactions Even with the Most Negative People!

  • 2 Tickets to the “DreamBuilder LIVE” Event - After you’ve bounced back BIG with the Unsinkable Bounce Back System 2.0 program, you will want to take your life to the next (even higher) level. Sonia’s good friend (and long-time mentor) Mary Morrissey has so graciously offered to give you two free tickets to her signature life-changing world-renowned live event! This is where you’ll get to meet other like-minded people, make new “positive” friends and implement the step-by-step key principles of “Dream Building”!

  • Private "Circle of Light" Group on Facebook

  • 60-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

Start your journey HERE>>

Enjoy the journey and get ready to bounce back BIG!

To your happiness & success!

Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

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