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The Silva Ultramind System - The Advanced Version of The Silva Method by José Silva


Mastering Altered States Using The Silva Ultramind System Tools by José Silva

Here are the top highlights that people love the most from the session:

  1. How to train yourself to achieve waking consciousness in various altered states: and access previously uncharted areas of your mind.

  2. The 100 - 1 morning technique for staying at Deep Alpha: so that in seconds, you’re tapping into profound levels of healing, calm, and creativity.

  3. The Mental Screen technique for advanced visualization: the same one used by professional athletes to win and perform at their peak.

  4. The 3 Scenes Technique for problem solving: use this advanced visualization technique to perceive accurate and vivid solutions to any challenge.


The Silva Ultramind System is a 28-day online program hosted by a Silva instructor Vishen Lakhiani

In just 15 - 20 easy minutes a day, you’ll be guided through The Silva Ultramind Method’s signature tools and training for harnessing your mind’s altered states of consciousness.

The Silva Ultramind System >> is a highly optimized framework for awakening your mind’s fullest potential.

It is based on The Silva Method: a pioneering mind empowerment methodology founded in 1960 by Texan radio engineer Jose Silva, with over 6+ million students in 110 countries.

Through an easy-to-follow process, you gain an instinctive understanding of the four primary states of consciousness the human mind operates in - and how to use each one to perform, evolve, and live at your peak:

THE BETA LEVEL - Your default level of consciousness when you’re awake and alert.

THE ALPHA LEVEL - A calm and receptive state experienced during relaxation and light sleep. The optimal state for learning, growth, and self-awareness.

THE THETA LEVEL - The state of meditation and deep sleep. Enables enhanced introspection, self-hypnosis, mind-body healing, and more.

THE DELTA LEVEL - The deepest state of unconsciousness and dreamless sleep.

After decades of rigorous case studies and research, Jose Silva has found that the Alpha and Theta levels of consciousness play the biggest roles in a person’s self-evolution.

This observation is confirmed by countless peer-reviewed studies: including studies on indigenous communities that harness this polyphasic understanding of consciousness to awaken abilities unknown to the average person.

The Silva Ultramind System gives you the tools to access these abilities at will - so using them to transform your life becomes as easy and natural as breathing.


Part 1: Your Ultramind Foundation

Your journey begins with a strong foundation in The Silva Method’s core mind empowerment techniques. From Dynamic Meditation to visualization techniques to the world-famous Centering Exercise, you’ll gain tools that will become your daily go-tos for your physical and mental wellbeing and performance.

Highlights include:

  • Dynamic meditation for physical and mental relaxation: master The Silva Method’s beautifully optimized approach to meditation (no prior meditation experience necessary).

  • The Centering Exercise for Alpha level functioning: use this iconic exercise to rapidly descend into the Alpha level. Ideal for focus, relaxation, and amplified creativity and intuition.

  • The Mental Screen technique for enhanced visualization: harnesses all your senses to create sharply vivid visualizations in your mind that can then manifest in your reality.

  • Your very first projection exercise: discover how to project your consciousness across time and space, so you can gain information and perspectives beyond your physical body.

Part 2: Knowing The Unknown

Next, you’ll discover how to access your mind’s full intuitive abilities, allowing you to make better decisions, find more opportunities, and channel a deeper understanding of your surroundings and circumstances. You’ll gain a variety of tools for achieving this, including creative visualization and psychometry.