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Everything is energy and that's all there is to it.
Match the frequency of the reality you want and
you cannot help but get that reality.
It can be no other way.
~ Albert Einstein ~

one of the most inspirational movies regarding
overcoming hard times and experiencing
real happiness no matter what

The Secret to Bouncing Back


Do you love movies?

If you do, then forget Netflix, this is so much better!


It’s an inspirational online film.


The reviews for the movie have been phenomenal!


In fact, this film has been selected by many film festivals around the world and has been nominated for several awards (including Best Documentary):

Want To Watch The Movie?

Register for The Movie

You’ll discover


(even if your life isn’t perfect)!

This life-changing film will inspire you and

you’ll walk away with a new lease on life!

The Mission Of The Movie

Many of the top bounce back experts, teachers, scientists and leaders have come together to share their life-changing messages to show you exactly HOW to

  • bounce back quickly from difficult times,

  • turn your life around fast and

  • achieve your wildest dreams!

It's an incredible film starring Sonia Ricotti, Bob Proctor, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Lisa Nichols, Jack Canfield, Les Brown, Dr. John Gray, John Assaraf, Marci Shimoff and so many more experts!

Watch The Trailer


The reviews for the movie have been phenomenal.

Here are some of them...


The most inspirational move I've ever seen that truly helps people. ~ Serena

I loved the movie! It actually moved me to tears. ~ Valerie

I am unsinkable! So emotional. So powerful. I am very Grateful. ~ Dicla

The movie was amazing in so many ways! I feel inspired and lifted out of my sadness. ~ Miriam

HUGE CONGRATS on a powerful, impactful, educational and very hopeful movie! I've watched it twice and will be viewing it again tomorrow to reinforce and learn more. ~ Rhea E.

I absolutely loved the Unsinkable Movie, WOW - I've been working on my own blocks for many years and even though I have come so far already, just within the 90 minutes of this movie, I broke down into tears as deeper blocks were revealed and released. I am so very grateful. ~ Amanda

Thank you so much for sharing your story through the Unsinkable film. I watched it with my whole family. We all felt liberated, empowered and each had a moment of reflection after watching the film. Powerful. Thank you for this movie. It was God sent. ~ Stanforc C.

Exclusive Free Online Movie Release -The Unsinkable -The Secret to Bouncing Back

Keep Smiling!


And Here's Wishing You Have a Wonderful Life Filled with Smiles and Hugs and Kisses and All Things Nice!

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