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Make Love to the Problem and Seek Out the Answers You Need

Make Love to the Problem and Seek Out the Answers You Need_Law of Attraction Manifestation Technique_Tantra Touch Course Review by Psalm Isadora_Sacred Sexuality_Releasing Intimacy Blocks_Releasing Sex Blocks

Sex is important part of our lives. It is more and more used in marketing campaigns. Every ad has some kinds of sexual ingredient in order to sell the advertised product.

The question is why SEX?

| Because SEX is one of the most powerful energy that moves the entire world. Furthermore, sexual energy can be used as a powerful fuel in the manifestation process. |

Longing for sex is one of the most important natural and inborn desire of human being.

| When driven by this desire, men develop keenness of imagination, courage, will power, persistence, and creative ability unknown to them at other times. So strong and impelling is the desire for sexual contact that men freely run the risk of life and reputation to indulge it. When harnessed, and redirected along other lines, this motivating force maintains all of its attributes of keenness of imagination, courage, etc., which may be used as powerful creative forces in literature, art, or in any other profession or calling, including, of course, the accumulation of riches. (Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich) |

Considering what was said before, sex can be used to purposely turn yourself on (your brain) and use the sexual excitement energy for manifesting your desires or resolving the problem by letting it to spark your creativity and imagination.

This process is called SEX TRANSMUTATION.

| Fortunate, indeed, is the person who has discovered how to give sex emotion an outlet through some form of creative effort, for he has, by that discovery, lifted himself to the status of a genius. The emotion of sex is an "irresistible force," against which there can be no such opposition as an "immovable body." When driven by this emotion, men become gifted with a super power for action. Understand this truth, and you will catch the significance of the statement that sex transmutation will lift one to the status of a genius. The emotion of sex contains the secret of creative ability. (Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich) | Imagine that you are editing a film or a video. You need music track and film track.

| The film track is a problem you want to resolve or a specific desire you want to manifest into your physical reality, the music track is sexual excitement energy that you achieve by turning yourself on. |

If you don’t feel comfortable when it comes to sex, you need to do something about it. Sex is wonderful (unless you have bad experiences - if this is the case, try to discover sex again). It is a powerful fuel of life that flows through you.

Enjoy in your sexual energy, enjoy in your body, and love your body. Your body is the entrance to the paradise. It can give you amazing pleasures if you allow so. Enjoy those pleasures, love them, taste them, play with them, feel them, feel how your body responds when you kiss, when you caress, when you masturbate, when you have sex, when you fuck. How your body responds to the F* word? Does it like it? Better question, do you allow yourself to like it, to let it to arouse you?

How to start?

The better way is to “use” somebody you love. Who do you love? If you haven’t find your soulmate yet, then create him or her in your mind.

Now play with him or her in your mind. Mentally read erotic books with your soulmate, or watch erotic movies, take shower together… There are plenty of possibilities – see what works for you.

| When you are in that state of yearning, you are at the gateway to creativity. |

Here is a very important part – saying NO to sex can skyrocket your creativity!

| Agape is a Greek word meaning “unselfish love of one person for another” which Gandhi used during his non-violent campaigns in India. He was a celibate. And at the height of his powers he wore little more than a loincloth and endured lengthy periods without food. He used fasting as a way to protest against the harsh rule of the British in India.

It is said that during these long protest fasts, Gandhi would sleep (while remaining celibate) with two virgin girls either side of him. Apparently this helped to boost his energy levels and gave him the mental fortitude to persist.

Fasting is physically debilitating and you don't have a lot of energy for sex. But have you ever had a cold or the flu, and then seen your partner naked? You know you are not "up to it" physically but the mind is still willing! Old men report the same thing ... they know they can't get an erection but they still enjoy thinking about sex!

Gandhi was tantamount to a saint in his commitment to his spirituality. He would have taken that buzz of physical closeness and turned it into pure love, and used that energy to figure out his next move in his campaign to peacefully oust the British.

Here we have Courtly Love as well. There appear to be several interpretations and versions of courtly love. But the basic idea runs something like this.

The dashing young knight, Sir Loves Tolancealot, arrives at the castle and soon falls in love with a nobleman's pretty wife and vice versa. He however is a man of honour and she a virtuous woman. Under the rules of courtly love they can let their passion flow unbridled as long as they don't engage in physical intercourse. This was known as a donnoi relationship.

So while Sir Loves Tolancealot and the Lady Prettipuss might engage in sleeping together nude, nude caresses and embraces, they can't and won't copulate! But you can be sure there were hours and hours of mutual ravishing with the eyes, punctuated by doting, frustrated sighs!

Now according to the historical reports left to us by these Knights and fair Ladies, and sung about by wandering minstrels and troubadours, courtly love was highly popular. These relationships ignited their imaginations and lifted their psyches to new levels of emotional intensity and feeling, much more than ordinary sexual pairings did.

If you get yourself into that heightened state of emotional intensity you are going to be more aware, more sensitive to stimuli, feeling more alive, exuberant and expressive, more energized and inspired. (Wily Walnut) |

These characteristics can make you more creative!

| So learn to tease your desire and hold it at fever pitch, because arousal will benefit you mentally and spiritually. You can do it with anything you want - it doesn't have to be sex, though sex is the most effective. When you are hungry, take a piece of fruit into your mouth and just "hold" it there. See how long you can go without actually chewing it, just close your eyes and taste it, feel its texture, savour everything about it.

With your sexual partner you might try experimenting with courtly love. Let your desire and lust build and build. Restrict yourself to cuddles, caressing and anything but full-penetrative orgasm. The longer you can go, the more creative you will become. Just keep on finding ways to express your love/lust without actually going the whole hog. Keep that feeling as high as possible. And from that state, create. You can even practice karezza - where the man penetrates the woman but you just embrace each other without thrusting and just feel one-another and bask in the sensations.

Your goal is to access states of mind that geniuses do. Sexual desire is the most powerful human emotion. By achieving a state of sexual desire and maintaining it, you keep the mind in a heightened state of arousal and activity. When you mix sex and love, you have the perfect mix for drawing on the creative mind if you can transmute or turn your desire for sex into a desire for something else (writing a poem, working out a business problem…). Sex brings you in expanded states of consciousness where you have access to sources of knowledge that you would not otherwise have when simply involved in everyday reality thinking (worry, obsessing, trivial pursuits etc). (Wily Walnut) |


You need a business idea that would make your business thrive. You have already discussed ideas your conscious mind came up with but none of them feels like the right one. Go somewhere private and comfortable, and relax. Begin to get aroused. You can fantasize about your lover or soulmate, about getting naked and making love. You may also want to touch yourself - don't get too carried away because you are not to come or ejaculate.

When you are aroused, use your will power to turn your mind to your business, and turn that arousal and state of lust over to the search of new business idea. Here is where your imagination steps in - imagination is the bridge to intuition and infinite wisdom.

Imagine that search for a new business idea turns you on.

| Make love to the problem and seek out the climax - the answers you are seeking. |

When you are aroused, focus on that new business idea you want to achieve. Focus your mind on all the known factors of your business – all the information, action steps you have taken… Then allow a perfect mental picture to arise of all the unknown factors (what remains unfinished) - hold that vision and then let it go. Clear the mind of all thoughts and wait for the answer to "flash" into your mind!

Don’t get upset if the answer doesn’t come at your first try. You are building new “mental muscle”. It takes time to strength it.

As already stated, don’t make yourself come. If you have sex and ejaculate and lose bodily fluids, it is said that you are weaker physically and mentally for a period of time after. The Taoist Sages and Martial Art teachers advise to directe orgasmic energy upwards so that it can nourish the brain and enliven various energy points and chakras. In other words, stop ejaculation, and imagine the sexual energy flowing up into the brain. Please refer to the following books for detailed instruction.

For Men:

For Women:

| This powerful life force that flows through you is the life force of Creation itself. It is a wild force that can lash out and cause damage unless harnessed with love and wisdom. When it is used intelligently and channeled into Love, romance and creative pursuits that add to the beauty and abundance of life, then it may be said to be the energy of the Creator. And that is You! (Wily Walnut) |

Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

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