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8 Ways for Getting Rid of the Attachment to Your Dreams + GIFTS

Let It Go And Be Happy_8 Ways for Getting Rid of the Attachment to Your Dreams_Free Downloads_Law of Attraction Manifestation Technique

This is the last post of the manifestation essential lessons series that starts with 7 Lessons on Manifesting Dreams and Manifesting Desires, continues whit Why Is It Still Not Here???? and ends with 8 Ways for Getting Ride Of the Attachment to Your Dreams.

When we are attached to our dreams, we don’t feel good because we keep looking around and try to figure out from where and when will come what we want. I’m sure it has already happened to you, and not just once, right? Maybe your goal was to find your ideal partner, change your career, heal yourself from cancer, earn money for bills, lose weight, or … you name it.

How strong were your desires? How much did you want them to come true?

To death, right? You had that burning desire to finally manifest what you wanted, it was (or still is) so huge that you started believing that it’s impossible to achieve it in that life.

| There is nothing wrong with burning desire! To desire something so much that it hurts if it’s not here with us, it’s Okay as well! Because when you want something with such high intensity, you know that you are in the right path to living your purpose – you know what you want, and this is the first step – KNOWING WHAT YOU WANT. |

So, you want(ed) it to death, visualize(d) it, practice(d) gratitude, do(did) positive affirmations… but nothing happens(ed). Nada. Niente. Nič (Slovene :) )

As you already know, nothing happens because most of people

| don’t detach themselves from their dreams and desires – they don't release the attachment to their dreams! |

Sometimes the attachment to the manifestation of our dreams is so intensive, that hurts and makes us feel uncomfortable, sensitive, depressed… you name it, all these because we think and believe that until our dreams don’t manifest, we won’t be happy.

Again, as repeated so many times, happiness is not a goal – don’t set happiness as a goal! This is the worst mistake you would take!!

| like attracts like – happiness attracts happiness – if you want to be happy in the future, you have to be happy in the present, right now when you are reading this post – be happy and grateful for that post because it gives you hope, motivation and techniques you can start applying right now in order to make your dreams come true. |

It’s true that when your dreams come true, the immense feelings of happiness, satisfaction and gratitude embrace every cell of your body, but this is not the happiness you were seeking when going after your dreams. This happiness is caused by the happiness you felt during the journey to the fulfillment of your dreams. As you can see, you have to be happy now – this is the only way to be happy in the future.

Always remember, you and only you decide how you will feel every moment, only you decide if people, situations, experiences, dreams, desires, goals… will have negative or positive impact on you. Only you!

If you are attached to the outcome, you act from the space of lack of what you want. The attachment gives you the sense that what you want is still not there. And you become worried and start doubting. This is the reason why are you getting even more of that – like attracts like.

| As soon as you get out of the vibration of lack, you free yourself. The non-presence of your dream in your physical reality doesn’t bother you. It doesn’t ruin your day, week, month, year… life. Because you know that it is going to happen. |

Here are some ways you can use when you need to detach yourself from the outcome.

1. What am I 1000% sure of? question

I have already explained that technique in the Why Is It Still Not There???? post. The reason why I’m mentioning it now is the gift I created for you. I’ve created 2 printables whit this question to keep reminding you what kind of questions create the life under your rules and which don’t, so I suggest you to put it on a visible place. Along with printables, I also created a What am I 1000% sure of? template where you can write down all the answers you are 1000% sure of. Use this files, they are my gifts to you. You have nothing to lose.

You can download the template and printables HERE.

What am I 1000% sure of? motivational printable