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Acting from Outside to Inside

Acting Ffrom Outside to Inside_How To Use the Environment To Support You In Your Manifestations_Law of Attraction Manifestation Technique

Everything that happens in our physical reality originates from our inwardness. Our lives are just a reflection of what’s going on inside us, our inner state, thoughts we think, beliefs, and opinions about the world and areas of our lives.

However, we can use what’s outside us as a supportive means of what’s going on inside us.

All personal development techniques start with determination of your dreams and goals. This one is not an exception! So, what are your dreams?

Grab a paper and write one of your dreams down – really do that. When you write your dreams and goals they become official! So, if you haven’t yet, write down one of your dreams – just one for now.

Let’s say your dream is to create more freedom in your life.

Now look at the place you live – look at the things you own.

How would a bedroom of someone who is free in his life look like?

| Everything you own or have in your environment contributes to the creation and manifestation of what you dream of. |

If you want to get married, how would a married woman organize her underwear drawer? Think about it; if you want, visualize the answer, let the answer come to you – don’t force it! When you know, organize your underwear drawer in that way!

Do you want to raise your monthly income? How would a desk of a person with X monthly income look like? Organized, unorganized with a bunch of papers? What size, color would it be? Where would this person put his desk? In the office, on a balcony, in a living room, any other room? What other detail about the desk of a person with X monthly income can you come up with?

Here I want to emphasize that there are no right or wrong answers! If an unorganized desk with a bunch of papers put on terrace makes you feel like a person who earns X per month, then organize your desk in that way! What’s important is that it reflects what you think and feel that the person with X monthly income has.

| By organizing your environment (home, office) in the way you think you would organize it when your dreams come true, you start creating your future. |

Do you want to become a writer? How would a successful writer organize his bookshelves? What type of computer would he have? Would he keep a bottle of a sparkling wine in his fridge to celebrate his book release?

Let’s move on with brainstorming!

What type of cup would you drink your coffee out of if you hit your monthly financial targets? How would you decorate your car, both inside and out?

What bed linen would you have if you are happily in love? What about wall decor?

What does a calendar of a person who has a lot of clients look like?

| This is triviality – small changes for which you don’t need lots of financial input – but their effect is huge! |

Make a scan of your home and place where you work.

| What does support your dream life? Keep it!|

| What doesn’t support your dream life? Change it! |

You are the only one who really knows how your home and place where you work would look like if your dreams have already come true! However, If you don’t know, have you eyes opened! Observe every place you go to, see what inspires you!

| By organizing your environment you start a mental process, you start aligning yourself with the energy, space and consciousness of what you want to see in your life, in your future. |

The best things are extremely easy. And you can start today.




Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

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