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Why Is It Still Not Here????

Why My Dreams Haven’t Manifested Yet?_How to Let Your Dreams In_How to Let It Go_Law of Attraction Manifestation Technique

In the post 7 Lessons on Manifesting Dreams and Manifesting Desires we've learnt the importance of knowing what we want, being grateful for what we have, avoiding negativity, treating failures like important lessons we have to learn before manifesting our dreams, and went through some techniques of manifesting like meditation, creative visualization, positive affirmations, and intuition.

All these techniques are very important parts of manifesting the life we want to live, but there is missing one essential step. I dedicated the whole post to that step because it’s so important that, if not done correctly, everything you’ve done previously (visualization, affirmations, being grateful…) will be worthless.

Most people understand the basics of manifestation, believe that they are creators of their own lives and that it is possible to create a dream life, but they keep worrying from inside.

| This worry is the greatest enemy of this process. It’s normal to get worried but this worry makes you doubt your manifestation ability, especially when you fail. |

Worry comes because you have never really believed that you have the ability to manifest your dreams, and because you haven’t manifested some big achievements as a result of using your ability of manifestation yet.

So, why all above mentioned techniques don’t work at first?

| Because most of people don’t detach themselves from their dreams and desires – they don't release the attachment to their dreams! |


| Expect your dreams to come true without expecting it. |

In other words, be in peace with yourself knowing that

| what you want and dream about maybe will never come true - detach yourself from your dreams - it's difficult and takes time and practice but it gets you to the level where you know, deep inside you simply know, that your dream will manifest, that it's on its way to you, and will be there at the perfect time - maybe not today or tomorrow, or next month, or next year but it will come, sooner or later will come, because you deserve it! |

Why we want something? We want it because we think it will make us happy. As we already know, happiness is a state of mind, not a goal. We have to find something that makes up happy right now! After that, when we at least expect it, our dreams will manifest!

LET IT GO is really very important part of manifestation process so pay attention!

LET IT GO can be developed through stages of HOPING, BELIEVING and KNOWING.


When we start hoping that it is possible to create what we want, we raise our vibrations (mood) to the level that is a little bit higher than the previous one. This causes ideas, thoughts, proofs to appear that make us more confident in our hoping of manifesting the desired life.

However, if we only have hope, we are not moving to the fulfillment of our dreams because hope still holds lots of negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, doubts… Hope is good to start, but we have to move to the higher levels of our vibrations (mood).


As time goes by we discover different evidence (manifestations of things that we believe are possible to manifest within our belief system right now) that confirms the fact that we are really capable of manifesting everything we can imagine and even more – these “small” manifestations make us even more confident about creating big goals. We start believing that our dreams will come true. We move from hoping to believing.

However, to believe is still not enough. Believing is pretty much thinking process. When we believe, we still think thought like: “Okay, but why it still hasn’t manifested yet? I’ve been yearning for this for so long but still nothing! Where it is? When will manifest? What is wrong with me that I can’t create that? I really believed it’s possible!”

Believing is still very good state! Because we believe, more and more obstacles and limiting beliefs start removing. We are getting more and more evidence that shows us we are on the right path.


But the level we want to achieve is the level of knowing.

| When we simply know that is going to happen, to manifest! |

At this point we have no doubts, no contradictory thoughts. Knowing flows in our bodies, it is not just in our heads but we feel it in every cell. Because we know, we don’t ask “When will manifest? Will it manifest at all? Why still hasn’t?”

| The vibration of knowing is the vibration you have to seek if you want to manifest what you want! |

But how to achieve this vibration, this mood?

By asking right question! See, questions are the doors to manifestations!

Ask yourself the following question:

| What am I 1000% sure of? |

I am 1000% sure that tomorrow is going to be a new day.

I am 1000% sure that I am the mother/father of my child/children.

I am 1000% sure that someone loves me.

I am 1000% sure that I am going to brush my teeth every morning and every evening (or not :) )

What else are you 1000% sure of?

I am 1000% sure that I am the creator of my reality.

I am 1000% sure that my thoughts create my reality.

I am 1000% sure that my vibration/mood creates my reality,

When you want to spend time in the vibration of knowing, remember all things you are 1000% sure of – without any doubt!

| That’s the vibration of knowing, the energy of knowing. |


What do you want to manifest right now, what do you want to create in your life right now? What is your target right now?

Decided? Okay, now transmit the vibration of knowing to the desire you want to manifest.

For better understanding, imagine that you are editing a film or a video. You need music track and film track.

| The film track is a specific desire you want to manifest into your physical reality, the music track is the vibration of knowing that you achieve by asking the above mentioned question and answering it. |

Practice, practice and practice! Everyday play with this question. Stay in that vibration for 17 seconds, then double it – 34 seconds, double it again – 68 seconds… It’s already a minute! Every practice will make you better and better.

And then one morning you will wake up to a beautiful day that will look totally normal, maybe the same as previous one, but something will be different. You will be different because the thing, the experience, the person… you asked to manifest (long) time ago, will be right in front of you. Maybe the tears will come into your eyes, maybe you just won’t be able to stop smiling, but what I want you to do is to praise yourself, give thanks to yourself! I mean, you have just manifested something big, something you have always wanted to, you haven’t given up on your dream, you detach from it, but you haven’t given up, you trusted and knew that is going to happen!! And now it is there,


Take a second and imagine that moment right now, visualize it, feel it!! If you have problems visualizing yourself, enroll in Lisa Nichols's Creative Visualization course HERE. She gives an excellent guidance during her visualization sessions because of her great ability to provoke emotions within you. This is essential! You have to feel strong emotions during the visualization in order to make your dreams reality. And she is extraordinary! I guarantee you that you will be touched and maybe even cry – if you won’t, your goal, dreams, desires are not big enough or you don’t truly, deep inside you, desire them.

Do you ever think if tomorrow comes? Do you impatiently look and question when will it come? Okay, maybe for a new year, but most of the time you don’t. Are you attached to the fact that tomorrow will come? Do you contend with ways how to get to the new day?

No, you don’t, because you know that tomorrow will come – it is a fact!

Let everything you want to manifest in your life be a FACT! Just like tomorrow is.

It will happen that you won’t spend all the time in the vibration of knowing, that you will fail. When this happens, remind yourself that

there is no such a thing as a failure;

the Universe received your manifestation desire the very first time you sent it out;

your dreams have already manifested in another reality – they already exist somewhere.

| Remind yourself that what is missing is your move of releasing the resistance, to let it go, to open yourself to the physical manifestation. |

Then go back to the question.

When you are in the vibration of knowing, you are in the flow. You don’t look around and ask when it will come, how it will come… You simply know! You stop controlling how your dream will manifest – you let the Universe to deliver it to you in the way it decides, and most of the time it is the way you have never come up with.

When you watch the weather forecast, you don’t doubt if tomorrow is going to rain or is going to snow, you know that tomorrow is going to be a sunny day because you trust that what the lady on the TV says is going to happen.

Why do you trust her? Because every day she forecasts the weather and every tomorrow you get the proof that she is telling the truth. It has happened so many times so far that it became a FACT that it's going to happen. Of course, she might fail sometimes. For example, inaccurate degree Celsius, but 99% of the time she is right.

| The more time you spend in the vibration of knowing, the sooner your life changes. |

When you know that it is going to happen,

| the non-presence of your dream in your physical reality doesn’t bother you. It doesn’t ruin your day, week, month, year… life. Because you know that it is going to happen, and what is more, you know that if it’s still not here, it’s because

you still have to go through some experiences,

that you still have to learn something,

that some things still need to happen before the Universe manifests your dream.

And you look forward to experience everything what is needed before the final step is done. You are in peace. |

Okay, enough for today :) In the next post 8 Ways for Getting Rid Of the Attachment to Your Dreams + GIFTS I’ll reveal some more techniques how to detach yourself from the target. But for now I leave you with the What I’m 1000% sure of? question technique. I’ll be very happy if you share your answers with me in the comment section below.




Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

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