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How to Start Lucid Dreaming? How to Control Your Dreams? How to Have a Lucid Dream?

"By deliberately changing elements in your dream life, you can learn to confront many of your problems at their origin—in your own mind, rather than years later in the therapist’s office."

(Patricia Garfield, a dream researcher with a Ph.D.)

A lucid dream is a dream during which the dreamer is aware of dreaming. You can turn your sleep into a powerful tool in order to unlock your creativity, intuition, healing, self-realization, explore consciousness & have lots of fun. You get all these benefits without investing extra time.

"Every human being on this planet sleeps and dreams. Have you ever wondered what’s going on when you sleep and dream? What are those shadowy states of consciousness we all share? Ones that we spend a third of our lives in? Are they mere rest that serves no other purpose than rejuvenating your physical body? What if there was more to the story? What if those were the greatest missed opportunities of humankind?"

(Andrew Holecek)

Lucid dreaming is the capability to knowingly observe and regulate your dreams. It changes your internal dream world right into a living alternating truth - where everything you see, hear, feel, taste or even smell is as genuine as real life. Lucidity happens throughout transformed states of awareness when you understand you are dreaming - and your brain changes right into waking mode inside the dream. In regular dreams, your self-awareness is closed down. That's why they usually feel blurry and remote. Yet when lucid, the conscious brain wakes up throughout sleep. This is a secure and natural state. It is not anything spooky or paranormal (in fact, out of body encounters are believed to be described by the lucid dream state). With lucid dreams, you are constantly asleep in bed. And if you want to, you could wake up on your own. When you become lucid, you can explore the internal operations of your subconscious mind with total freedom.

Lucid dreaming is highly beneficial for a person seeking personal and spiritual growth especially nowadays when we are experiencing a spiritual awakening. It can help you get past the false reality that your mind has made up. When you understand (through Lucid Dreaming) that the world around you is nothing but a false reality made up by your own mind, you become unstoppable in life.

In lucid dreaming you can upgrade key areas of your life through the hours you spend sleeping. According to a Gallup study, Americans currently sleep 6.8 hours on average at night, which is equivalent to 2,482 hours a year or roughly 21 years for a person living up to the age of 75. If you are willing, you can use these hours as the opportunity for growth and expansion.

Even professional athletes use lucid dreaming to upgrade their physical skills in waking life. Lucid dreaming is very effective in helping you overcome obstacles, attract synchronicities and awaken your creative genius. There is also a link between lucid dreaming and meditation that makes meditators better lucid dreamers.



What blocks the so-called "non-creative" people is their conscious mind. During your dreaming state, this conscious state is non-existent. That means creativity is full to the brim waiting for you to tap it.


The lucid dream gives you an opportunity to see your shadows. It de-materializes them. And then they are also gone from the real world. This often results in physical, mental and emotional healing.


In the dream state, you're close to the truth of who you are. Since there are no rules, limitations and structure, your lucid dreams are a much accurate representation of who you are.


You are able to harness your intuition better because, during the dreams, the conscious mind doesn't hijack the intuition with its ego. Intuition is completely natural in the dreaming state.


Dream state is a higher level of consciousness in a higher vibrational realm. The tools and resources in that realm are very advanced. You are able to engage in things like telepathy, remote viewing and communicating with spirits.


Lucid dreaming is your chance to experience everything you want. You can walk through walls, be mischievous & live out your true desires without having absolutely no repercussions whatsoever.

YOU GET ALL THESE BENEFITS BY TURNING YOUR SLEEP INTO A POWERFUL TOOL. Meaning, you invest no extra time and get results.

FREE MASTERCLASS: How To Use Lucid Dreaming To Tap Into The Deepest Depths Of Your Consciousness & Upgrade Any Dimension Of Your Life by Andrew Holocek

Use Your Sleep To Accelerate Spiritual Growth, Solve Complex Problems, and Have Mind-Blowing Adventures You Choose
In the masterclass below, you will discover
  • The Secrets of Lucid Dreaming and how you can upgrade key areas of your life through the hours you spend sleeping - Americans currently average 6.8 hours of sleep at night which is 2,482 hours a year or roughly 21 years for a person living up to the age of 75 - you can imagine the opportunity for growth and expansion that awaits anyone who’s willing to utilize at least a fraction of those missed hours.

  • Andrew Holecek’s #1 most popular Lucid Dreaming technique (which is a combination of two techniques) that studies prove can increase your chances of experiencing a lucid dream by more than 500%.

  • Why Lucid Dreaming is the best tool for accelerating your spiritual growth and how it can help you get to the forefront of the current revolution of spiritual awakening.

  • Fascinating ways in which you can use Lucid Dreaming to enhance your life — and 4 ways in which professional athletes use it to upgrade their physical skills in waking life.

  • How Lucid Dreaming can be 1000 times more impactful than Creative Visualization in helping you overcome obstacles, attract synchronicities and awaken your creative genius.

  • Meditation and Lucid Dreaming, the hidden link that makes meditators better Lucid Dreamers and why a small shift in your awareness during your waking state can open up a whole new world that you can explore at night.

  • And so much more

*The masterclass below promotes the live course that takes place once a year (which is already sold out for this year and cost $1,095). But you can enroll in the recorded home training course - of course for much lower price since you are missing the live factor. The recorded training course is designed to give you the same transformational results as experienced by the participants of a live course! In other words, you can still expect the same results. Also, you are covered by 30 DAYS UNCONDITIONAL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!


"You start to wake up to your life. That’s no small thing."

(Andrew Holocek)

The DREAM SCULPTING Home Training Program is a comprehensive 6-week course with 6 recorded lectures, guidance audios, and fun, playful homework exercises for mastering the many facets of lucid dreaming. This lucid dreaming course is for people who are looking to make better use of the combined 50 hours a week the average person spends in slumber and turn part of it into a life-transforming experience.

The DREAM SCULPTING program is the combination of Eastern Buddhist traditions and philosophies with Western scientific tools.

You will learn the fundamentals of lucid dreaming as well as advanced techniques. You get acquainted with a wide variety of simple yet effective lucid dreaming practices and induction techniques that drastically cut down your learning curve and gives you results in the shortest period of time.

Here’s how the the lucid dreaming program is laid out:

♥ PART 1: LUCID DREAMING FOUNDATIONS In the first week, you’ll understand the key levers of Lucid Dreaming, the varying degrees of lucidity, and even its history. You’ll also get the hang of the various possibilities for improvement and growth that comes with mastery in Lucid Dreaming.

WEEKLY PRACTICE: Guided meditation

♥ PART 2: DAYTIME TECHNIQUES You’ll dive into the daytime Lucid Dream induction techniques as well as various practices for motivation, dream recalls, and dream journaling as well as practices for conducting state checks. Andrew will also guide you through Eastern and Western tips for maintaining a healthy sleep regimen. You’ll learn how to work with dream signs and how to develop prospective memory.


• LUCID SLEEP ONSET practice • Technique I: The Countdown • Exercise I: State checks • Exercise II: Dream signs • Exercise III: Developing prospective memory

♥ PART 3: NIGHTTIME TECHNIQUES You’ll learn advanced techniques to help you welcome and cope with the pure consciousness that transcends the normal states of consciousness. You’ll learn ways to get in touch with your cosmic consciousness and how to extend your practice into a lifelong habit using the 72/20 method.


• Technique II – MILD • Technique III – “Wake-and-back-to-bed” technique

♥ PART 4: SHORTCUTS TO LUCID DREAMING You’ll learn how to use sophisticated electronic gadgets, lucid dreaming apps and natural supplements like galantamine. Andrew will reveal some of his magic hacks that can accelerate your results. You’ll learn how to practice lucid napping, and how to play with hypnagogic and hypnopompic states, those amazing pre and post dream states.


• Exercise in Lucid Napping

♥ PART 5: OVERCOMING COMMON HURDLES There might be some obstacles in your dream consciousness like “near enemies,” spiritual bypassing, and slippery things like nihilism. You’ll overcome them all. Andrew will also teach you how to sustain a lucid dream. You’ll also learn a wonderful Buddhist practice, which is the remarkable daily practice of Illusory Form.


• Illusory form Technique

♥ PART 6: THE FRUITION OF LUCID DREAMING You’ll learn how to translate your accomplishments in the dream world into the real world, otherwise known as the fruition of lucid dreaming. And Andrew will also discuss dream yoga and sleep yoga, showing you just how far the practice of Lucid Dreaming can go. From physical benefits to deep psychological growth, to unlimited spiritual evolution – the opportunities are endless.


• Fruition of Lucid Dreaming



The DREAM SCULPTING program is designed by Andrew Holecek, a devout Buddhist practitioner. Through his teachings on meditation, lucid dreaming and dream yoga, Andrew has delivered a body of wisdom that liberates people from all sorts of mental and physical limitations.

Andrew Holecek is an undeniable expert in laying out complicated contemporary practices of eastern spirituality in simple words.

Andrew has studied directly with His Holiness the Dalai Lama and many other esteemed Rinpoches, Khenpos, Acharayas, and Lamas.

His work has appeared in the Shambhala Sun, Buddhadharma, Light of Consciousness, Utne Reader, and other highly acclaimed periodicals. He is also affiliated with the Shambhala Centers Worldwide and was an adjunct faculty at Naropa University and Ngedon School of Buddhist Studies.Andrew also has a strong scientific background. He is a dentist and co-founder of Global Dental Relief – a non-profit organization that provides free dental assistance to impoverished children around the world..

Maybe you've read specific lucid dreaming book but couldn't really learn how to start lucid dreaming, then this online course can help you to move to the next level in your lucid dreaming journey.

There’s a whole universe you’ve been sitting on and we’re going to bring that universe into your conscious awareness.”

(Andrew Holecek)




Effectiveness of Motor Practice in Lucid Dreams: A Comparison with Physical And Mental Practice

New Evidence that Lucid Dreaming Improves Performance

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