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The Energetic Reason You’re Not Where You Want To Be & What To Do About It

Updated: Feb 15

Post Highlights

  • How manifestation process works & its 5 steps

  • Why love is the vibration you want to master

  • The Vibrational Scale & its role in your manifesting efforts

  • What emotions like shame, guilt, acceptance, joy really mean

  • What is split energy & how the momentum works

  • How to trace your energy

  • Scientific evidence proving the power of our thoughts and emotions on our physical reality

  • How limiting beliefs or a negative thought patterns are formed & how to heal those non-supportive programmings



  • video 2: The Heart Center Awakening Guided Meditation

  • video 3: The Blessing Ball of Light Exercise + the transcription of the online training

  • 12 spiritual tools for raising your vibrations on a daily basis

Like attracts like. In order to manifest your dreams and desires, you must get into the state of allowance known as the state of least resistance.


If you follow Abraham Hicks teachings, you probably know about the Law of Attraction (like attracts like), and you are also familiar with the manifestation process that consists of 5 steps:


You are doing this all the time if you are aware of it or not. The contrast (moments in your life that are not pleasant to you – the unwanted things) causes you to ask for the opposite of the contrast (for the things that you do want).

step 2: THE UNIVERSE ANSWERS (this is not your job)

Your Inner Being (your Soul or God or your Higher Self or the Non-Physical part of you or whatever you want to call it) and the Universe vibrationally fulfill your desire in the moment you asked for it.

step 3: YOU GET YOURSELF INTO THE RECEIVING MODE (this is when you allow your desires to manifest – the emotions that you feel, tell you if you are in the receiving mode or not)

When the desire is born within you, the Universe and your Inner Being fulfill it on a vibrational level in the moment you asked for it. But you have to be up to speed with this desire (you have to become vibrational match in order to manifest it into your life). In simple terms, your Inner Being always feels great about your desires but you probably don’t because they haven’t manifested yet, so here is this vibrational (emotional) gap between you and your Inner Being. To resolve this and eventually manifest what you want, you have to feel the same about your desires as your Inner Being feels about them. Your Inner Being always feels joy, happiness, love, satisfaction, gratitude, fun… (all positive emotions). On the other hand, you may feel negative emotions like sadness, depression, anger, jealously… about your desires, and this is the emotional gap that you have to close in order to manifest your desires. Your work is to raise your vibrations to emotional levels of love and above, and the gap is closed. Your positive thoughts turn into desired things. This is creating on purpose – feeling emotions that your Inner Being feels on purpose in order to manifest what you want.


Your Inner Being knows all your desires, knows where you stand in relation to your desires, and knows all blocks and limiting beliefs that are on the way to full manifestation. You Inner Being guides you toward full manifestation but you have to stop resisting it in order to hear all clues your Inner Being is telling you. You stop resistance (which is also start allowing) when you stop thinking thoughts that cause you to feel negative emotions. You stop resistance when you quiet your mind (for example, in meditation). You stop resistance when you 100% focus (think and talk) on something that is not important to you (for example, birds, trees, flowers…). You stop resistance when you raise your vibrations to the emotional levels of love and above – this speed up your manifestation because now you feel emotions that your Inner Being feels and the Law of Attraction has to bring to you what you want.


The contrasting experiences will never stop because you don’t know what you really want if you don’t experience some contrast + you will always desire something – you may manifest 1 million but in the moment this desire fulfills, you’ll unconsciously desire for more millions because people always want more (we can be aware of that or not but we always desire more because we are creators). So, contrast will never stop but with all the knowledge and tools that are available nowadays you have a choice to decide how you want to feel in the middle of contrast.

Step 4 is where people get stuck because they don’t have effective tools to practice the feelings of love (and above) especially when the contrast presents itself again. Furthermore, this leads to step 5 where they fail again, also because of the lack of effective techniques that would help them achieve state of emotional stability.


Love is the secret to healing and it has a higher vibration. As you know by now, human beings are spiritual entities having a physical experience. That means, you have an inner energy (spiritual) and your body (physical) is a reflection of your inner energy. When we are having a disconnect (vibrational gap) with our inner energy or if our inner energy is disturbed (with negative thoughts and feelings), the physical part of it starts reflecting what’s underneath it. That’s where illnesses start.

So, by connecting with and raising your inner energy to the level of love, you can heal yourself effortlessly. You just need to know how to connect with your energy and turn it around.

The effective closing of emotional gap is also the reason why richer get richer and poorer get poorer… Ever noticed how some uncannily and "lucky" people can almost effortlessly attract good things into their lives? At work, they get all the opportunities. They lead social movements in their communities. They’re spiritual, yet also have a healthy relationship with money. Their relationships are consistently blissful, and they’re always in the pink of health.

If you’re like most people, life is a mixture of good days and bad days. You may not be poor or sick, but you worry about your money and health a little more often than you’d like. You long for the time and freedom to live life on your own terms. You wish you were better at manifesting your goals. And so you’ve probably wondered to yourself on more than a few occasions what does it take to HAVE IT ALL?

The answer lies in your personal energetic frequency – you have to raise it so that it matches your Inner Being’s frequency.

And that’s what you'll learn in this blog post – how to raise your vibrations, so that you close the emotional gap between you and your Inner Being, and as a consequence, manifest what you want.

Some people have trouble believing that energetic vibrations are real.

And it’s hard to blame them. After all, you can’t see vibrations. Nor is there any mainstream acceptance for them (although it’s only a matter of time).

But there is an analogy that can explain this phenomenon:

Just think of it like the sun.

It’s only very recently in human history that we were able to observe the sun. Yet even before we had telescopes and space missions, we still felt its warmth. And we still thrived thanks to it.

The same can be said for vibrations.

You can’t see them, and you may not be able to fully explain them but our energetic vibrations shape our lives in ways we can’t even begin to imagine.

The good news is that scientists like William Braud and David Hakwins are finally beginning to help us understand the vital role vibrations play in our lives. Explore the blog post to find what they have discovered!



Nothing in the Universe happens by chance or accident. The Universe is a coherent concurrence and interaction of innumerable conditions attendant on the infinite number of energy patterns.


Dr. David Hawkins (Power vs Force)

Science shows that everything on the planet, from people to animals to objects, vibrates with energy.

This concept has been around for centuries. Throughout history, various cultures have devised systems to work with energy. The Chinese practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi. The Indians, Kundalini. In Japan, Reiki is a popular practice.

Everything is energy but most people don’t know how to manage it for their benefit. What's more, most people don’t even know that their personal energy can be measured. That's why they never realize how huge an influence their personal energy has on their surroundings and the quality of their lives

Quantum Mechanics has discovered that atoms and molecules are in fact composed of packets of energy. It's all about the energy that runs in/between all the molecules and all the atoms. Energy has its own personal energetic frequency. Emotions have their own energetic frequencies. Every human has his/her own energetic frequency.

Leading research on human consciousness is showing that this energy vibrates on a scale that operates on the discovery that each human emotion has a vibration in the exact same way that matter does.

Each human emotion has a vibration (its own personal energetic frequency) that can be measured, and is this personal energetic frequency that determines what your life looks like (e.g. if you're successful or not).

Energy vibrates on a scale called the Vibrational Scale as presented in the image below.

The Vibrational Scale (also The Scale of Consciousness) was designed by consciousness researcher Dr. David Hawkins to predict the kind of outcomes and people you’ll attract throughout the course of your life.

Everyone has their own personal vibrational setpoint. If you’re vibrating high, you’ll attract good things: love, abundance, unity, and success. But if you’re vibrating low, you’ll attract the not-so-good things: anger, separation, lack, and self-doubt.

So many of us are focusing so hard on our minds and bodies - without paying any attention to our vibrations.

So if right now you’re stuck in a negative holding pattern - or if you keep struggling with the same challenges - or if you have an important goal you just can’t seem to reach - then chances are it’s your vibrations that are quietly holding you back.

The good news is, raising your vibrations is easy - once you know HOW (if you scroll down the page to the video section, you'll find 2 exercises for raising your vibrations immediately).

Source: Human Consciousness Vibrational Scale

Heavy emotions like fear, anger or shame vibrate at low and dense frequencies. But feelings like love, joy and peace vibrate at high and uplifting frequencies.

If you don't know where on the scale are you, help yourself with the meaning of some emotions:

  • SHAME - "I am not enough (successful, important, slim, intelligent, pretty...)".

  • GUILT - "I am bad".

  • APATHY - "I don't really know why, but I just don't want to move forward in my life."

  • GRIEF - being really really sad

  • FEAR - it makes us withdraw from our life

  • DESIRE - "Okay, maybe something else is a little bit possible."

  • ANGER - Anger is moving energy that pushes you above apathy.

  • PRIDE - "I might want something new or different in my life."

  • COURAGE - Courage moves you from destructive and harmful behavior to a lifestyle that serves and benefits. "Ooh, I'm gonna step into it."

  • ACCEPTANCE - letting things go, forgiveness, you've accepted that change can really happen

  • JOY - Here the deepest level of healing begins.

  • LOVE - Here pain, stress, and struggle seem to melt away. You become a vibrational match for your desires and dreams.

  • PEACE - the energy of all is well in the world

To determine where you are on this scale, Dr. Hawkins used muscle testing and kinesiology. You can test anything on this scale because everything on the planet vibrates somewhere on this scale

MUSCLE TESTING was developed by chiropractor George Goodheart in 1964. It's based on the concept of internal energy. It is very easy method that you can use to evaluate your imbalances and physical, spiritual, and mental needs.

How it works: By applying small amounts of pressure to a large muscle, your body will respond based on the truth of the statement.

You can use muscle testing to get information about everything (energy blocks, organs, nutrition, career, love life...).

One of the most interesting things discovered about energy is that your energetic frequency can affect the energetic frequencies of those around you. For example, one person operating at a level of 500 (which is love) can lift 750,000 other people to the level above 200. With your vibrations, you can also affect objects.

So the big question is…


Throughout our lives we develop energetic blocks as a result of negative programming and past experiences. For example the death of a loved one, failed relationships, lies we were told as children, advertising, even the movies we watch and music we listen to.

These energetic blocks

  • silently bring down our vibrations,

  • sabotage our dreams and goals, and

  • cause us to continuously attract negative things into our lives.

The solution? You must use energetic tools and exercises designed to flush out your energetic blocks, and raise your vibrations - you can experience 2 of such tools if you scroll down to the video section.


Be more aware of

  • your limiting beliefs,

  • their power and

  • whether they harmonize with your desires.

A belief is a practiced vibration that you can sense on an emotional level! Maybe you can’t verbalize the block but you can feel lower emotions that indicate the activation of a belief that is not serving you. This vibration was activated because its energy is stored in your energy field! You have to clear that energy in order to stop splitting it. In the videos below, it's presented how you can do that.

If you've got practiced vibrations about your desires but contradictory practiced vibrations about how you don't believe in them, then you're experiencing split energy.

In practical terms this means:

  • A desire that has a lot of momentum and no resistance (blocks), it’s ecstasy.

  • A desire that has a lot of momentum and a lot of resistance, it’s miserable.

  • A desire that has no much momentum and no resistance, is the beginning of every manifestation you want – your thoughts begin to turn to things.


You have a thought. This thought vibrates at a certain frequency (the emotion that the thought produces within you). You are now focusing to that frequency meaning that your state of being (mood), mind and body are starting to broadcast that frequency. As a consequence, you receive more thoughts and experiences of a similar vibration as the frequency you tune yourself to.

In other words, you are a vibrational being that broadcasts a signal; this signal attracts back to you things, people and experiences of the same energy as your signal.

To understand better: When a radio is tuned to the 98.7FM frequency, it will only play songs broadcasted at that wavelength; it cannot receive the songs being played over 101FM – you know it’s not possible.

This is how the momentum is built around a certain frequency. When the momentum is built, all that you can perceive is that which belong to that frequency.

In practical terms:

  • If you focus on a problem, you can’t see the solution!

  • If you focus on a question, you can’t hear the answer.

You probably remember that when you started complaining about something, more and more reasons for complaining showed up. You added to that "complaining momentum" by continuing thinking about them. You just couldn’t stop complaining – this is because you didn’t stop the momentum at early stages when it was not so strong.

When you practice the same momentum over and over again, you forget that there are plenty of other frequencies available to you that you can deliberately tune yourself to. Frequencies that produce wonderful shifts in your life!

When the vibration of a limiting belief is stronger than the vibration of a desire, you become discouraged and give up. But it doesn't have to be that way BECAUSE YOU CAN CLEAR THESE ENERGY PATTERNS!


You can trace your energy through your aura.

Your aura is a luminous light that radiates from your entire body. People who are spiritually open and aware can sense it, some can even see it.

Each aura corresponds to a color, which holds a special meaning for each person. Your aura also acts as an indicator of your physical and mental health. Those who meditate or undergo energy healing often experience an expansion of their auras immediately after a session. Even in ancient martial arts has the aura been noted and studied.


The layers of your aura:

  1. ETHERIC AURA - The first extends one and a quarter to two inches out from the body. Its color is red.

  2. EMOTIONAL LAYER - The next layer extends one to three inches out from the body. This layer holds emotions and feelings. Its color is orange.

  3. MENTAL LAYER - The third layer extends from three to eight inches out from the body. Its color is yellow.

  4. ASTRAL LAYER - The next layer is considered the bridge to the spiritual realm and the doorway to the astral realm. Its color is green. It holds an array of bright rainbow colors if the spiritual health is good.

  5. ETHERIC TEMPLATE - The fifth layer extends two feet out from the body. Here is the blueprint that contains all the forms of the physical world. Its color is blue.

  6. CELESTIAL AURA - The sixth layer extends up to two and a half feet out from the body. Here is where communication with those in that realm can take place along with feelings of ecstasy and unconditional love. Its color is indigo.

  7. KETHERIC TEMPLATE - The seventh layer extends over three feet out from the body. It vibrates at the highest frequency and surrounds all the other layers, holding them together. It is comprised of bright shining violet or golden-colored threads and reflects everything your soul has undergone. This is where one links to the Divine and becomes one with the Universe.

Source: Reiki Infinite Healer


If you can't see your aura, you can help yourself with Kirlian Photography. Semyon Kirlian in1939, discovered that if an object on a photographic plate is connected to a source of high voltage, an aura of electrical discharge can be photographed.

This discovery is the evidence of the existence of the aura.

Several experiments were conducted upon this finding. One such study involved Kirlian photographs of picked leaves. As they withered, the photos showed that their auras were diminishing as well. The Kirlian Effect spread internationally and has even been used to detect stress in athletes.

The second image below is a photo of an aura captured using a method called Kirlian Photography.

Source: Mindvalley


Dr. Hawkins wasn't the only one who discovered the direct link between our emotions, thoughts and the physical reality. Below are some amazing studies by other researchers also proving the power of our thoughts and emotion on our manifestations.


Dr. Masaru Emoto showed the power of our emotions and thoughts when he exposed water to different energies.

He projected a thought onto a glass of water and when the water froze, he examined the water crystals under the microscope.

When a regular glass of water had a piece of paper with a higher vibrational word like "love" or "joy" taped onto it, the water crystals were beautiful patterns that were pure in color and had perfect symmetry.

But when a glass of water had a piece of paper with a lower vibrational word like "hate" or "anger" taped onto it, the water crystals were rough and opaque.

If words on a paper can do that to water, just imagine what they do to us!


It was 1994 when the idea to freeze water and observe it with microscope came upon me. With this method, I was convinced that I should be able to see something like snow crystals.

After two months of trial and error, this idea bore fruit. The beautifully shining hexagonal crystals were created from the invisible world. My staff at the laboratory and I were absorbed in it and began to do many researches. At first, we strenuously observed crystals of tap water, river water, and lake water. From the tap water we could not get any beautiful crystals. We could not get any beautiful ones from rivers and lakes near big cities, either. However, from the water from rivers and lakes where water is kept pristine from development, we could observe beautiful crystals with each one having its own uniqueness.

The observation was done in various ways:

  1. Observe the crystal of frozen water after showing letters to water.

  2. Showing pictures to water.

  3. Playing music to water.

  4. Praying to water.

In all of these experiments, distilled water for hospital usage produced by the same company was used. Since it is distilled twice, it can be said that it is pure water. The result was that we always observed beautiful crystals after giving good words, playing good music, and showing, playing, or offering pure prayer to water. On the other hand, we observed disfigured crystals in the opposite situation. Moreover, we never observed identical crystals.

I published these results as photograph collections (All of them are published from Hado Kyoiku-Sha.):

  • "Messages from Water 1" (1999),

  • "Messages from Water 2" (2002),

  • "Messages from Water 3" (2004), and

  • "Messages from Water 4" (2008).

Then in November 2001, "Water Knows the Answer" (Sunmark Publishing) was published not as a photograph collection but as explanatory book. Many of you may know that these books have become bestseller not only in Japan but also rather in overseas.

It is "beauty" if I were asked about the selection criteria of crystals. This world is filled with wonders and mysteries that get more incomprehensible if we try to think of a reason. In a familiar situation, for example, why do dogs exist and why do cats exist? Why do mice exist and why do snakes exist? Why are there cherry blossom trees and why are there willow trees? What is a human being in the first place? As such, there are so many incomprehensible things that we cannot understand at all. Thus, except for some of truly basic things, no one disagrees that there are still so many unknowns. Probably we understand 3%. in other words, I think 97% is unknown. The reason why the number is 3% is that the research of geneticists revealed the level of our DNA activation is 3%. I believe the original idea of creation by the creator of this universe was “the pursuit of beauty.” Everything is combination of energetic vibration. As vibration resonates, it makes some tangible objects. Combination of non-resonating vibration can result in destructive energy, and nothing can be created out of it. When some vibration and the other resonate each other, it always creates beautiful design. Thus, most of the Earth is covered with beautiful nature.

That is why scientists, philosophers, and religionists pursue for unknown facts. Is it presumptuous to suggest them taking paths with "the pursuit of beauty" in mind as a means to confirm their right paths? There are approximately 7 billion people exist on this Earth now. I think there is one common standard we share although our skin colors, languages, religious beliefs may be different. I think that is the standard of "beauty".

However, the deep pursuit of beauty is slightly different depending on experience, age, and personality. That is why many types of wonderful artists who pursue the secrets of beauty always appear in the human history one after another. Therefore, the photograph of crystals is neither science nor religion. I hope it is enjoyed as a new type of art. Nevertheless, the world it shows is truth, and there is no doubt that many messages essential to our lives are hidden in it.

How the frozen water crystals are photographed?

" (Masaru Emoto)


Dr. William Braud’ study proved that humans can physically affect another object by their thoughts and emotions.

Along with his colleagues at the Mind Science Foundation in San Antonio, Dr. Braud conducted a "bio-PK" study of how psychokinesis affects other biological organisms. The proof was in the lab dish.

His experiments proved that people could slow down the rate that red blood cells die in a lab dish. What’s more, the results were even reproducible by other scientists.


One of the most interesting laboratory healing experiments, by Dr. William Braud, involved the most vital juice of life - blood. The question was whether a psychic could "protect" red blood cells from the destructive effects of a toxic environment.

For each experimental session, a few drops of human blood would be placed in a saline solution. The differences in osmotic pressure between the inside of the cell and its surroundings "stresses" the cell walls, which quickly explode; the blood cells' haemoglobin then escapes into the surrounding solution. Thus, as more and more blood cells die, the appearance of the blood/saline solution changes from cloudy and opaque to clear, allowing more light to pass through. In this way, a spectrophotometer can constantly measure the process of cell destruction. Over the course of ten trials, the psychic Mathew Manning attempted to prevent the solution from becoming clear (the sign that the cells were exploding and dying). Overall, compared to "control" test tubes, the rate of destruction was indeed significantly lower for the "influence" tubes. What was most striking was that the difference was strongest in the very last trial, in which Manning was separated from the apparatus, attempting to affect it from a distant room. Braud later repeated this same experiment with 30 "normal" subjects, who claimed no psychic gift. This time, all trials were conducted at a distance: the spectrophotometer apparatus and the test-tubes were in one room, and subjects were in a distant room, observing the progress of the results through signals coming from the spectrophotometer.

While all subjects did not succeed in retarding blood cell-breakdown, a third of them did, and the overall results were highly significant. Once again, by comparison with the control test tubes, "influence" tubes took a much longer time to become transparent - that is, the influenced cells "resisted" breakdown a much longer time.


(Dr. Mario Varvoglis)


The Maharishi Effect produces one of the most amazing results proving the power of positive intention for raising vibrations collectively.

When a group of people raise their vibrations together, the effects are exponential.

As more and more people come together and raise their consciousness and thus, their vibrations, amazing things start to happen - peace follows, crime drops, a general feeling of joy spreads...


In 1960, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi predicted that one percent of a population practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique would produce measurable improvements in the quality of life for the whole population.

This phenomenon was first noticed in 1974 and reported in a paper published in 1976. Here, the finding was that when 1% of a community practiced the Transcendental Meditation program, the crime rate was reduced by 16% on average.

At this time, the phenomenon was named the Maharishi Effect. The meaning of this term was later extended to cover the influence generated by the group practice of the TM-Sidhi program. Generally, the Maharishi Effect may be defined as the influence of coherence and positivity in the social and natural environment generated by the practice of the TM and TM-Sidhi programs.

Maharishi introduced the TM-Sidhi program, including Yogic Flying, in 1976. Group practice of this program was observed to be particularly beneficial. On the basis of analogies to physical systems, scientists estimated that the coherence generated by group practice of the TM-Sidhi program should be proportional to the square of the number of participants. Taking into account the "1%" finding, it was predicted that a group with size equal to the square root of 1% of a population would have a measurable influence on the quality of life of that population. For example, a group of 200 practicing the TM-Sidhi program together in a city of four million (100 x 200 x 200) would be sufficient to produce a measurable influence on the whole city; a group of 1,600 in the U.S. would influence 256 million (100 x 1600 x 1600) people, the whole population of the U.S.; and a group of 7,000 would influence 4.9 billion (100 x 7000 x 7000) people, the population of the world at that time.

The TM-Sidhi program was practiced in large groups on numerous occasions in the following decade, and the first statistical analysis of the effects was published in 1987. These showed a decrease of about 11% in violent crimes in Washington, D.C., in total crimes in Metro Manila, and in total crimes in the Union Territory of Delhi. The p values (the probabilities of the observed changes happening by chance) of these three effects were 0.01, 0.005, and 0.001, which are excellent for results in social science.

Subsequent research has confirmed the existence and the universality of the Maharishi Effect. It has become possible to lodge a prediction in advance with the police and the mayor of a city and then create the effect. This was put to the test under the careful scrutiny of a distinguished review board in 1993 in Washington, D.C. The maximum decrease in violent crimes was 23.3%. The statistical probability that this result could reflect chance variation in crime levels was less than 2 in 1 billion (p < .000000002).


(Maharishi University of Management)


There are bad forces within us existing as limiting energetic blueprints that sabotage every area of your life. In the first 7 years we absorb everything we see and hear. Children are absorbing all kinds of energy (feelings, beliefs, thoughts) that they are exposed to because they are learning how to be human. Plus, they love their parents and want to please them so that they would take care of them. And the only way they can do that is by resembling their parents or figures that are raising them. When a little girl sees her mother being angry at her father because he left her, the girl will soak in mother's energy and form a belief that could say: "Men leave me" which basically means that as an adult this woman will be left by her lovers.

Throughout our lives we develop energetic blocks as a result of negative programming and past experiences. For example, the death of a loved one, failed relationships, lies we were told as children, advertising, even the movies we watch and music we listen to.

All these energetic blueprints create beliefs about who we are, how much we are worth of, if money is good or bad... These energetic blocks silently bring down our vibrations, sabotage our dreams and goals, and cause us to continuously attract negative things into our lives.

The hidden beliefs, thoughts and feelings are the source of your problems.

You only have to remove a tiny fraction of them to see an immediate improvement in your life.

What kind of environment were/are you raised in? What kind of energy were/are you exposed to? Are there some negative patterns that keep showing in your life?


Connect to the vibrations of love and above, and live there on a daily basis. When you are connected you feel light.

In other words, start living as your higher self by raising your energetic frequency.

Use energetic tools and exercises designed to flush out your energetic blocks, and raise your vibrations. Below you'll find 2 spiritual tools that you can use to achieve exactly that!


Change Your Vibrations, Change Your Life

by Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Marie is known for helping people by using her spiritual gifts to give us guidance and help us manifest the reality of our dreams. She does this by helping us to

  • open up our awareness and

  • use our own spiritual gifts.

As a facilitator for consciousness, her greatest joy is to help people become who they really are. Making a difference in people's lives has become her life’s choice, because if enough people raise their consciousness and vibration to self-love and celebration, we can restore love on this planet!

Christie's greatest desire is for you to turn on your spiritual gifts and make your inner light brighter.

Over the last 15 years Christie Marie Sheldon has been enhancing people's personal vibrations to seminal heights, allowing them to become magnets for life's pleasures using Christie’s world-renowned ENERGY CLEARING METHOD.

She has worked with more than 35,000 people one-on-one.

What's more, she has helped celebrities, top business leaders and even a Nobel Prize Winner raise their energetic vibrations, and allow far greater success, abundance, joy, and fulfillment into their lives.

In the videos blow, you can experience some the same tools Christie uses to completely transform her clients' vibrations. And your getting them for FREE

Christie is a remarkable woman with a special gift – the ability to connect with other people so that they start to magnetically attract success and abundance on autopilot.

She is intuitive coach & energy healer who

  • eliminates people’s abundance blocks,

  • raises their vibrations, and

  • manifests their ideal realities.


When you think of a gifted energy healer, what kind of person comes to mind?

You might think of someone wise, authoritative. Someone decked out in beads and flowing robes.

Christie Marie Sheldon is far from your typical energy worker.

As any of the thousands of people who have worked with her will tell you that there’s something special about this woman.

And is not just about her infectious laugh, or her bubbly, joyful, sometimes weird energy.

But rather, her uncanny ability to instantly read a person’s energy field - As easily as you would read a newspaper headline.

And then, to clear their energetic blocks, and dramatically raise their wealth vibrations - Just like how you might turn up the volume on a speaker.


The teaching comes with workbook, which can be downloaded here>>

In this masterclass, Christie guides you through the 8-minute exercise called The Blessing Ball of Light that is also part of the Love or Above spiritual toolkit. If you scroll down the page, you'll find video 3 which is actually The Blessing Ball of Light exercise taken from the toolkit - below the video 3 is also the transcript of the exercise.

The Blessing Ball of Light is a 5 to 10-minute meditation you can do each morning to help you set the intention for what you want for the current day. It is a very powerful tool! Almost everyone who practices these exercise, speeds up his/her manifestations!!

A blessing is a high vibrational energy that comes from your heart - it is about adding love to the mix and seeing things work out. It is not just words - it is really feeling it.

This exercise will quickly put you into a higher vibrational frequency and can help you set up your day ahead of time and send blessings and good energy to loved ones.

Because you are a creator, creating your life, you can make changes to your day ahead of time. You can do this for your loved ones and children as well by giving them a ball of energy.

The Blessing Ball of Light exercise starts at 43:15!

The video covers the following:

  • A thrilling High Frequency Meditation that will instantly raise your vibrations and tap you into the collective positive energy of the group.

  • 4 simple rules of Higher Vibrations: high-vibrating people live by these rules instinctively, and after this Masterclass so will you.

  • The Blessing Ball of Light exercise: people use this exercise to manifest dream jobs, accelerate healing, attract partners...

  • Christie answers some most pressing questions like: Are vibrations for real? Do group meditations really work over the internet?

  • Exploring a collection of powerful Energetic Tools: like the Energy Radar, the Key to Self Mastery, and the Life Path Optimizer – each one designed to raise your vibrations instantly.

  • And much, much more.

THE HEART CENTER AWAKENING MEDITATION that raises your vibrations by Christie Marie Sheldon

When things get stressful, It's time to connect to your heart space. This guided meditation by Christie Marie helps you center your inner self again and connect to the source of your awareness in its purest form in your heart. You’ll come out feeling calm and revived—and able to tackle the challenges that lie in your way.

The heart center is the point of awareness where feelings and energy reside.

Your heart is a space of consciousness. Not just an organ that pumps blood. In its highest energy form, the heart space has the quality of peace and light.

THE BLESSING BALL OF LIGHT exercise by Christie Marie Sheldon

In the video below, Christie guides you through the exercise called The Blessing Ball of Light. This is a 5 to 10-minute meditation you can do each morning to help you set the intention for what you want for the current day. It is a very powerful tool! Almost everyone who practices these exercise, speed up his/her manifestations!!

A blessing is a high vibrational energy that comes from your heart - it is about adding love to the mix and seeing things work out. It is not just words - it is really feeling it.

This exercise will quickly put you into a higher vibrational frequency and can help you set up your day ahead of time and send blessings and good energy to loved ones.

Because you are a creator, creating your life, you can make changes to your day ahead of time. You can do this for your loved ones and children as well by giving them a ball of energy.


I play with energy for a living. I spend all my time assessing vibration. Itʼs just kind of fun for me to notice whatʼs up in the world. I like to get creative and see what happens. For instance I ask, “If I add this energy to my life, what comes in? If I add this person to my life, what does my life look like?” I have zero stress on manifesting. I just ask the energy of whatever I desire to show up. And pretty soon it usually shows up in physical form. You can do this, too. Again, youʼre the creator. This playful approach keeps you out of the lower vibrations of fear, worry and anxiety.

I had a client who used what I am about to teach you to pull in her mate and get a great love life. She had tried for over a year to call her mate yet she was still worried and anxious about it. I asked her guides how to keep her in her creator self and I was told to give her this exercise. I call this the ʻblessing ball of lightʼ. I have since shown clients how to do this with their families and I have received positive feedback.

So letʼs start with blessing your day and your kidsʼ day. A blessing is a high vibrational energy that comes from your heart. Itʼs about adding love to the mix and seeing things work out. I calibrated the energy of myself giving somebody a blessing and it calibrated as high as 760. It all depended on the words and intent that I used. The lowest frequency was 625 and that was just by me saying, “I bless you” to somebody. It didnʼt matter who as long as I had that energy in me and really felt it. Itʼs not just words, itʼs feeling it, ʻI bless youʼ, from my heart. The 760 was me saying, “I bless you with pure love and light. I bless you with pure source energy”. Again, I did this with the feeling of it in my heart. I bless you with pure love and light and I bless you with pure source energy.

When I measured it the blessing was higher than peace and joy. I do this as soon as I wake up in the morning. I connect to the light, I allow it to come into my heart, I picture a ball of energy and I call it my day. I pull in it everything I really choose for my day. Then I place it in my heart and I send the energy to my day. Smoothing everything out with ease and joy and abundance.

Because youʼre a creator creating your life, you can make changes to your day ahead of time. To do this for another individual like your children, give them another ball of energy. Separate them because they have their own life and their own needs. I measured that the average child of the people who bought this program is ages zero to 11, who did the blessing and energy ball with them, it would raise their kidsʼ consciousness 180 percent. If theyʼre age 12 to 17, the average was about 85 percent. You see, after age 11 kids really develop their independence and energetically pull away from their parents. Itʼs important that you embrace the child around 10 to 11 years old and really help them bridge this gap in development. Itʼs one of the most important ages. You can include your interactions with them in the ball of light because theyʼre a part of your day; theyʼre part of your life. Give them their own ball of light and their own energy field when you are blessing them. Better still of course, teach them how to do it and walk them through it. Kids as young as 4 and 5 can do this.

Hereʼs how it works. You can play with this but most often I do it this way: Look up and connect to the light. Let the light in, fill your whole body as we did, with your head, your shoulders, your heart, your torso, your hips, your legs. Let a column of light form around you and let the grounding energy move into the center of the earth, connecting to the center of the planet. Picture and get a sense of the ball of light, itʼs about 10 inches across in between your hands. Kind of push and pull it. You can feel that thereʼs a ball of light in your hands if you push and pull it around a little bit. Just feel this ball of light.

Put a mental label on it called: My Day. If youʼre doing it for your child label it your childʼs name and their day. Labelling it makes it clear to the universe what youʼre creating. Let whatever color it wants to be show up. Some days itʼll be different and you can ask your guides what the color means and why did it show up in the color? But some general guidelines are:

  • Green is for healing and abundance

  • Gold or pink for love

  • Gold for your God self

  • Iʼve seen it brown sometimes when somebody needs grounding

  • Red for material needs being helped

  • White is quite common and all the colors of the rainbow are held in the spectrum of white

  • Sometimes Iʼve seen multi colors or rainbows.

Always just ask what it means, never assume anything. They could be different on different days.

You can place your hands together and push and pull and feel the energy of this energy ball in your hands. After a bit youʼll probably feel the ball of energy. Most people do. The way to get a visceral feel of the ball and the light is to do it this way.

After youʼve labelled it "My Day" call in your guides and angels and ask for assistance on what to add. Just say, “guides and angels, can you help me add whatever would be lovely to my day?” Then just start adding what you desire your day to be like both in energy and quality, so choose things closer to joy, love, celebration, gratitude, blessings. Some ease and nice might be fun. Anything else you wish to show up in your life today; people, places, gifts, friendship, loving comments, compliments, attention. Let all those come into your awareness and as youʼre imagining it youʼre creating it. Itʼs how creation works.

Imagine it long enough and it will show up. Imagine clients; see the kind of energy you need for them for the day. If you need love, add love. See everyone who thinks of you receive love, gratitude, just by thinking of you or being with you. Iʼve been putting this in my energy field for the last year or so. A friend of mine from L.A. called one day and said, “The strangest thing happened in meditation this morning. I sent you some energy and you sent it right back to me. It felt great. Iʼve sent a lot of people energy over the years but nobodyʼs ever returned it. It kind of zapped me; it felt good”. Again that was confirmation to me that my spiritual gifts work because Iʼd been putting in my energy field that everyone who thinks of me receives love, light, peace & gratitude from me. If you need guidance all day maybe see the word ʻguidanceʼ go into your bubble. Or see a specific guide and angel do it. If you need focus for a test if youʼre a child, add focus. Got a busy day? Add completion to your project. If you need the phone ringing off the hook bringing you money, add phone ringing with people wanting to bring you money. If you have an issue with a person or longstanding unforgiven things, see kindness and forgiveness going into your bubble. You can add smooth sails, a smooth road ahead. See yourself having fun with your children and your mate. If you need any help on your health ask for a healthy lifestyle. Ask for great health to show up and your body to morph into a happy, healthy size, whatever your body wants to be. Or whatever your body says, a happy, healthy whatever many pounds. You can bless your space, you can bless your office, you can bless your car, your home, fill it up with a rainbow of good vibes kind of energy. You can add extra energy and oomph to your body for the day. So keep filling it with joy, love, consciousness, plenty of abundance and health, wealth and happiness, ease and joy with your family, friends, and co-workers. See people receiving you well, see your mate telling you they love you, see your children joy-filled. Just add whatever your heart desires. And when it feels full just be with it for a moment and add the energy of : I bless myself with pure love and light. I bless myself with purified source energy. I bless myself with pure love and light. I bless myself with purified source energy. If itʼs for your child just say: Your childʼs name and: I bless my child with pure love and light. I bless my child with pure source energy. You could even do this while youʼre driving. I bless strangers, mailboxes… you name it, I have probably blessed it. Why do I do that? Because I love the vibration in my body and it helps with manifesting and getting your life to look a certain way. When you feel complete, put your blessing ball of light into your heart. See your day radiating out to your heart, projecting whatever you intend all the way around you. Itʼs your reality coming into your creator self, emanating from the heart of the matter. Youʼre the creator thatʼs choosing the matter.

Iʼll give you some other examples for the future of things you can ask for. If you know your child has a particular thing they need help on, like being grounded in the world, have that. If they need super confidence, add that. Just see it into the ball of light and filling your childʼs body with the elixir of super confidence and everything goes well. If your kids need new friends see these friends coming into their lives. I had a mom call me; her child had ADD and could not sit still in class. She started using this and in a few days she noticed the difference in her kid. She put a ball of light around the child so the child feels focused and peaceful. She was guided that he needed to exercise for half an hour, so she saw him doing that as well. I hear reports that it works for people. I was out of the country teaching a class and we did this blessing. This woman found her lost passport and her lost necklace in a bag and sheʼs looked there five times earlier that day. It wasnʼt there earlier and after she did this it was there. What she did was she added finding her passport and her necklace in the blessing ball of light and then she found it. If you have a mate, be guided in how to bless their day. I believe you can do this for people. Just keep it on the side of: what is the happiest and good for them. You could just have a ball of light that says happiness, ease and joy, happy travels, fun with the family, ease with the boss. Obviously the best thing to do is to ask your mate to start blessing their own day.

I had a client who told me there was no way her husband would do this. I just laughed and had her ask him if he was opposed to using the light in his life. He said no. So she got him to push and pull his hands until he could feel the energy of the ball of light. Then she asked him to fill it in with whatever he needed. He did it. He thought it was funny but he went along with it. She called on her angels and said, “Please! Let him know this works”. So he went to work and he had a boss who was always hard on him actually compliment him that day. He called to tell her about it. He thought it was very interesting that the boss did that. She reminded him to do it for a while and to visualize his day a success.

One day I went to play Bingo with friends. I like to do it just to practice manifesting. I usually win. Try that some time. So we bless this space and we use the energy of grace. Grace is like WD40 and it adds to whatever youʼre doing. Right after I finished doing this a man working for the Bingo parlor walks over to me and hands me a bouquet of flowers. All he said was, “These are for you.” I kind of looked and said, “Thanks!” and I started laughing. And he went back to work handing out tickets to everyone. I asked why and he said, “Well, you just deserve these.” Read into it whatever you will but out of 50 other people in the room, right after I sent out grace and blessings, why did he come over and hand me flowers? I bless my purse and wallet and more money seems to show up. Right after I did it one time I walked into my closet, put on my jacket to go to the movies; I had not worn in a year. I put my hand in the pocket and I pulled out $20. It worked that quickly. That is my wish for you. That you do the blessing ball of light, you get more and more blessings and higher vibrations come into your life.


You have a choice about which energetic frequencies you want to live in. If you pay attention consciously to what’s going on inside you, on what are you thinking, you can actually change your world. Be extraordinary in every thought, word and deed.

Play is an expression of who you are. You are every ounce of your energy and you move it through your body by being the highest vibrations of joy and from loving life. The benefit to you is that if you act like you’re having fun for long enough and you let that energy run through your body, you’re awakening the magnificence and abundance within.

The thing with manifesting is that you have to be willing to be present and you have to ask for things to show up. Ask your heart to open up so that you can be totally kind and loving to YOU. Ask this light to connect your heart with your throat so you speak love into your life, your money, your future.

Cultivate your confidence, grow your power, become the amazing gift that you are to yourself and share it with the world.


(Christie Marie Sheldon)



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(Christie Marie Sheldon)

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The Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit>> is a set of 12 profound energetic experiences designed to instantly raise your vibrations - and in turn your magnetism for the outcomes, people, and synchronicities you desire.

From tools that open your heart space, to exercises that reconnect you with Higher Guidance, to meditations that shield you from negative energies - you get a fun, easy-to-use, and deeply transformational solution to living your life from a space of unshakeable high vibrations.

Just pick the one that fits your circumstances at any given time, and follow the easy instructions.


This depends

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In some cases, you’ll see and feel instant results the moment you start using the energetic tools. In other cases, it may take some days or weeks before your raised vibrations start showing tangible results.

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module 5: The Art Of Choosing Your Reality

module 6: The Planetary Shift In Consciousness Begins At Home



Make The Right Decisions At All Times

Muscle testing is based on the fact that our bodies are tapped into a higher intelligence. High energy causes a different response in our muscles than lower energies. By learning to distinguish these responses you can ask yourself any question, and get an intuitive pulse on the best answer for you. By learning to distinguish these responses you can get an intuitive pulse on whether the answer is yes or no. High energy causes a different response in our muscles than lower energies.



Learn The Simple Questions That Can Open Up A World of Possibility

This essential tool shows you exactly how to ask the right questions that lead to the right answers and amazing new opportunities. Questions are the biggest door opener, but you’ve got to ask the right questions in the right way. Only then will you get new awareness.



Connecting To Your Infinite Self

This 30-minute guided meditation connects you to your Infinite Self, and empowers you to realize that all the answers and inspiration you seek are already inside you. Tapping into your higher self will give you the answers you seek, fill you with inspiration and allow you to harness those parts of yourself that you rarely use. The more you connect to your Infinite-Self, the happier you become! Use it often to harness the superpowers you never knew you had.



Getting Support From A Higher Power

When you open your awareness and connect to your Guides, you’ll get access to answers and guidance previously closed to you. You also start to find elegant synchronicities appearing in your life: unexpected phone calls, chance encounters, and opportunities falling into your lap. Guides will know exactly what unique spiritual gift you’ll need at this point in your life, and they’ll supply you with your very own spiritual gifts and opportunities to help you overcome obstacles.



Cleaning Up Negative Residual Energy From Your Being

We’re always picking up energy from around us. It’s important you routinely clear your energy of emotional scars and negative energy that you picked up along the way! This exercise clears your energy field of emotional scars and negative energy that you picked up along the way, clearing low vibrations and maintaining your energy levels in positive fields. You’ll feel so much more positive energy and clarity as you go about your day.



Becoming Immune To The Negative Energies Of Those Around You

The Energy Radar is particularly useful for becoming immune to recurring sources of negativity, like in the workplace or from a specific friend or family member. This technique helps you identify the true source of negative energy, and show you how to release and return the energy with blessings and love.



Removing Old, Unresolved Energy Patterns That No Longer Serve You

We form these "energy cords" with anyone we’ve had an intense encounter with, whether sexual or anger. Whatever trauma or main event that happens in your life will leave a mark in your energy. And if it’s negative, it can act as a "kink" in your future manifestation if you don’t clear them. This 30-minute meditation cuts the old, unresolved energy that your body is begging you to release!



The Next Level In The Vision Board Exercise

If it hasn’t really been working for you, then it’s probably because you’ve attached negative energy to the vision board. This power-boosting exercise will quickly align higher vibrational frequencies with your vision board, so you can create your greatest reality.



How To Manifest Your Desires, Faster And More Often

This simple exercise helps you destroy the viewpoints that are not working for you. It helps you uncouple from the stories, memories, and scenarios holding you back from creating the ones you truly want. At the end of it, you’ll get clear about what it is you truly desire in life. When you practice this exercise, you’ll be able to choose a life you love and then simply allow it into your existence.



Creating A Calm, Cool Confidence To Stride Toward Your Dreams

The heart center is a space of consciousness and the point of awareness where feelings and energy are. In its highest energy form that has the quality of peace and light. This tool helps you tap into your heart space and re-center inner self by connecting you to the Source of your awareness in its purest form.



Learning The Art Of Giving "Blessings"

Imagine if you could hold in your hands a ball of light, and in this ball of light you can put in all the goodness that you can imagine. This glowing ball of light will grow bigger and bigger with each blessing. And then you can project this radiant energy vibration into your heart, or you could even send this energy to someone else’s heart. This powerful tool helps you do just that.



Creating More Loving Bonds Within Your Family

Energy cords between family members are the strongest, and the level of your family consciousness will have a great affect over you. These tools will help you heal relationship wounds, create stronger bonds, enhance intuitive communication and deepen the connection you have with your loved ones and those who really matter to you, and raise not only your own - but your family’s vibrations!



  • Light Contract: A proven declaration to make the universe aware of your intentions so it can support you in every way.

  • Attitudes of Gratitude Journal: A 3-step guided action plan to double your energetic frequency.

  • Truth Detector: Recognizing your true intuition.

  • Fear Buster: What to do if fear or anger show up.

  • Space Cleanser: Instantly suck negative energy out of any space or place.

  • Intuitive Awareness Questionnaire: Supplements the Life-Path Optimizer to help you recognize the right answer.

  • Companion Digital Workbook: This workbook goes hand-in-hand with the toolkit to lift your vibration easier and faster. The step-by-step practical exercises also have additional tips, examples and information to strengthen your understanding as you progress through each module.


bonus 1

Intimate Interviews with Christie Marie on the Future Purpose of Humanity and Your Role Today

Join Christie in these eye-opening intimate interviews as she explores

  • the future purpose of humanity,

  • the role that high-vibrating people will play in the future of humanity and

  • the role you play.

The 3 interviews you’ll get to enjoy are:

  1. Raising Conscious Children

  2. Indigo Generation

  3. The Future of Humanity: What it Really Means to Your Energy & Life Purpose

bonus 2

Love Or Above PDF Transcript Series For All Modules & Bonus Interviews

Everyone learns differently – so in your package we’re including a transcript of every Love or Above tool and exercise. You can choose to listen, read, or do a combination of both! Simply do whatever suits your learning style the best.

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Christie has helped hundreds of thousands of people from all walks of experience phenomenal breakthroughs in their finances, careers, and overall quality of life.

So yes, this course will work for you, no matter what’s holding you back in the present moment. And even if other similar courses didn’t work for you in the past.

The beauty of Christie’s process is that she takes you deep into your own energetic field, and erases what’s really holding you back (and often, this is so deep set that it’s a complete blind spot to you).

No large effort, skill, or time commitment is required from you - just make sure you’re present, and follow the simple process. And the results will come for you.

There’s no risk in trying out the Toolkit>> because, you are covered by 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.


The main point of this toolkit is to remember that it is the energy and emotions you are holding that are stopping you from getting your life to look a certain way—the way you really desire it to be.

The purpose of this course and Christie’s personal life mission is to get everyone on the planet vibrating from the level of Love or Above (500 and up!):

  • Love or Above vibrations can be reached by everyone simply by connecting to the Oneness of it all or connecting to the Source.

  • You need to drop judgment, competition, exclusion and fear-based living in order to reach Love or Above vibrations.

  • Just one person vibrating at the level of 500 can raise the vibration of over 750,000 people!

  • A family of 4 vibrating at Love (500) can raise each other to 600.

  • If one person’s consciousness calculates at 10500 (ten to the five hundred) (Love), a family of 4 vibrates at 10600 (ten to the six hundred). (Peace). It’s exponential! You can change your town, extended family, schools and neighborhoods, just by being you!!!

Your vibrational frequency will attract emotions and physical manifestations of things that vibrate at the same frequency.

If your energetic frequency is low, you’ll be attracting into your life disruption and difficulties.

But if you shift your energetic frequency to higher levels, you’ll start attracting a life that serves you, one aligned with your true, whole self.


While working one on one with clients, I realized that when I cleared their negative thoughts, beliefs and feelings about certain subjects and events in their life, their personal energetic frequency would change.

This is because their thoughts, beliefs, and ideas are often attached to fear, anger, guilt, shame, or one of the other lower energetic frequencies. The other reason we often operate from our lower selves is because of societal programming and influence.

If you grew up in a society where it is normal to be violent or normal to be angry or normal to worry, these energetic frequencies will dominate you. The same is true in a family. All the thoughts, beliefs, and ideas you receive from your family were either from the Higher Self or Lower Self. When you accept these ideas, programs, and thoughts, they become part of your programming and you may not even be aware of them.

Your Wise Self, Infinite Self or your Higher Self on the other hand, is connected to higher energetic frequencies like love, peace, joy, gratitude, and it acts like a magnet creating powerful Attractor Fields that bring all the fantastic things you desire into your life.

The best part is that it’s very easy for anyone to change their lives if they simply choose to connect and allow in their Infinite-Self.

It’s just a choice. First you make a choice to move along the Higher Path.

Once you’ve made that decision, the right tools will unfold before you.


(Christie Marie Sheldon)

Christie’s Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit gives you a series of 12 energetic tools you can use to enter a high-vibrational state every day - and in turn attract high-vibration people, opportunities, and outcomes into your life.



People will operate from either the lower or the higher self based on where their dominant emotions lie. If you live with love, joy, and happiness, you will operate from that level.

Usually people ask me for guidance to uplift to their Higher Self in one of the following key areas of their life: love & relationships, wealth & abundance, career and health.


Lower Self: You may push away the love of your life from coming into your reality. Your vibrations may also push away the love that is given to you from somebody already present in your life.

Higher Self: You will allow the love of your life to enter into your reality, or it will further deepen the connection with the love you are with. If the one you are with is not aligned with your true self, you will joyfully attract one that is.


Lower Self: You associate struggling or being poor with nobleness and holiness. This vibration of guilt automatically shuts the flow of money to you and you attract hardship, or find it difficult to make ends meet.

Higher Self: The flow of money is open to you because you know that money is neither good nor bad, it’s just energy that helps you facilitate freedom, generosity and compassion.


Lower Self: You accumulate long term chronic pain or disease caused by stuck or stagnant energies of low vibration. Stress, unhealed heartache and anger can be lodged in body systems.

Higher Self: You are aware of how to clear stuck or stagnant energies of low vibration. This allows your body’s natural healing abilities to take charge. Your body is then arranged for good health and naturally eliminates ailments and diseases.


Lower Self: You’ll settle for the path that society’s expectations have programmed into you. You then attract a job that hurts your heart and diminishes your life source. This can often lead to burnout, stress, and can even affect your family and loved ones.

Higher Self: Your job is the kind of job that you would do even if it didn’t pay you money, or you would continue doing it anyway even if you’ve already earned all the money you need.


(Christie Marie Sheldon)


This course is developed to help you raise your consciousness and that of your family and the people you love.

You can make huge leaps in your life!

People who are operating at a higher consciousness make other people vibrate to their level just by being themselves.

You vibrating at Love or Above can change the planet - just by being you! It’s like a multilevel approach to consciousness - you help 4 friends and they help 4 friends and so on!

This change must start at home with you, and it must begin with your family! Start with you, and include your spouse and your children, and you can, and will, become a model to change the planet.


A question I often get is:

What do I do if my spouse is not interested or my kids don’t want to have anything to with this information?

And my answer is:

BE MORE YOU! Be the energy and love you want for them and share your experience in a way that is non-obligatory, meaning you are sharing simply for the purpose of sharing, not to convince or recruit - the same way you would share how your day at the office went or a funny story you heard. People choose things because they want it. Make them want it because your life is better!

What I have seen more often than not is family members begin to reach their own consciousness when you begin sharing what’s going on for you. For instance, mom or dad gets really psychic, and the rest of the family wants to know more because of the changes they are seeing unfold in the other person.

Don’t force it on your family or mate, lead by example and they will come around. Don’t worry if people push back at first as this is normal when they feel your energy shifting, especially when they cannot understand it. Just remember to embody love and joy whenever you feel resistance, and in time your energy and increased vibration will pull your loved ones up with you.

Start alone if you have to! Just begin for you!


(Christie Marie Sheldon)


Over the past few years, people who have used Christie Marie Sheldon’s Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit have had incredible diversity of experiences like

  • a career breakthrough,

  • a financial breakthrough,

  • finding the love of their life,

  • healing old wounds,

  • finding inner peace,

  • and so much more!

The beauty of raising your vibrations is that every aspect of your life that’s important to you, experiences an energetic renaissance.


"The whole program is filled with so much joy, love and clearing energy."

"I went thru the Love or Above so easily. I was so drawn to keep listening and learning all the techniques and statements and tools. I listened to the whole thing in a couple of days. It’s filled with Visualizations, Tools, Action items, Key points, Exercises. The whole program is filled with so much joy, love and clearing energy. It is filled with lots of wonderful and amazing tools and energy to let go and fill up with. It has helped me to let go of thoughts, energies I am blocked in." (Csilla Sebestyen)

"It is helping me to dust off my intuition and follow it."

"I bought the Love or Above course a few months back. I have to say I noticed a difference about a week or so after. It is helping me to live more at the Love frequency. I love that I got to meet my guides finally. That is one of the meditations she teaches is connecting to your guides and angels. It is helping me to dust off my intuition and follow it. I love the muscle testing it has helped me so much in letting go of blocks and negative emotions. The Blessing Ball of Light works. I did it one day and had an awesome day, my drive to work was smooth, my interactions with my coworkers was happy and light and positive. I felt amazing that day. I bought both the Unlimited Abundance>> and Love or Above for my sister. I wish I had the money to buy for everyone because the stuff really works." (Dawn McGroarty)

"Christie does a great job explaining the importance of raising our vibration to Love or Above"

"I did not think I could afford to get a new car. A few weeks after listening to Christie I ended up leasing an electric car and saving enough gas money to easily afford the payments. About 2 months after that I got a new job and received the salary that I wanted. Then two weeks later I received an email that they were going to increase my salary by $7000 a year. Christie does a great job explaining the importance of raising our vibration to love or above. I love her positive energy!" (Sadie)

"The way I see and approach life now is drastically different from the way I used to do it before"

"The way I see and approach life now is drastically different from the way I used to do it before. Almost a year after, the connecting-to-Universal-Energy and the Blessing-Ball-of-Light exercises are part of my daily routine. As a result, I have gone from a barely-avoiding depression woman with tons of personal and professional uncertainties to a genuinely happy human-being that decided to become a single mum and well on my way to a new career as a REIKI/Energy healer, lighting the world from within!" (Dr. Yasmilde Rodriguez Gonzalez)

"Christie Sheldon is a gifted healer."

"Christie Sheldon is a gifted healer. I love her focus on children and families and she can really get to the core of issues with her questions. Her Unlimited Abundance course>> helped me identify some outdated thoughts and feelings about money and all kinds of abundance that I have been working to release "throughout all time, dimension, space, and reality." (Adrienne Doughty)

Start the journey HERE (ENGLISH VERSION)

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Start the journey HERE (ENGLISH VERSION).

Start the journey HERE (RUSSIAN VERSION).

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