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FREE MASTERCLASS: How to Blend Spirituality & Money? The 8 Spiritual Blocks Holding You Back fro

The Spiritual Laws of Money Online Course by T. Harv Eker_Spiritual Millionaire_How to Be Spiritual and Really Rich and Really Wealthy at The Same Time_Spiritual Blocks That Are Blocking Abundance and Money_Eliminate the 8 Blocks That All Spiritual People Struggle With On the Path to Financial Abundance

Do you want to be SPIRITUAL and WEALTHY?

This blog post reveals how to eliminate the 8 spiritual blocks spiritual people have!



Have you ever noticed that most spiritual people seem to struggle financially?

This is because of the mix of, on one side, beliefs that support being spiritual and, on the other side, beliefs that doesn’t support being rich while being spiritual.

For example, you want to have more money. One of your belief says that you are a good person, and the another one says that rich people are bad. You want to be a good person meaning that you cannot be rich because rich people, according to your second belief, are bad. So, your desire for having more money cannot manifest. This are cross purposes where one belief cancels out another one.


YOU WANT TO BE RICH... you can live life to your fullest, enjoy finer things in life and contribute to the world on a grander scale.

But the fact is… most people equate “getting rich” to “a lifetime of struggle.”

And that is scary.

Why must you go through a lifetime of struggle for attaining something you should be enjoying now?

This very thought stops most people dead in their tracks. Eventually, they'll quit trying. And settle for average.

But not you!




What you will learn in this masterclass is not normally what’s taught. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

A lot of people teach about money and business — but very seldom do they talk about HEART AND SPIRIT. And among the many wonderful spiritual teachers, most of them would never DARE talk about money and wealth.

And why would they?

Most of them are broke because they’ve bought into the myth that wealth and luxury are somehow “unspiritual “.

But it doesn’t have to be that way simply because

money and spirituality do NOT need to be mutually exclusive.



If you are born poor it's not your fault, but if you die poor it's your mistake.


Bill Gates, the world's richest man


Massive obsessive abundance is not only possible but completely necessary to allow your full spiritual development.

That's what you'll learn in the Masterclass below with T. Harv Eker!



The masterclass's topic:

How to be kind, peaceful, balanced and spiritual while living a life of financial abundance

The 8 Millionaire Blocks That Keep Spiritual People From Becoming Truly Wealthy

by T. Harv Eker

T. Harv Eker is

  • the legendary millionaire-maker &

  • the world’s foremost prosperity expert.

There's little wonder why people call Harv the greatest millionaire-maker to have ever lived.

He's touched the lives of more than 1.5 million students and inspired many more through his free content like these. This is his passion and you'll really feel that coming through in this masterclass.

His goal is simple: HE WANTS YOU TO BE RICH!

Most of the people who are not his students refuse to believe that it's even possible. That his concepts can help you in getting rich.

Until it does!


In this masterclass (the video below), Harv reveals the secret of HOW TO BE

  1. kind, balanced, generous, spiritual AND

  2. really, really, really wealthy.


  1. reveals the 8 Millionaire Blocks;

  2. shows you the spiritual blueprint for making money; AND

  3. takes you through his 8 Spiritual Laws of Money, not just a lecture, he actually trains you on how to embody them in your life.

Here are 3 IMPORTANT things you'll learn in this Masterclass:

  1. The 8 types of Millionaire Blocks.

  2. The #1 rule to attracting anything you want in life.

  3. T. Harv’s secrets to matching your purpose with PROFIT!.

This can really be a turning point in your financial history.


If you want to learn

  1. HOW to be kind, balanced, loving, spiritual and really really really RICH; and

  2. HOW being spiritual can help attract abundance in your life

...then watch the video below!

The Spiritual Laws of Money Online Course by T. Harv Eker_Spiritual Millionaire_How to Be Spiritual and Really Rich and Really Wealthy at The Same Time_Spiritual Blocks That Are Blocking Abundance and Money_Eliminate the 8 Blocks That All Spiritual People Struggle With On the Path to Financial Abundance

T. Harv Eker, the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Secrets of The Millionaire Mind (with over a million copies sold), and creator of the globally successful ‘Millionaire Mind Intensive’ seminars, is one of the greatest millionaire-makers the world has ever seen. Over 1.5 MILLION people have attended Harv’s seminars globally, at up to US$5,000 per room.

T Harv Eker went from zero to millionaire in only 2.5 years, using the exact principles he now teaches in this Masterclass.

Prior to that, during his 12 years of struggle, he vowed that should he ever get rich, he would help others do the same. He kept his promise — and has already helped over 1.5 million people move closer to their goal of financial freedom.

If there’s one person who can speed up your wealth creation, and give you true freedom without sacrificing your spirituality, it’s Harv Eker.

Tony Robbins — the world’s top peak performance strategist — says, “Study Harv’s work as if your life depended on it — financially it may!”


Ever since Harv could remember, he did everything he could to get rich.

And over a period of 10 humiliating struggle-filled years, he went through 12 different businesses — and 14 different jobs — trying to find his vehicle to wealth.

But even after an entire decade spent chasing wealth, he faced two problems:

  1. He was still broke.

  2. He wasn’t happy!

So he made a decision — striving for millions was NOT the answer

Instead, he started studying Zen Buddhism. He went on spiritual retreats. He had his own guru with whom he studied daily.

For a period, he even considered becoming a monk and living in a monastery!

But 3 years later, he was still broke, and worse he was still miserable.

For 13 long years he’d been “seeking” to create a better life for him and his family. And all he’d really learned was 2 things:

  1. Striving only for wealth didn’t work.

  2. Even worse — striving only for spirituality didn’t work, either!

He was completely lost, felt frustrated, confused. He became depressed.

He remembers sitting in the dark, looking up at the heavens with tears in his eyes and begging, “Which path do I take? Do I start making money… or do I grow my spiritual self?

And then the ANSWER came!

What happened next completely changed his life! In that instant, his mind went completely blank — and his heart seemed to open. He heard this voice come through — and to — him.

This voice said, very specifically, “Harv… embrace BOTH parts of yourself.

And in that moment, all of his questions were answered. He felt in total alignment with SPIRIT and LIFE. And he had the most beautiful thought he’d had in 13 years: Of course! Why should I have to choose? I can be spiritual AND rich!



And his life changed to a point where just 2.5 years later, he was not only happy but also rich. A millionaire! He went from zero to happy millionaire in 2.5 years!

He started a “passion” business — by putting $2500 down on his credit card. About 2.5 years later, the Heinz company bought that business for over a million dollars. So that “debt” made him a millionaire.

That was the start of his balanced, happy, abundant life.


From there, he has gone on to live a very spiritual life AND become a multi, multi, multi, multi, multi (and he could go on for a few minutes!), multi-millionaire.

And now he has taught over 1.5 million people from all over the world how to do what he did — TO COMBINE INNER PEACE, BALANCE, HAPPINESS AND SPIRIT WITH MASSIVE FINANCIAL SUCCESS.


Harv teaches something other spiritual leaders don't usually teach: how to blend your spiritual values with your financial ones.


Featured as the world’s foremost prosperity expert on CNN, NBC, Fox News, in Forbes, USA Today, The New York Times and Men’s Health, Harv is the only teacher who effectively BLENDS FINANCIAL & SPIRITUAL ABUNDANCE.


How long have you been thinking of quitting the "rat race" so to speak? If you're like most people, chances are, your answer is YEARS.

This Masterclass is so packed full of incredible wisdom from Harv that if financial freedom is one of your goals in life it'd be a huge loss to not watch it!

Harv Eker is one of those guys who can inspire you to achieve financial freedom!

The Spiritual Laws of Money Online Course by T. Harv Eker_Spiritual Millionaire_How to Be Spiritual and Really Rich and Really Wealthy at The Same Time_Spiritual Blocks That Are Blocking Abundance and Money_Eliminate the 8 Blocks That All Spiritual People Struggle With On the Path to Financial Abundance


*This video promotes the LAUNCH of The Spiritual Laws of Money course that takes place once a year (and has already taken place this year).

The masterclass includes the12-minute Money-Path Creative Visualization session that gives you strong clarity on pursuing a life of freedom and abundance. This one exercise could be the turning point you've been waiting for in life!

The visualization session starts at 01:05:41!

The masterclass covers the following:

  • Ways to step off the old scarcity-driven ways of struggling to be rich that we were taught as we grew up and instead, play the new spiritual game of money — make millions fast while enjoying a richly spiritual life. (The exact opposite of seeking financial glory to bury your low self-esteem and low self-worth issues which is what most people do.)

  • The amazing story of how Harv became a millionaire by not looking for money-making opportunities. Harv says, "In all humbleness, I felt I did it in the right way. I did it in the spiritual way. I did it in the good way. I did it in the Buddha's way of right livelihood. I did it in a way to truly help people and that result was money, money and more money."

  • The 8 types of Millionaire Blocks that could make the difference between you earning 6 or 7 figures NOW, or struggling to make it for years. Everything T. Harv Eker has been teaching for the past 20 years to more than 1.5 million people boils down to these 8 types of blocks.

  • Discover the #1 rule to attracting anything you want in life — a concept straight out of the Ancient Hawaiian Kahuna philosophy — that Harv Eker uses to this day. If you ignore everything else in this Masterclass but take only this principle to heart, then nothing can stop your dreams and desires from coming true. This is #1 mental conditioning that most people have. Harv says this specific pattern lies under the radar and surfaces when you see a couple of Ferrari's parked in front of your favorite restaurant or hear of a guy who sold his business for a billion dollars or read the news of an athlete who's paid 25 million dollars.

  • T. Harv’s secrets to matching your purpose with PROFIT! Applying these strategies took him from zero to a millionaire in 2.5 years as a direct result all by helping people and following his passion. You’ll learn how to do the same too.

  • Why you're born to be rich, and what you can do today to realize this fact and accept your future millionaire self. Harv Eker says until you do this no matter which path you pursue, you will never ever ever ever become financially abundant.

  • Money managing is important. A good money manager who earns a lower income has much much better chances of being financially free than a bad money manager with significantly higher income. Money management is the #1 key to spiritual growth because it directly leads to financial freedom.

  • Experience T. Harv Eker's MONEY-PATH CREATIVE VISUALIZATION — a powerful journey that cranks up your mind's prosperity settings ten-fold and gives you strong clarity on pursuing a life of freedom and abundance. This one exercise could be the turning point you've been waiting for in life! It starts at 01:05:41!

  • And so much more!



THE SPIRITUAL LAWS OF MONEY PROGRAM - T. Harv Eker’s Blueprint To Being Kind, Loving, Balanced & Spiritual While Embracing Money, Wealth & Abundance

T. Harv Eker teaches you the secrets to financial abundance in the spiritual way! In other words, this course is for all who want

  • not only become financially free but also

  • stay true to their highest spiritual values.

This course is for those who want to be kind, generous, balanced, loving, spiritual and really, really, really rich so that they can live a glorious life and leave a positive mark on the world.


The Spiritual Laws of Money program is a breakthrough system for rapid financial success. It consists of 8 modules that are best consumed on a weekly basis.

In just 8 modules T. Harv Eker will reprogram your subconscious for greater abundance throughout your life.

Each week (module)

  • you’ll be going through an hour or two of Harv’s teachings, tools and strategies (you can listen to them while driving, jogging…);

  • you’ll also listen to the Q&A recordings;

  • you'll use the workbooks to implement a master plan for your financial breakthrough.

  • Plus, each week Harv walks you through a powerful subconscious reprogramming visualization that you may have to go through every day.

This works out to less than 20 minutes per day.

The Spiritual Laws of Money Online Course by T. Harv Eker_Spiritual Millionaire_How to Be Spiritual and Really Rich and Really Wealthy at The Same Time_Spiritual Blocks That Are Blocking Abundance and Money_Eliminate the 8 Blocks That All Spiritual People Struggle With On the Path to Financial Abundance


Over the course of the years teaching over 1.5 million people, Harv’s come across 8 millionaire blocks. And he also discovered that when these 8 blocks are removed, ANYONE can experience rapid financial success much, much, much faster than others.

If you are not rich yet, it’s simply because you are being BLOCKED by one (or more) of these 8 obstacles.

And once you’ve eliminated these 8 blocks, you will naturally flow toward all the money you need — and more — for yourself and for your family and still have plenty left over to help others as well.

The Spiritual Laws of Money program reveals how to identify and eliminate the 8 millionaire blocks that most spiritual people make when trying to attract financial abundance.

The program is important because it is based on 8 areas WHERE PEOPLE HAVE SPIRITUAL BLOCKS. It’s based on questions like:

  • How to live a balanced spiritual life?

  • How to be kind, generous, really, really rich, and to not feel like you have to apologize for that?

Most of us THINK the limits in our wealth are due to

  • striving in our career more or

  • working harder, or

  • savings plans, or

  • capturing the next big idea.


All of those COME to you — WHEN you learn to fix your CORE Money Blocks. The biggest of which has to do with

  1. GUILT,

  2. FEAR, and

  3. SHAME

around wealth.

This is what Harv does SO well. And with over 1.5 million graduates of his programs over the last two decades — he's obviously got powerful tools to share.

You’ll hear dozens of ideas and insights of how you’re holding yourself back (beliefs from your childhood).

As you go through the program, you’re going to experience a trigger that will bring in front almost every single available NEGATIVE IMPRINT that you have in your mind so that you can clear it.


After the full 8-weeks, you’ll have a completely new relationship with money and abundance.


GETTING RICH IS ACTUALLY A SPIRITUAL ACT (This idea about money that can change your life)

You have to realize that: Spirit — the Universe — is incredibly abundant.

There is an abundance of EVERYTHING! Stars, planets, animals, trees and people. Money. Look around you. Undeniably, we live in a world of abundance.

So here’s a tough question for you to consider: If spirit is so abundant — and you aren’thow connected and spiritual can you really be?

You can use your kindness, your generosity, your spirituality and your desire for balance in your life in your favor to create any level of financial success that you want.

​YOU CAN USE YOUR GREATEST SPIRITUAL GIFTS TO GET RICH! And you can help thousands and thousands of others along the way.

And that is how you make a lot of money! You make a lot of money by helping a lot of people.

That’s why getting rich is actually a spiritual act!

And what’s so exciting is this:

The Spiritual Laws of Money program shows you exactly what to do to balance being kind, generous, loving and spiritual with getting really, really rich!


The Spiritual Laws of Money is perfect for you because it literally takes you by the hand and shows you exactly how to attract more money, while also developing your spiritual side.

This means you will get the exact strategies, systems and beliefs you can use to get really, really rich AND be more spiritual even if you’ve struggled to blend the two until now.



This program is for

  • salaried professionals,

  • managers,

  • sales professionals,

  • small business owners,

  • service providers,

  • homemakers and

  • virtually all who care enough to want more in life without sacrificing their spiritual self.

In fact, in this program, YOU’LL LEARN



After you finish the program, you’ll

  • Get a clear idea of what you want when it comes to wealth and abundance.

  • Be free of any subconscious blocks stopping you.

  • Feel confident about your life purpose and ways to monetize it.

  • Uncover the real reason you’re feeling the need to be a spiritual millionaire.

  • Have a solid plan to grow your net worth to a million dollars or more.

  • Solve all the money riddles that are hampering your happiness in life.



  • How to fine-tune your subconscious “Money Blueprint” to guarantee massive financial success. Don’t be surprised if your happiness increases dramatically, too!

  • Exactly how to blend money with your spirituality. It all begins with your passions, and you can start instantly.

  • How to quickly eliminate the only 8 blocks standing in the way of your abundance - get rid of these, and success is automatic!

  • How to conquer money and create lifelong security through an ironclad 8-part system. Forget your J-O-B if you want to!

  • How destructive emotional beliefs anchor you to scarcity thinking. Once you discover this, you’ll instantly blast out of pole position on your fast track to wealth!

  • How your passions and purpose and putting them to work are ESSENTIAL to your long-term success and spiritual wellbeing. Without this, you’ll never hang on to your money and you’ll feel miserable!

  • How to forgive yourself for past mistakes and feel deserving enough to receive the full abundance of the universe.

  • How to adopt prosperity thinking. Once you’ve mastered this, you’ll unlock the door to unstoppable and magnetic abundance!

  • How to fast track your race to financial freedom through a magical three-step process.

  • How to unleash a raging torrent of free-flowing money, faster than anything your life experience has brought you so far all from helping people!

  • How to work less at “making money” and instead effortlessly “attract” abundance and still have time to enjoy life.

  • How to build wealth using Harv's personal storehouse of proven wealth-building strategies, usually reserved exclusively for his “inner circle” students.

  • How to manage your money with the most incredibly effective money management tool ever devised. You’ll be shocked when you see how powerful this is in your life!

  • How to FINALLY gain clarity on your “Money Blueprint” so that you can easily build an unshakable foundation for wealth and happiness.

  • How to increase your income by looking at real-life examples of specific and practical ways people just like you have increased their incomes 5, 10, 20 times or more! This alone is worth at least 10 times your investment!

  • How to experience rapid progress through Harv's help with the specific money challenges YOU face in your life, right now.

  • And much, much more…​



Not only will you quickly develop the correct mindset for blending money with spirituality, but also I’ll give you the proven strategies you need to succeed more quickly.

So no matter where your financial life is right now… in the toilet or halfway to the stars…prepare yourself for new levels of increasing wealth, happiness and security.

Best of all, you’ll quickly discover that — at last — you have full control of your financial destiny and spiritual growth. I’ll tell you, there is no better feeling in the world!


T. Harv Eker




Not too long ago, I hosted 8 live coaching sessions over the course of 8 weeks. On these coaching calls, I coached an intimate group of eager participants on specific strategies to blast through the eight biggest blocks faced when creating financial success.

After the coaching, I gave precise answers to all questions — and crushed any remaining doubts they had about being able to become a millionaire FAST.

I essentially gave them the eight spiritual laws that’ll make these “millionaire blocks” history.

And I’ve turned those sessions into 8 powerful weeks that you can consume in the comfort of your home — anytime you want.

Why is this so critical?

Because financial success is actually NATURAL!

And if you’re willing to learn just a few simple laws and skills — which I demonstrate in these 8 sessions — succeeding will become very natural for you.

Let me repeat that: After you apply my strategies in these eight weeks, succeeding financially will become NATURAL for you!


T. Harv Eker




Quick enough to make a difference. You see, if you’re committed enough to follow the exact strategies, systems and thought patterns I teach you, you’ll start seeing your income grow exponentially before you even finish the eight modules. AND you’ll have tended your soul quite a bit even if you’ve struggled to blend the two until now.


T. Harv Eker




I’m taking a HUGE risk for you in this program. Here’s a deal:

Go through ALL the eight weeks. Take your time for up to 30 days from the purchase date, if you don’t LOVE the results AND if you don’t come up with a plan to raise your income dramatically… you will receive a total refund on the program. That’s a full 100% refund on every penny you’ve paid (up to 30 days from the purchase date).

And because it's a digital program, there’s nothing to send back.

In fact, there’s no effort required at all to claim a refund.


T. Harv Eker



Most wealth coaching focuses on only 1 or 2 aspects of building wealth. Such programs may be all about systems to bring in revenue or processes to maximize your potential.

But Harv's principles go beyond basic wealth building. The Spiritual Laws of Money is all about exploring your spiritual side so that you'll be

  1. living authentically in alignment with your unique purpose AND

  2. making more than enough money to enjoy your life.

In other words,

  1. if you want to be a kind, loving, balanced, peaceful and spiritual person… and

  2. also have the life you desire...

... then this program will speak to your heart .


So if being deeply spiritual and really really rich resonates with your heart go HERE>> and see what Harv offers you!

The Spiritual Laws of Money Online Course by T. Harv Eker_Spiritual Millionaire_How to Be Spiritual and Really Rich and Really Wealthy at The Same Time_Spiritual Blocks That Are Blocking Abundance and Money_Eliminate the 8 Blocks That All Spiritual People Struggle With On the Path to Financial Abundance


There are 8 modules in total (i.e., recorded video coaching sessions) plus handouts and visualization exercises. All of it comes in a neat little app that you can download from iTunes or the Google Play store. The smartphone access really speeds things up, as all you have to do is dedicate 20 minutes of your "Non-Extra-Time," aka time spent during your regular commute or jogging, for this course. That way you can go through the entire course in 8 weeks.

Harv's cut-to-the-chase style of teaching means he doesn't waste time beating around the bush. As soon as you watch the first video, you'll get immediate action steps that you can implement right away to start seeing results.




If you made a few mistakes and are up to your eyeballs in debt and you don’t know how you’ll ever escape, or you are stuck in a dead-end job and you hate going to work with a passion … and you’ve always wondered why some people are successful in all of their financial dealings… then this will be the most important module of the program.

Harv helps you to believe — at the deepest level that being rich is your birthright. And by answering your most urgent questions, he helps you quickly make explosive improvements to your financial self-worth.

This means you will

  • feel more comfortable earning a larger income,

  • be happy to make a great living doing what you love and

  • feel excited for the journey ahead.

After the first module you’ll feel — for the first time — that you 100% deserve to be rich and happy and you’ll be on the road to riches.



Did you know that most broke people believe that they must work really, really hard — and for really long hours — in order to get rich?

This simply isn’t true! Harv reveals exactly why in this module.

Plus, you’ll discover why enjoying the journey along the way is ESSENTIAL!

You'll learn

  • how to make great money doing what you love and

  • begin to understand the “Fast Lane” approach to exploding your income.

Harv also teaches you the ONLY place you can ever get money from — and the ONLY way you can ever earn more money (and keep it!).

Plus, Harv answers questions around work-life balance and helps you get unstuck.

By the end of our second module, you will

  • feel inspired, revitalized and

  • be ready to start making more money — but by putting in fewer hours.



In this module, you’ll be exploring 3 KEY SKILLS:

  1. Earning More Money;

  2. Keeping Money;

  3. Growing Money.

Because when you get really good at these three skills, you will get rich.

The problem is, most people are really BAD at money management! Mainly because they haven’t been taught a fun, exciting and effective way to do it.

That’s why in this module, Harv shows you a simple — and practically effortlessWAY for you to earn more money, keep more money and GROW your net worth all while staying true to your deeper, spiritual side.

This approach is

  1. simple,

  2. powerful and

  3. dramatically effective.



In this module, Harv

  1. helps you to discover your purpose — we all have one — and,

  2. crucially, shows you the fastest ways to profit from it.

This will be transformational for you — because

  • you get to experience a unique Q&A format that will uncover the UNIQUE skill that you’re supposed to be sharing with the world and

  • Harv reveals some proven ways you can instantly start cashing in on it!

By the end of the fourth module, you will have a clear sense of what you LOVE to do. You’ll feel confidentcertain that you can make money with your passions. And you’ll see the clear next steps for you to take to start raking in the cash.

Best of all, you’ll realize the truth of the saying “when you love your work, you’ll never work another day in your life” and you’ll start living from this truth.


module 5: MONEY, MIND & FEAR

What you learn in this module will amaze you — because you’ll finally let go of your deep, lingering doubts about making money and unlock your full money-making magnetism!

If you’ve ever thought you were

  • too old,

  • too young,

  • not smart enough,

  • too scared,

  • too broke,

  • too _______ (fill in the blank) ... get rich, you simply MUST experience this lesson.

Why? Because Harv helps you rewire your “Money Blueprint”so you quickly eliminate the subconscious fears that are holding you back.

Afterward, you will feel ONLY positive, prosperous and abundant beliefs around money with none of the fear which makes it far more likely you’ll succeed!



Did you know that money is the #1 cause of problems in relationships?

Well, not anymore because in this module, Harv helps you

  1. untangle your relationships from your finances and

  2. make so much more money that it’ll never be an issue for you again.

It doesn’t matter

  • if you fight about not having enough money;

  • if your partner is threatened by your success (or the other way around); or

  • if you’re not sure how to balance money with raising kids — or

  • one of a thousand other relationship challenges tied to money…

...this module will help you experience better relationships AND create more abundance for your family which is the ultimate win-win situation.



In the seventh module, Harv helps you eliminate one of the most dangerous blocks to becoming richthe idea that time is linked to money!

In this week, you will

  • discover the secrets of passive income;

  • learn how to leverage your passions to get paid while you sleep and

  • find out how you can create an incredible life filled with freedom, purpose AND abundance.

Plus, you will

  • discover your “Financial Freedom” number — the amount of money you need to live your dream life; and

  • put together a plan to reach it, in less time than you think.

In fact, by this stage of the coaching, you’ll be further ahead than you’ve ever been in your life before and your Money Blueprint will be “set” for bigger success.



If you’ve ever wondered if YOU can be really spiritual AND get really, really rich, this module is the one for you.

By the way, if you feel like this — It’s not your fault!

After all,

  • almost all religions say that you CAN’T be spiritual and rich;

  • the media programs us to believe that rich = evil; and

  • you probably have spiritual friends who are stone-cold broke.

That’s why in this module you’ll learn that the secret to combining money and spirituality is

  1. doing work you love and

  2. helping people.

So you’ll instantly start to feel really good about making more money.




Visualization is a key exercise, and it is taken from the training in order for you to access it easily when you want to practice. Each week contains a visualization.

These powerful exercises will literally rewire your brain to think and act like a millionaire.

These visualizations are designed to mold your subconscious so it does exactly what you want it to do — attract more abundance in your life.

Using them daily will

  • shape your dreams,

  • produce your next million-dollar idea,

  • prime you for new partnerships and

  • develop a lifelong "instinct" for abundance and financial SUCCESS.

Just experiencing these each day before going to sleep or in the morning to start your day — for the 21 days straight — will transform your Money Blueprint like nothing you’ve seen before.

These alone are worth the entire cost of the program. They are THAT powerful.

After 21 days, you will feel

  • at peace — certain you are on the right path — and

  • armed with all the tools, techniques and systems to help you dramatically and quickly boost your income all while staying true to your deepest, most spiritual self.


bonus 2: SpeedWealth by T. Harv Eker (8 Money-Making Power Principles in a Short, Powerful Manual — eBook about making money fast)

The Speed Wealth system, one of Harv's most phenomenal manifestos on making money really fast, described in this manual is for people who

  • already own a business,

  • want to own a business, and

  • have a job now, but want the security of “knowing” they can succeed on their own if they leave their job or it leaves them.

Speed Wealth is what Harv calls his "revelations of the rich kind." In it, you'll discover the hard facts about the surest path to getting rich — by building a business. By abiding by the 8 power principles that he reveals in this 91-page manifesto, you'll be able to create a dynamic business system that generates wealth for you very, very quickly.

You will discover timeless strategies to create wealth fast in any economy along with.

Highlights include:

  • 8 power principles to create a dynamic business system to create wealth quickly.

  • The law of income and how it’s either working for you or against you.

  • A common mistake that most people make that could be preventing you from achieving the type of wealth you desire.

  • The 8-letter word that will help you work smarter instead of harder. If you’re not using this you’re working too hard and earning too little.



This simple 1-page document is probably going to become the most often used tool on your path to becoming a spiritual millionaire.

It’s a checklist where you can check off

  • each Millionaire Mantra,

  • each Visualization and

  • each Training Session.

Sounds simple – but when you do this as a habit, all those ticks start adding up and suddenly you can see visually the amazing progress your making towards becoming a spiritual millionaire.

Imagine the boost in motivation you’ll feel when you see that progress, and knowing you’re getting closer to your goals every day!



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