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The Spiritual Laws of Money Online Course by T. Harv Eker_Spiritual Millionaire_How to Be Spiritual and Really Rich and Really Wealthy at The Same Time_Spiritual Blocks That Are Blocking Abundance and Money_Eliminate the 8 Blocks That All Spiritual People Struggle With On the Path to Financial Abundance

Do you want to be SPIRITUAL and WEALTHY?

This blog post reveals how to eliminate the 8 spiritual blocks spiritual people have!



Have you ever noticed that most spiritual people seem to struggle financially?

This is because of the mix of, on one side, beliefs that support being spiritual and, on the other side, beliefs that doesn’t support being rich while being spiritual.

For example, you want to have more money. One of your belief says that you are a good person, and the another one says that rich people are bad. You want to be a good person meaning that you cannot be rich because rich people, according to your second belief, are bad. So, your desire for having more money cannot manifest. This are cross purposes where one belief cancels out another one.



...so you can live life to your fullest, enjoy finer things in life and contribute to the world on a grander scale.

But the fact is… most people equate “getting rich” to “a lifetime of struggle.”

And that is scary.

Why must you go through a lifetime of struggle for attaining something you should be enjoying now?

This very thought stops most people dead in their tracks. Eventually, they'll quit trying. And settle for average.

But not you!




What you will learn in this masterclass is not normally what’s taught. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

A lot of people teach about money and business — but very seldom do they talk about HEART AND SPIRIT. And among the many wonderful spiritual teachers, most of them would never DARE talk about money and wealth.

And why would they?

Most of them are broke because they’ve bought into the myth that wealth and luxury are somehow “unspiritual “.

But it doesn’t have to be that way simply because

money and spirituality do NOT need to be mutually exclusive.



If you are born poor it's not your fault, but if you die poor it's your mistake.


Bill Gates, the world's richest man


Massive obsessive abundance is not only possible but completely necessary to allow your full spiritual development.

That's what you'll learn in the Masterclass below with T. Harv Eker!



The masterclass's topic:

How to be kind, peaceful, balanced and spiritual while living a life of financial abundance

The 8 Millionaire Blocks That Keep Spiritual People From Becoming Truly Wealthy

by T. Harv Eker

T. Harv Eker is

  • the legendary millionaire-maker &

  • the world’s foremost prosperity expert.

There's little wonder why people call Harv the greatest millionaire-maker to have ever lived.

He's touched the lives of more than 1.5 million students and inspired many more through his free content like these. This is his passion and you'll really feel that coming through in this masterclass.

His goal is simple: HE WANTS YOU TO BE RICH!

Most of the people who are not his students refuse to believe that it's even possible. That his concepts can help you in getting rich.

Until it does!


In this masterclass (the video below), Harv reveals the secret of HOW TO BE

  1. kind, balanced, generous, spiritual AND

  2. really, really, really wealthy.


  1. reveals the 8 Millionaire Blocks;

  2. shows you the spiritual blueprint for making money; AND

  3. takes you through his 8 Spiritual Laws of Money, not just a lecture, he actually trains you on how to embody them in your life.

Here are 3 IMPORTANT things you'll learn in this Masterclass:

  1. The 8 types of Millionaire Blocks.

  2. The #1 rule to attracting anything you want in life.

  3. T. Harv’s secrets to matching your purpose with PROFIT!.

This can really be a turning point in your financial history.


If you want to learn

  1. HOW to be kind, balanced, loving, spiritual and really really really RICH; and

  2. HOW being spiritual can help attract abundance in your life

...then watch the video below!

The Spiritual Laws of Money Online Course by T. Harv Eker_Spiritual Millionaire_How to Be Spiritual and Really Rich and Really Wealthy at The Same Time_Spiritual Blocks That Are Blocking Abundance and Money_Eliminate the 8 Blocks That All Spiritual People Struggle With On the Path to Financial Abundance

T. Harv Eker, the author of the #1 New York Times bestseller, Secrets of The Millionaire Mind (with over a million copies sold), and creator of the globally successful ‘Millionaire Mind Intensive’ seminars, is one of the greatest millionaire-makers the world has ever seen. Over 1.5 MILLION people have attended Harv’s seminars globally, at up to US$5,000 per room.

T Harv Eker went from zero to millionaire in only 2.5 years, using the exact principles he now teaches in this Masterclass.

Prior to that, during his 12 years of struggle, he vowed that should he ever get rich, he would help others do the same. He kept his promise — and has already helped over 1.5 million people move closer to their goal of financial freedom.

If there’s one person who can speed up your wealth creation, and give you true freedom without sacrificing your spirituality, it’s Harv Eker.

Tony Robbins — the world’s top peak performance strategist — says, “Study Harv’s work as if your life depended on it — financially it may!”


Ever since Harv could remember, he did everything he could to get rich.

And over a period of 10 humiliating struggle-filled years, he went through 12 different businesses — and 14 different jobs — trying to find his vehicle to wealth.

But even after an entire decade spent chasing wealth, he faced two problems:

  1. He was still broke.

  2. He wasn’t happy!

So he made a decision — striving for millions was NOT the answer

Instead, he started studying Zen Buddhism. He went on spiritual retreats. He had his own guru with whom he studied daily.

For a period, he even considered becoming a monk and living in a monastery!

But 3 years later, he was still broke, and worse he was still miserable.

For 13 long years he’d been “seeking” to create a better life for him and his family. And all he’d really learned was 2 things:

  1. Striving only for wealth didn’t work.

  2. Even worse — striving only for spirituality didn’t work, either!

He was completely lost, felt frustrated, confused. He became depressed.

He remembers sitting in the dark, looking up at the heavens with tears in his eyes and begging, “Which path do I take? Do I start making money… or do I grow my spiritual self?

And then the ANSWER came!

What happened next completely changed his life! In that instant, his mind went completely blank — and his heart seemed to open. He heard this voice come through — and to — him.

This voice said, very specifically, “Harv… embrace BOTH parts of yourself.

And in that moment, all of his questions were answered. He felt in total alignment with SPIRIT and LIFE. And he had the most beautiful thought he’d had in 13 years: Of course! Why should I have to choose? I can be spiritual AND rich!



And his life changed to a point where just 2.5 years later, he was not only happy but also rich. A millionaire! He went from zero to happy millionaire in 2.5 years!

He started a “passion” business — by putting $2500 down on his credit card. About 2.5 years later, the Heinz company bought that business for over a million dollars. So that “debt” made him a millionaire.

That was the start of his balanced, happy, abundant life.


From there, he has gone on to live a very spiritual life AND become a multi, multi, multi, multi, multi (and he could go on for a few minutes!), multi-millionaire.