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What Would It Take For You To Manifest More Abundance Than You Ever Believed Was Possible?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021


This is for those who want to clean their energetic patterns that are blocking the natural flow of abundance and money in their life.

The key to liberating yourself from those blocks is to go to the Source Energy — the part of your personal energetic field known as your abundance frequency.

When you go to the Source Energy, your energy expands which means that you are in a state of being where you are able to heal parts of your energy field that are blocked. The more you expand, the more your energy shifts - and the more you are able to clear blocks that you picked up during your life.

If you don’t clear the root belief, you will keep on regressing into non-abundant frequencies. The key to removing blocks is to vibrate on the abundance frequencies and clear the limiting patterns.


Below you can experience the energy clearing method that allows you to access the higher part of you that

  1. knows where all of your resistance is, and

  2. helps you clean it.

Consequently, your vibrations raise and the natural flow of abundance and money can start flowing into your life effortlessly and joyfully!


You'll be guided by Christie Marie Sheldon

Christie Marie is known for helping people by using her spiritual gifts to give us guidance and help us manifest the reality of our dreams. She does this by helping us to

  • open up our awareness and

  • use our own spiritual gifts.

As a facilitator for consciousness, her greatest joy is to help people become who they really are. Making a difference in people's lives has become her life’s choice, because if enough people raise their consciousness and vibration to self-love and celebration, we can restore love on this planet!


Christie's greatest desire is for you to turn on your spiritual gifts and make your inner light brighter.

How to Release 24 Abundance Blocks By Connecting To The Source Energy? 5 Steps for Clearing Your Money Blocks & Attracting Abundance + Abundance Blocks Energy Clearing Session by Christie Marie Sheldon_The Unlimited Abundance Home Training Program Annual Launch_Unblock Your Abundance In 2019 Free Masterclass with Christie Marie Sheldon

Over the last 15 years Christie Marie Sheldon has been enhancing people's personal vibrations to seminal heights, allowing them to become magnets for life's pleasures using Christie’s world-renowned ENERGY CLEARING METHOD.

She has worked with more than 35,000 people one-on-one.

Christie is a remarkable woman with a special gift – the ability to connect with other people so that they start to magnetically attract success and abundance on autopilot.


She is intuitive coach & energy healer who

  • eliminates people’s abundance blocks,

  • raises their vibrations, and

  • manifests their ideal realities.



When you think of a gifted energy healer, what kind of person comes to mind?

You might think of someone wise, authoritative. Someone decked out in beads and flowing robes.

Christie Marie Sheldon is far from your typical energy worker.

As any of the thousands of people who have worked with her will tell you that there’s something special about this woman.

And is not just about her infectious laugh, or her bubbly, joyful, sometimes weird energy.

But rather, her uncanny ability to instantly read a person’s energy field - As easily as you would read a newspaper headline.

And then, to clear their abundance blocks, and dramatically raise their wealth vibrations - Just like how you might turn up the volume on a speaker.


How Christie helps you clear your abundance blocks

If you’re a fan of live theater, you may have heard of the term, "breaking the fourth wall".

This happens when a character appears to become aware they’re in a fictional performance, as they turn to the audience, and explain an aspect of the plot to them.

In this moment, the invisible wall between fiction and reality shatters!

You may have noticed this narrative technique used in all sorts of productions - including TV shows like House of Cards and Modern Family.

But what could this possibly have to do with your personal growth?

After experiencing the energy clearing sessions with Christie Marie Sheldon, many participants say they’ve noticed themselves breaking the fourth wall between their conscious and subconscious minds.

As in, they’re able to consciously catch their abundance blocks in action, just as they bubble up to the surface - And in turn realize how deeply their own subconscious thoughts, beliefs, and habits are sabotaging their financial success.

This level of self-awareness is an incredibly valuable asset to your personal and financial growth.

But it’s also incomplete until you also know how to erase the abundance blocks you’re now becoming more aware of.


If you want to change your vibrational frequency you have to pay attention to how you feel.

But most of people are not paying attention to the SUBTLE feelings – and these are the feelings that are extremely important when you want to become a deliberate creator of your life. You have to

  • acknowledge them and

  • if they don't feel good - clean them!

This feelings come from your subconscious mind.

Your conscious mind deals with logic, while your subconscious deals with feelings. Although you might think your conscious mind directs your life, it’s your subconscious that runs the show.

Let’s say that something has just happened to you that reminds you of something that happened to you in your childhood but you can’t remember what this was – you are not conscious about it. All you know right now is that you have this tiny and unpleasant feeling that you carry around and broadcast to the Universe.

If you know about the Law of Attraction, you know that it can only bring you manifestations of the same vibration.

So, now you are broadcasting this unpleasant feeling, and the Law of Attraction is matching you up to the manifestation that is unpleasant to you!


Christie helps you clean these tiny feelings a lot!

The energy cleaning method helps you to become aware of those tiny vibrations – and this means that when you are aware of them you can change them and let the Law of Attraction bring to you manifestations that you truly desire!

You might be afraid of realizing which experiences from your childhood (and from your past lives) formed the abundance blocks within you BUT with this method you are completely safe.

What happens is that we all are infinite beings - this method helps us expand to that level (the soul, the god-part of us, the inner being, or whatever you want to call it), and when you are in that expanded state of being you cannot feel (for example) fear in the same way as you feel it while you're seeing yourself just as a physical being.

In the expanded state of being those painful stories don't hurt you because you are seeing them from the perspective of your soul who perfectly knows that these stories (blocks) can be completely released!

That's why this method is so simple - because from the broader view of your being (from the perspective of your soul) there's nothing you cannot BE or DO or HAVE - YOUR SOUL KNOWS 100% THAT ALL BLOCKS AND LIMITING BELIEFS CAN BE RELEASED IN ORDER TO GET YOU WHAT YOUR LIFE HAS SHOWED YOU THAT YOU WANT!


The Energy Clearing method is so important because it focuses on replacing your subconscious abundance blocks that govern 95% of everything you experience in your life.

Those beliefs determine your point of attraction. And your point of attraction is what the Law of Attraction is responding to.

If you broadcast poor health, poverty, lack of confidence, loneliness, and all other negative emotions, the Law of Attraction can only bring you manifestations of the same emotions that you are broadcasting. It can only give you what you are giving to the Universe!

But once you start changing those belief patterns to the empowering and supportive ones, your point of attraction changes as well - and the Law of Attraction is now matching you up with manifestations of the new vibrational frequencies that you've started offering.


And here Christie can help you a lot.

She helps you expand to the soul level of your being, and from that level release blocks that are blocking your natural flow of abundance and money into your life.

Best of all, once you learn Christie’s methods, you’ll be able to practice them by yourself for the rest of your life, and draw on them whenever you need a dose of energy healing.


FREE Energy Clearing Sessions for Releasing Your Abundance Blocks & Unblocking The Natural Flow of Abundance And Money In Your Life by Christie Marie Sheldon


1. Energy Clearing for Abundance Blocks Regarding Your Income & Your Income Limit

Christie's thoughts on the recorded vs live Unlimited Abundance program:

"I’ve released my audio recordings multiple times in the past, and I’ve seen it work for thousands of people time and time again. Remember that the Unlimited Abundance Home Training Program gives you the exact same energy clearing content, tools and exercises as the live experience. Yes, you are missing out on the live factor, and you won’t be able to ask me questions during the audio sessions—but you’re still free to email me at any time or ask me through the LIVE online community.

In other words, you can still expect the same results."

Plus, you'll be part of a live online community - Christie Marie Sheldon is a member of this community, so you can ask her your personal questions and she'll answer you! You can ask her about your blocks, and she'll tell you what kind of blocks you have + she'll recommend you which session(s) you should do first! All you need to do is ask her!

If you're interested in enrolling in the Unlimited Abundance Home-Study program, click HERE>> to learn what benefits can you get during this year's launch.

Russian version HERE>>

In the video below, the clearing session starts at 52:32.

When a block is cleared, it feels light – if necessary, listen to clearings until it feels light! The method is super easy because you are tapping into the Source Energy that creates worlds, and is giving your body life. So, all is well, you are safe.


2. Energy Clearing for Abundance Blocks Regarding Your Talents & Skills

In the video below, the clearing session starts at 01:00:36.


3. Energy Clearing for Abundance Blocks Regarding Your Future: GENERATE YOUR FUTURE SELF (Energy Clearing Session #19 from the Unlimited Abundance Home Training program)

In this session, Christie guides you through a process of using your image machine, to help your future self see what awesome things are in store for you. You get to look at what your ideologies, your thoughts, and your ideas are betraying your manifesting power. Also, you’re going to ask your future self what options you have to open the doorways to new opportunities. Also, there be lots of clearings of blocks that sabotage your future! So, tune in and make excellent future options show up for you. Let’s get your future self onboard!


4. Energy Clearing for Abundance Blocks Regarding I Can't & Indebtedness


5. Energy Clearing for Abundance Blocks Regarding Your Family - Mimicking Parents Beliefs


6. Energy Clearing for The Following Abundance Blocks:

  • The Average Amount Of Income,

  • Blocks On Receiving Abundance,

  • Not Willing To Ask For Things,

  • Something Is Wrong Whit Money



English version HERE>>

Russian version HERE>>


Explore the dashboard of the Unlimited Abundance program


Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

Did this technique WOW you? Share your WOW with me in the comment box below.

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