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5 Powerful Spiritual Practices To Find Tranquility When Times Are Tough

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Developing The Spiritual Formula For Unshakable Mental Toughness And Outrageous Success - When You Learn That Skill, Your Life Becomes So Much Easier Because You Get Ready To No Matter What Happens

by Srikumar Rao


You'll learn 5 powerful ways to DEVELOP EXTREME RESILIENCE so you too can respond to any setback you face with CALM and POISE. These 5 spiritual practices accelerate you towards your boldest goals with effortless flow — even in the face of life’s greatest challenges!

You can start applying those 5 bounce back techniques right away to quickly land on your feet no matter how hard you’ve been knocked down.

Also, you'll discover how to experience profound levels of HAPPINESS and FULFILLMENT - even in the toughest times.

By the end of the masterclass you’ll discover how to

  1. re-frame and re-label unexpected obstacles as AWESOME OPPORTUNITIES for GROWTH;

  2. and respond creatively no matter how bad things might seem.


In short — this is the mental blueprint you’ll need in tough times to bounce back and have a blast in life no matter what is happening around you.

FREE YOGA MASTERCLASS: How To Balance The 4 Dimensions Of YOU – Your Body, Mind, Heart, Soul - With Yoga by Cecilia Sardeo_How To Find A Right Yoga Practice For You_ The Easy Way To Reap The Benefits Of Yoga (Even If You Can’t Touch Your Toes)_The Mindvalley Yoga Quest Online Course


Professor Srikumar Rao is better known as the Buddha Of Business. As a best-selling author, TED Speaker and consultant, he’s helped thousands of his students to

  • develop Yoda-Like Mental Toughness and

  • respond to crisis with confidence and poise.

Srikumar Rao is an educator, executive, bestselling author and life coach. He also happens to be one of the most popular business professors in America. His pioneering course, Creativity and Personal Mastery, remains among the most popular and highest rated courses at many of the world’s top business schools including Columbia University and The London Business School.

Srikumar’s breakthrough lectures have become so popular, attendees (including top CEOs, innovators, scientists, athletes, MBA candidates, and thought leaders across dozens of disciplines) need to join a year long waiting list and write 7 essays just to get in. The depth of the relationships and connections that participants enjoy are so strong, and the personal transformation that attendees experience is so long lasting, that it is the first course of its kind to have its own alumni association.

Rao is also an adviser to senior business executives, who helps them find deeper meaning and engagement in their work. He has been a contributing editor for Forbes.

Srikumar Rao’s work has been covered by major media including the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, Time, Fortune, BusinessWeek, the London Times, the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph.


Srikumar Rao helps you discover that the secret to true happiness comes down to

  1. how you see the universe,

  2. how you expect it to behave, and

  3. where to look so it’s always available to you.


Srikumar Rao’s unique gift is his uncanny ability to remind you of the truths you already know, but may have forgotten. To show you how you can hit reset when times are tough and experience the happiness that is your birthright! Just imagine...

  • How much better would you feel if you could examine the everyday events of your life and easily pinpoint instances where the universe was working with you, protecting you like a loving mother? So that even when "bad" things happen that separate you from the destination you originally had in mind you could boldly step back onto the path to success until something even better shows up?

  • What if you could experience a life where a wellspring of confidence and unstoppable resilience was always in easy reach - so synchronicities happen with ease no matter what is happening around you?



The masterclass comes with the workbook, which you can download HERE>>

The masterclass covers the following:

  • How to build extreme resilience and bounce back so quickly someone from the outside will not even know you suffered a setback.

  • How to escape the invisible grip that unexamined mental models have on your life, so you can finally experience the happiness that is your birthright.

  • Why anxiety is a frequent and unwelcome guest in your life when things go sideways, and how to evict it every time it shows up at your door.

  • The secret to accessing a deep state of flow so mental chatter and distraction never drags you someplace you don’t want to go.

  • Why true happiness comes down to how you see the universe, how you expect it to behave, and how you label your experience, and where to look so it’s always available to you.

  • A surprisingly simple way to release yourself from disempowering thoughts, and how to rapidly transmute negative situations into positive ones with ease.

  • How to dramatically infuse your day with purpose and drive by adopting a mental model of the universe suggested by one of history’s most influential physicists.

  • The key difference between chasing goals and letting success come to you - discover how to invite everything you want into your life and enjoy every step of the journey.

  • The missing ingredient in gratitude practices, and why without it, you’ll never experience the deep connection and transformation you desire.

  • How to re-frame and re-label unexpected obstacles as awesome opportunities for growth, and respond creatively no matter how bad things might seem.

  • What extreme resilience is and what it’s not, and how to use it to construct an alternate reality better than the painful one you may be experiencing now while amplifying your current level of happiness.​



A Breakthrough-Proven 45-Day Program That Helps You 10x Your Happiness, Attract Unheard Of Levels Of Abundance And Develop Unstoppable Resilience​


A Transformational Class Once Only Available To MBA Students At Columbia Business School, London Business School and UC Berkeley- With A Highly Restrictive Application-Only Admission And a Long Wait List To Get In - Now Accessible To You As Well>>



The Quest For Personal Mastery>> is extremely important because it teaches you the core principals of manifesting – it goes to the core of your Being and the Universe!.

Many of us yearn to master our lives yet in practice, we find ourselves at the mercy of forces seemingly outside our control. Srikumar Rao believes that the secret to sailing through storms of life that would sink most ships starts with developing extreme resilience and teaming up with the Universe to effortlessly co-create the abundance and joy we deserve.

The Quest For Personal Mastery - The Freedom To Flow With Life>> is an innovative synthesis and pragmatic refinement of 5,000 year old spiritual truths that transcend tradition and can be applied immediately to the modern world.

The role of his powerful program is to provide you with the tools to take full control of your own destiny.

And when that happens you'll start experiencing

  • unreal levels of confidence in yourself,

  • a deep knowing of inner peace, and

  • an unbreakable trust that the Universe has your back.

It all starts with an epic 45-day journey of self-discovery and personal mastery with Srikumar Rao.

Every day

  1. You’ll be exposed to Srikumar’s ideas, wisdom, and techniques that made him one of America’s most sought-after MBA professors and only one of seven people to have their non-TED talk featured on the official TED.com website.

  2. You’ll be supported by thousands of students worldwide and get guidance from our Tribe Facilitator.

  3. You’ll experience breakthrough after breakthrough, as you build unshakable resilience, and happiness becomes your default setting.

By the end of the journey, you’ll find yourself firmly in the driver’s seat of your destiny.

And to ensure that your transformation is guaranteed, Srikumar himself has personally hosted 6 Live Group Coaching Calls and you have access to the recordings.


When you enroll in the course, you’ll also get a chance to get your biggest questions answered by The Professor himself. This is going to be a fun experience with one of the most celebrated spiritual masters today. He’ll share his latest strategies and assist you in crafting your life into a living masterpiece.

This experience is included in your enrollment, as Srikumar will be on 3 LIVE CALLS:

  1. Day 10: Wednesday, February 27th, 1 pm US EST

  2. Day 25: Thursday, March 14th, 1 pm US EST

  3. Day 38: Wednesday, March 27th, 1 pm US EST



This program is for everyone who wants to experience unheard of levels of abundance, significance and happiness, while having the practical wisdom to weather any adversity they face along the way.​



The coaching runs for 45 consecutive days.

During this time, you’ll receive regular 15-20 minute daily lessons designed to take you through a unique and innovative process of self-discovery.

In just 45 days, this program will help you

  1. access the infinite wisdom of the universe, and

  2. summon its hidden hand to unlock the doors to unlimited abundance and happiness in your life.


For the next 45 days, you’ll receive content from Srikumar Rao. Each day you’ll receive guidance for one single action from Srikumar Rao through a video or audio.

Each day of the program, Srikumar Rao will lay out

  1. the mental maps and counter-intuitive strategies you need to master your thoughts and

  2. the steps you need to take to reclaim happiness as your birthright.

You'll do it all with the support, inspiration and encouragement of a group of likeminded souls in the online tribe.

It will be an interactive, multimedia experience, where Srikumar Rao will guide you through each section. Through a mix of thought-provoking content and deep self-reflection, you’ll cultivate the mental toughness you need to overcome any obstacle in your life.

You’ll walk away with the skills to gain mastery over your mental chatter and effortlessly glide towards the abundance you seek.