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How To Balance Your Chakra System To Manifest Anything You Want?

How To Balance Your Chakra System To Manifest Anything You Want By Unlocking The Healing Power Of Your Chakras Masterclass by Anodea Judith

Modern day society believes that the ultimate key to love, wealth, and happiness is the result of backbreaking work.

The truth is… We just crash and burn when we stretch ourselves too much.

If you look around you can see that stress is an epidemic.

People are working harder than ever but getting nowhere.

Maybe success is NOT so much about the effort we put in...

Maybe a life of prosperity, health and meaning is NOT so much of the results of the actions we take…

BUT the energy we radiate.



Unlocking The Healing Power Of Your Chakras

by Anodea Judith


In this teaching, Anodea Judith explains

  1. the 7 Chakra system,

  2. how just ONE energy block in any of them rejects abundance in your life and causes an imbalanced life (a life with a lack of love, prosperity, health, and meaning), and

  3. how to realign your Chakras.

Plus, she'll also guide you through a quick 20-minute chakra healing meditation to

  1. counter these energy blocks, and

  2. direct your energy flow so you can start letting in an abundance of love, wealth, vitality, and meaning.

The guided chakra healing meditation for releasing energy blocks and start letting in abundance of love, wealth, vitality and meaning starts at 43:31.

Make sure that you're in a comfortable position with no distraction. And just let Anodea guide you through a deep, immersive Chakra meditation that will help you align all 7 of your chakras so you feel more balanced, at peace, and whole.

This meditation is best enjoyed with headphones.


So, if you believe that sometimes the Universe is against you, or you just want the good things to flow more easily to you, watch the video below.

The Art Of Balancing Your 7 Chakras To Heal And Manifest Your Ideal Life by Anodea Judith