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The 3 Keys To Transformative Learning & A Framework For Your Lasting Transformation

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

How To Take Your Transformation To The Next Level? 3 Keys To Transformative Learning And A Powerful Framework For Lasting Personal Transformation

You did it. You finally figured it out.

All the answers you’ve been looking for to turn your life around were all here in this one personal growth book you just read. Every idea just clicked.

And for the first time in a long time, it feels like all your struggles may actually be behind you. Maybe there really is a way forward AND upwards. All that there’s left to do, is to do.

The techniques. The exercises. The strategies.

It sounds oh-so-simple. And surely when tomorrow comes, you’ll be a brand new you. At least that’s what you hope for.

But the days, weeks, and months begin to pass…

And the same fire that lit you up from those life-changing epiphanies you had, have all but faded. You’re back to the same routine. The same patterns. The same struggles. Hardly, if anything at all, has changed.

Yet you worked so hard on your personal growth.

All that doing and nothing to show for it.

Did personal growth just stop working?


You see, many of people love personal growth and are voracious learners.

They read books. They attend the seminars. They watch the videos.

And maybe you’re like that too.

But learning doesn’t always translate to real, tangible change in your life.

Which is why it can sometimes feel like personal growth just stops working.


Truth is, this is the story of so many people who embark on a personal growth journey - a story of genuine hope for change but only ever seeing marginal gains.

So what is the missing ingredient to real, tangible and lasting change?

The secret is that it’s not just about learning. The answer lies in transformational learning.

It’s an approach to learning that’s less about doing and all about shifting the very core of your self-identity so you start experiencing breakthrough after breakthrough after breakthrough in every aspect of your life — and you do it in effortless fashion.

This idea is a game-changer for anyone who’s stuck in a rut right now and truly seeks to lead an extraordinary life.


Unlike traditional learning, Transformational Learning creates a lasting impact on your life.

It’s the glue that makes the habits, skills, and ideas you learn stick to your consciousness.

It’s about actually GETTING that raise. That fit body. That calm mind. That fairytale romance.

Transformational Learning allows you to shift your self-identity, so you’re not a person who merely ‘does’ things BUT you effortlessly attract the outcomes you desire.

It’s so much easier to eat healthy, when you see yourself as a healthy person rather than someone pretending to choose salad over pasta.

Or to successfully run your dream business, when you believe you’re a determined entrepreneur rather than a wannabe one.

There is nothing you cannot be or do or have! Abraham Hicks


The 3 Keys To Transformative Learning

by Vishen Lakhiani




In the video below, you’ll learn a distillation of all the wisdom that your host has personally learned AND applied in his own life from the world’s leading experts in the personal and spiritual growth fields.

And the beauty of the principles you’ll pick up is that you can tailor-make them to fit your unique circumstances, desires and goals!


The masterclass answers the following question:

How can I go from just learning about personal growth, to creating REAL, tangible transformation in my life?

A lot of us get stuck when it comes to transmuting our learnings into results.

Which often leaves us with a distinct sense of frustration and unrealized potential.

The solutions uncovered in the teaching might give you your biggest a-ha moments.


Use the framework presented in the video below if you want:

  • that body of your dreams.

  • to take your career to the next level.

  • that deep, fulfilling love relationship.

  • ...

Whatever your life goals are, if you want to move faster towards them with less pain and struggle use the framework presented in the video below.


This is by far one of the most powerful FREE trainings you can experience, and will dramatically accelerate the rate at which you grow so you can take everything from your career, your relationships, your abundance and more to a whole different level.

And more importantly, it’ll give you a framework that will spark real, tangible and lasting transformation within you.


The 3 Keys To Transformative Learning

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In this teaching, you will:

  • Experience the 3-minute Time Machine exercise billionaires are using to access their intuition and download the instinctive path to success. It's recommended that you prepare a quiet, distraction-free space to get the full experience from this rapid meditation exercise.

  • Harness the energy around you to automatically attract the tools you need, unlock your true potential, and make massive shifts in your life.

  • Use the Framework For Flow: Life’s 3 Big Pillars for rapid growth on autopilot, so when your friends see you, they have to get to know you all over again.

  • Learn the #1 principle to eliminate obstacles in your life, so you can consistently show up as your best self and make an impact on the world.

  • Get the method used by Stanford University to master emotional states easily (where others are paying Stanford as much as 16K to access this, you’ll learn it for FREE).

  • Discover how you can add rocket fuel to your own personal development journey for extraordinary growth year after year with the BIGGEST leap in personal growth.

  • And so much more…


The 3 Keys To Transformative Learning:




Las 3 claves del aprendizaje transformacional:




Les 3 clés de l'apprentissage transformationnel:




3 Segredos para Grandes Transformações:




Die 3 Grundprinzipien für innere Transformation:




Три принципа трансформирующего образования:





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