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The No. 1 Effective Method To Change The Way You Eat And Stop Struggling With Food

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

How To Restore Your Health, Vitality And Natural Lifespan By Changing The Way You Eat And Your Relationship With Food?


The Evolution of Health and Fitness - Enjoy A Guaranteed Breakthrough In Your Health And Fitness Levels Without Dieting, Exercise Or Massive Change in Lifestyle Simply By Changing Your Relationship With Food

by Eric Edmeades

No matter where you are in terms of health and fitness, you'll get free actionable steps which will get you results and serve your body for years - you will be able to start using them right away!




In this health, fitness & nutrition teaching, you’ll

  1. uncover the truth behind why we eat what we eat, and

  2. how you can return to the path of vibrant health and vitality.


This healthcare online training is to

  • improve your energy,

  • refine your body shape,

  • strengthen your muscles,

  • make you sleep better, and

  • add more years to your life

  1. WITHOUT exercise or calorie counting, and

  2. WITHOUT any struggle or hunger!




Eric Edmeades is an accomplished entrepreneur, author and the architect of several highly effective and transformational seminars, workshops and retreats around the world. However, his intersection with the health and fitness industry was an accidental one.

Suffering for most of his teens and early 20’s with severe allergies, sinus troubles, throat infections and acne, he was only weeks away from a surgery to take out his tonsils when a friend of his urged him to attend a personal transformation seminar. That seminar ended up not only clearing up 10 years of chronic symptoms but it changed everything he believed about health and food.

All this came from his personal experience of being terribly sick for 10 years - and accidentally curing all of his symptoms, allergies and pain in just 30 days. 30 DAYS!

That's how effective his methodology is.

Since then it has been his life’s passion to help people wake up to the reality that, in terms of health, they are off course. That the human and financial cost of our current way of life is far too great.


He calls it WildFit because it actually puts us on our wild human diet — for which every human being is naturally designed for.

This is not a new fad diet.

It's a true rediscovery of our roots — probably the greatest discovery since the concept of diets were introduced to the American public about 150 years ago.

Already some of the top names in fitness and personal growth are its ardent fans. Be an early adopter of his methodology and you'll add anywhere between 5 to 25 extra years to your life.

This is the future of health and fitness — NOTHING ELSE will ever trump this simply because this is the diet that helped our great, great ancestors survive millions of years ago.

And it's the diet that will help our future generations survive millions of years from now.

It's the HUMAN DIET.

His years of research on the human diet — the diet that us humans are meant to be on — led him to develop the WildFit Challenge, a step-by-step system to quickly transition people to this revolutionary way of looking at health and fitness.

Restore Your Health, Vitality And Natural Lifespan By Discovering The Truth Behind Why We Eat What We Eat. Learn How To Return To The Path Of Vibrant Health By Simply Changing Your Relationship With Food.

How To Correct Your Weight Naturally by Eric Edmeades

Here's what's covered:

  1. The ultimate ‘habit hack’ for beating junk food and unhealthy cravings forever - This simple technique will not only kick your addiction to candy, chips, or ice cream, but also replace them with healthy cravings.

  2. Unmasking the unholy trinity sabotaging your health for wealth - Discover how the profit-driven food, exercise, and diet industries have deceived humanity for decades - and triggered a culture of poor health and excess weight in billions of people.

  3. Why conventional exercise and dieting ‘wisdom’ are bad for weight loss - Explore the undeniable scientific proof that debunks exercise for weight loss, calorie counting, and other stubborn myths - and find out what you should be doing instead to lose weight in a fast, healthy, and sustainable way.

  4. The tribe with the secret to lifelong health - Eric’s discoveries from living with the Hazda tribe in Africa form the basis for the WILDFIT food philosophy. Find out what they are, and prepare to rethink everything you’ve been told about food, health, and longevity.

  5. The world’s easiest way to transform your body - Explore how to harness a method known as Behavioral Change Dynamics to permanently shift your eating habits, heal your body, and achieve your optimal weight - all through small, effortless lifestyle changes that you’ll barely even notice. Find out the surprising ingredients your body really needs to heal, look, feel, and perform at its best, and achieve its natural lifespan (your doctor or nutritionist won’t show you at least half of these).

  6. Why your food = your mood - Feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed more often than you’d like? Learn about the fascinating connection between your diet and emotional health, and how to eat your way to happiness and peace of mind.


The End Of Dieting As We Know It - Weight Loss Based On Food Freedom with Eric Edmeades




La evolución de la salud y la condición física con Eric Edmeades




L'Évolution de la Santé et de la Forme Physique avec Eric Edmeades




A evolução da saúde e do corpo por Eric Edmeades




Die Evolution von Gesundheit und Fitness




Жизнь без диет. Свобода питания с WILDFIT с Эриком Эдмидсом





A System To Change Your Food Psychology With No Change In Calorie Intake​


The WildFit Coaching Journey>> is designed as a 90-day all-encompassing health and fitness breakthrough journey based on nutritional anthropology and evolutionary medicine that's known for long-term life-changing results.

It basically rewires your brain to stop wanting the foods that are harming you.

By the end of 90 days, you will not only feel absolutely safe and natural in the diet intended for us human beings but you will never feel like getting off it.

That's why Eric has a student completion rate of over 90% for the program so far.

The Evolution of Health and Fitness by Eric Edmeades - The WildFit Coaching Program That Changes The Way You Eat And Your Relationship With Food


The WildFit is extremely important because it actually puts you on your wild human diet — for which every human being is naturally designed for.

THE HUMAN DIET will restore your

  1. health,

  2. vitality and

  3. natural lifespan.

You'll master a starvation-free and exercise-free way to be fit that immediately puts you among the top 1% healthiest people in the world.

You don't have to believe it now. Simply because it sounds unbelievable. Prove it to yourself by enrolling in the WildFit!


What's interesting about this program is that it has the lowest refund rates ever — ZERO PERCENT — which proves how crazy effective the WildFit system is.



The coaching runs for 90 days.

During this time, you’ll receive regular 10-20 minute daily lessons designed to take you through a unique and innovative process of self-discovery and self-care towards the most healthiest you.

You’ll unlock each day of WildFit through a learning platform. So you'll be going through the program along with thousands of others with video coaching and guidance from Eric Edmeades.


For 90 days, you’ll be exposed to powerful ideas that will

  1. bring awareness to your eating habits and

  2. fundamentally change your relationship with food forever.

And no, this is NOT a diet program that will force you to restrict how much you eat or require you to use an insane amount of willpower to curb your cravings.

In fact, you may just find that