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How To Get All The Benefits Of The Brainwave Entrainment Without Using The Technology?

Updated: Sep 7, 2021

How to Manifest Success With The Brainwave Entrainment Technology and Subliminal Audios? How To Get All The Benefits Of The Brainwave Entrainment Without Using The Technology?

In recent years brain researchers have made incredible discoveries about human brain, and how to influence it for success.

In this teaching, you'll learn how you can take advantage of scientifically proven mind tools for manifesting your dreams.



How To Get All The Benefits Of The Brainwave Entrainment Method And Subliminal Audios With And Without The Technology

by Natalie Ledwell & Morry Zelcovitch


In this teaching, you'll learn

  1. The Breathing Method on how to enter theta state on your own (the brainwave state when your brain is perfectly susceptible for building new neural pathways and changing your limiting thought patterns into the supportive ones). It starts at 17:03.

  2. A 3-step action plan to get all the benefits of the brainwave entrainment method without using a brainwave entrainment technology. It is explained at 19:49.

  3. How combining brainwave entrainment method with other modalities (affirmations, visualizations, subliminal audios…) allows you to enter the theta state of brain and reprogram your mind much faster and effectively. It is explained at 23:20.



If you are familiar with the Law of Attraction, you know that in order to manifest what you want you have to do 3 things:

  1. release resistance by thinking thoughts that give you a relief (moving up the emotional scale);

  2. focus on what you want; and

  3. feel good about your desire when you think about it.


When you want something, there are pretty high chances you have some limiting beliefs around your desire - especially if your desires haven't manifested yet and you desire them for a long time. These limiting beliefs are reasons why you should not have, be or do what you want.

To bridge those limiting beliefs you have to believe that what you want can be yours. When you believe in your desires, you expect them to manifest - you have no doubts!

Be more aware of

  • your limiting beliefs,

  • their power and

  • whether they harmonize with your desires.


If you don't believe in the manifestations of what you want, and you want them to manifest, you have to convince yourself that your desires will manifest! Otherwise you'll feel miserable because you just can't stop yourself from desiring whatever your life has showed you that you want.

This is how you start expecting your desires to manifest: You have to spend more time thinking about what you want, and less time thinking about what is currently happening in your life.

When you observe what's happening in your life, you start to expect those things to continue to happen. You expect them based on your observations. What IS has all of your attention, so what IS is slow to change. Because of that you come to expect what is.

When you want change from what is, then it is your job to spend more time imagining what CAN BE!

That's how you change your expectation. Expectation means that your desire and your beliefs about your desire are on the same vibrational frequencies - they are not contradicting each other.

Expectation can only be changed when you merge together