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15-Min Science-Backed Speed Reading Exercise For Recalling More Information

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

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When was the last time you learned how to read?

For most of us, we all learned to read when we were 6 years old.

And many of us continue to read like 6-year olds all through life - never questioning if there’s a better, faster way to read.

In today’s age of information overload, we can’t rely on our old way of reading to keep up with all the knowledge at our fingertips.

Former CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt once said:

Every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003!


How to Read Faster, Learn Better And Cut Your Learning Time In Half

by Jim Kwik

In this teaching, Jim teaches you the fundamentals of reading FASTER!

He also teaches you a 15-minute science-backed speed reading method for absorbing, retaining, and recalling more information:

  • [00:35:54] Technique 1: Visual Pacer Training

  • [00:54:24] Technique 2: Subvocalization


In the video below, Jim Kwik,

  • one of the world's greatest brain coaches, and

  • one of the foremost experts in

  • accelerated learning,

  • mental performance,

  • brain performance,

  • memory improvement, and

  • in training you in META-LEARNING,

reveals WAYS to

  1. read faster,

  2. comprehend more, and

  3. cut your learning time in half




Before Jim Kwik was recognized as one of the foremost experts in speed-reading, memory improvement, brain performance, and accelerated learning — And a highly sought-out trainer for top organizations like Virgin, Nike, Zappos, NYU, GE, Fox Studios, Harvard, and Singularity University — Jim was known as the boy with the broken brain.”

At the age of 5, Jim suffered a head injury that left him with severe learning challenges, and as a result, he would struggle throughout his schooling years. He read considerably slower. He absorbed and understood less. And learning anything new was an uphill battle.

Hoping to compensate for these challenges, Jim double-downed his efforts in college in hopes to stay on par with his peers. But spending hours in the library, single-mindedly focused on his studies came at cost. He hardly ate. He hardly slept. And in a dangerously weakened state, weighing only 117 pounds, Jim passed out, falling down a flight of stairs, and once again, sustained further head injuries.

Jim would wake up in the hospital 2 full days later.

But it was during his recovery in the hospital that he had the one epiphany that would change the entire trajectory of his life.

It occurred to him that his entire education revolved around being taught WHAT TO LEARN (math, science, geography, Spanish…). But never once was he taught HOW TO LEARN.

This single thought became his obsession.

As Jim began to unravel HOW THE HUMAN BRAIN REALLY WORKS, he developed strategies to dramatically enhance his mental performance.

And as he saw more success, he began teaching his newfound techniques to his fellow students, which would later become his LIFE MISSION.

For the last 25+ years, Jim has dedicated his life to helping others unleash their true genius and brainpower to

  1. LEARN anything faster and

  2. LIVE a life of greater power, productivity, and purpose.


Over the years he coached employees from the smartest companies in the world - people from Virgin, SpaceX, and Google - and helped them boost their brain performance even more.

But not only that!

He said, his dream came true when he was invited to teach the X-Men crew on how to learn their scripts faster.

Below is the “class” photo they sent him after a day with the team.

Jim Kwik was invited to teach the X-Men crew on how to learn their scripts faster

You probably know Will Smith played Genie in the Aladdin movie.

Well, Jim Kwik actually trained Will Smith and many other Hollywood A-listers on how to speed read and learn scripts faster.

Pretty cool, right? Watch the teaching below It’s going to be fun!

Jim Kwik actually trained Will Smith and many other Hollywood A-listers on how to speed read and learn scripts faster.


The teaching comes with a workbook, which you can download HERE>>


Video highlights:

[00:08:09] Jim’s story

[00:19:40] Upgrading your beliefs

[00:29:43] How to remember what you read

[00:35:54] Technique 1: Visual Pacer Training

[00:54:24] Technique 2: Subvocalization


The masterclass covers the following:

  • A powerful speed reading exercise that will allow you to focus your mind, easily consume at least 25% more words per minute, and shave one to four hours off your daily tasks.

  • Learn exactly how your brain operates and processes information, so that you shatter the societal myths that have been limiting your brain’s best performance

  • Adopt 2 techniques that CEOs, rocket scientists, and Hollywood’s biggest stars. use to improve performance, retain more information, and more than double productivity.

  • Program the supercomputer within you to naturally improve your mind’s capability.

  • Discover the 4 Levels of Learning you need to unlock in order to enhance your productivity, rate of learning, and growth.

  • Learn how to create quantum learning shifts in your life for success, no matter your age, skill level, education, or background.

  • And more.


Super Reading Journey

A Brain-Expanding Program with Hollywood Brain Coach Jim Kwik’s Proven Process to Turn Learning Into Your Superpower, Effortlessly

The 21-Day Super Reading Journey>> teaches you science-backed techniques to activate your brain’s fullest potential for rapid growth.

The journey runs for 21 consecutive days. During this time, you’ll spend around 10 - 20 minutes daily to discover brain-boosting techniques and tools from Jim Kwik through video training.

On some days, you’ll learn strategies to help your brain process information at what seems like light-speed.

On other days, you’ll journey through expanding your mind’s capacity to learn new information by practicing the new skills you’ve acquired.

Every day of the journey is packed with techniques to upgrade the reading tools you learned when you were 6 that have stunted your learning since.

You’ll unlock each day of the Super Reading through the learning platform that is easy-to-follow and life-changing experience, and you’re supported every step of the way by Jim and thousands of your fellow students.


In Super Reading Journey>> Jim shows you the world's most advanced techniques to boost your

  1. reading speed,

  2. comprehension, and

  3. productivity

so you can learn fast and achieve more in life.


Here’s what you will supercharge when you’re going through the journey:

  1. SPEED - Finish a book up to 3x faster and remember every part of it.

  2. FOCUS - Focus better and learn at lightning speeds no matter how young or old you are.

  3. COMPREHENSION - Discover how to comprehend and understand more while reading faster.

  4. RETENTION - Develop a super memory, remember what you read, and recall you need quickly.



Super Reading>> is a complete learning system developed through more than 25 years of Jim Kwik’s personal and professional experience with accessing the human brain’s true potential.

It’s the science-backed process that takes you step-by-step to identify how quickly you’re currently consuming, understanding, and remembering information so you can double these rates with ease.

This process goes far beyond traditional speed reading techniques (where you’re just skimming words, but not actually retaining information), and instead allows you to access both sides of your brain, so that you create a new stimulus, effectively ‘jumpstarting’ your brain’s extraordinary learning capacity.