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How To Be Less Reactive So You Can Raise Confident Children?

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

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As parents, you have the best intentions for your children. But you’ve probably never learnt how to parent so you might be unconsciously projecting your limiting beliefs onto your children.


What if instead of constant conflicts with your children you had a harmonious and beautiful connection with them?

What if instead of telling or nagging your children they naturally came to their own empowered decisions?

And what if instead of projecting your own dreams for your children, you created the perfect environment for them to blossom into their most authentic selves?

The difference that separates the vast majority of parents today is simple:

They’ve learned to heal their own inner child first and to recognize that their child is an independent soul yearning to express his or her unique self.


As parents, all we ever want is the best for our children.

A better childhood. Better education. Better opportunities to prosper.

But even with your best intentions, there’s usually ONE child who gets neglected, and you may not even know it.

A child who longs for just as much love, care, protection, acknowledgment and connection as the children standing in front of you.

That child is you. Your inner child.

What you may not realize is that the way you raise your children is often a direct reflection of your own unmet childhood needs.

And as long as those unmet needs are not healed, you may be unconsciously projecting them onto your children – causing them to inherit the same fears, doubts and insecurities you once had as a child.

Take a moment to think of all the hang-ups and limiting beliefs you picked up from your childhood that YOU had to untangle and heal throughout your life.

The thing is, it’s not your parents’ fault.

It’s simply the unconscious conditioning outside of their control that they were subjected to when you were growing up.

But that does NOT mean we need to pass these limiting beliefs on to our kids.

We can break the chain and free our kids to be their most authentic and actualized selves – without the struggle most people have to go through as they grow up.

Isn’t that ultimately what we want for our children? For them to be confident to express themselves as their truest selves?


So if you truly want to raise your children to grow into their most resilient, fulfilled, courageous and authentic version of themselves, you first need to parent yourself. This is the heart of what it means to be a conscious parent.

This radically new approach of parenting has really caught fire, with tens of thousands of parents around the world choosing to bring more consciousness in how they raise their children.

This new paradigm of conscious parenting is so, so powerful because it begins with first healing and nurturing your own inner child.

And when you do, you’ll show up as a whole, fully awakened parent for your children and be able to provide them with the right internal AND external environment for them to truly flourish.


This teaching is for you if you want to know how to:

  • heal your inner child,

  • meet your children’s hidden needs,

  • effortlessly navigate the unique challenges of parenting,

  • create an environment for your children to reach their true potential,

  • and to do so with poise, calm and peace of mind.


If you’re a parent, this may be the most important teaching that may just fundamentally transform your relationship with your children forever!



How To Become A Conscious Parent:

How To Be Less Reactive So You Can Raise Confident Authentic Children?

by Dr. Shefali Tsabary




Dr. Shefali is the foremost expert in conscious parenting and in this teaching she is teaching you a powerful 5-minute exercise to help you resolve any situation when your child is acting out.

She helps you to

  1. dive deep into your innermost fear and

  2. learn how to heal your own unmet childhood needs that you are projecting on your child, and show up whole.

Also, you'll learn why traditional models of parenting can emotionally stifle your child. It may keep your child disciplined but it may leave them fearful of honestly opening up to you.


In other words, Dr. Shefali reveales the single most important thing you can do as a parent to raise confident children with a strong sense of self-worth and self-esteem. It is based on re-parenting YOURSELF first.

Dr. Shefali reveals how to do it so you can begin to bring more awareness to parenting and meet your child’s most important hidden needs.


Even Oprah endorsed Dr. Shefali’s work as revolutionary and life-changing.


The teaching comes with the workbook, which you can download HERE>>


The Art of Conscious Parenting: Raise Yourself And Break Generational Patterns That Run In Your Family, Before You Raise Your Children

Raise Yourself And Break Generational Patterns That Run In Your Family, Before You Raise Your Children: The Conscious Parenting Mastery by Dr. Shefali


Conventional parenting courses tend to focus on the child. And how to use rigid, one-size-fits-all tactics to coerce or trick a child into modelling a desired behaviour.

  1. is centered around the parent.

  2. And how to use powerful mental frameworks that allows you to meet the many parenting challenges we all face with compassion and empathy at every stage of your child's growth.

In The 35-Day Conscious Parenting Mastery>>, Dr. Shefali guides you through 5 key transformational shifts that will help you turn parenting from chaos to connection.


Most parents don’t like hearing this but most of them are far more controlling over their children than they think they are.

Generations of conditioning have led us to believe that our children are these fragile and helpless beings that need to be fixed.

Which is why most of parents, the adults, who have already experienced the ups and downs of life, do what they can to steer their children in the direction they believe is in their best interests.

But they rationalize it because it is all done out of love.

Problem is, it is this traditional parent-child dynamic (even if it comes from a place of love) that stifles a child’s self-confidence, self-esteem, and even their natural desire to express themselves.


According to parenting expert Dr. Shefali Tsabary, the solution to this is to

  1. dissolve the mono-directional nature of how we parent, and

  2. turn it on its head.

Dr. Shefali calls this new model of parenting: Conscious Parenting.

  1. Instead of telling their children what to do, conscious parents create the right conditions so their children can come to their own empowered conclusions and make the best decisions for themselves.

  2. Instead of bestowing their children with our wisdom, conscious parents recognize that their children are as pivotal to their own spiritual and emotional transformation as they are to their children.

  3. Instead of trying to make their children feel happy when they’re down, conscious parents nurture a safe space for their children to experience the full spectrum of their emotions so they feel confident to express who they truly are.


After personally counselling and guiding thousands through this new model of parenting, Dr. Shefali has developed a mental framework>> you can use to bring more consciousness, awareness and compassion into parenting – at every stage of your child’s development.

  • Whether you’re a parent of a toddler, young children, teenagers, or young adults who have just left home,

  • or you’re an expecting parent...

...Then mastering the conscious parenting could change everything for you and your child.


Conscious Parenting>> is a new model of parenting Oprah called revolutionary and life-changing, as breaks harmful generational patterns that run - without you realizing - in your own family.

The truth is loving parents have harmful beliefs too. And they are just simply unaware of it, although they have the best intentions!

Parents tend to believe that parenting comes naturally and hence they know everything for their child. But what parents fail to understand is

  1. that parenting is not about the child, but about themselves,

  2. that control and discipline do not mean care and

  3. that preparing for the future isn't more important than the present moment.

Parents unknowingly project their own unmet needs, dreams, and expectations onto their children, contaminating their ability to keep their spirits intact, to grow their authentic voices.

No matter how conscious you may be as a parent when it comes to raising a child, you need to first heal your inner child so you would show up whole and give your child the best of you at all times.




For 35 days, you join your conscious parenting expert Dr. Shefali in a series of in-depth bite-sized online lessons for just 20-30 minutes daily, designed to simulate a private consultation session with Dr. Shefali (which normally costs thousands of dollars and has a waiting list booked months in advance).

Throughout this experience, you’re supported by Dr. Shefali herself and the online community, all the way to the finish line. It’s the next best thing to having her as your private conscious parenting coach (but a whole lot more affordable – her normal fee is $425 to $725 per hour).

As a result, you’ll develop a powerful mental framework and emotional tools that will

  1. lead to your greatest awakening as a parent,

  2. heal your own childhood wounds,

  3. give you the tools you need to allow your child to prosper in his or her most authentic self, and

  4. bring a high level of consciousness to the way you parent your children – helping you navigate the many challenges of raising a child at every stage of their development.


The journey consists of 3 parts:


Part 1: The Mindset of a Conscious Parent (14 days)

You'll learn the foundation of being a conscious parent as Dr. Shefali shines a light on the current unconscious model of parenting. Your inner journey begins with unraveling your own childhood patterns so you can break free from the many parenting myths that may have left you and your child feeling disconnected from one another.

Highlights include:

  • Discover how your own upbringing may be influencing your current parenting style, and how you can free yourself from your parents’ expectations.

  • Learn how to stop yourself from projecting your own expectations on your children so they can learn how to step into their own authenticity.

  • Create the space your child needs to embrace the full spectrum of their emotions so they grow up as emotionally-resilient adults.

  • Break free from toxic labels that may be negatively influencing your current parenting style – so your child can express their natural joy and bliss.

  • Discover the simple habit that encourages your child to be courageous and ‘in the moment’, without even thinking about it.


Part 2: Changing You & Your Relationship with Your Child (14 days)

You'll learn the emotional toolkit you need to change both your inner world and become a more conscious parent. You will also learn how to understand your children’s most important needs that are often hidden behind their most disruptive behaviors.

Highlights include:

  • Unraveling one of the biggest parenting myths that cause many unwitting parents to place undue expectation and pressure on their children.

  • Understanding the simple concept that your child is a sovereign being could save him or her from years of anxiety and insecurity.

  • Learn how to circumvent any unconscious judgment you may be placing on your children so they feel accepted and confident as they are.

  • Transcend the role of mom or dad and instead become the spiritual guide your children need so they feel empowered to express their truest selves.

  • Use this one technique to help assist your children to navigate through any emotional turbulence they experience – and out stronger on the other side.


Part 3: Transform Discipline to Mindful Connection (7 days)

You'll tie everything up in the final part where mindful connection and teaching becomes the heart of your parenting approach as a fully awakened conscious parent.

Highlights include:

  • Learn how to negotiate between freedom and fear so you can guide your children without controlling or correcting them.

  • Discover how to place the right types of boundaries in your home that enriches your child’s growth rather than restricts and stifles them.

  • Rewrite the rules of the parent-child relationship so you can see one another as allies on a path of self-growth and self-discovery.

Curriculum Of The Conscious Parenting Mastery by Dr. Shefali



You'll get access to 5 PRE-RECORDED Q&A SESSIONS.

This is the perfect way to clarify any questions you may have, and experience coaching with Dr. Shefali herself (her normal fee is anywhere between $425 to $725 per hour, with a months-long waiting list).



Parents will spare no expense to ensure their children get the best opportunities to thrive.

But how often do we invest in ourselves to learn how to parent effectively? And parenting is the most important job that you could ever have!

The latest studies show that our schools only account for 30% of our child’s development. The other 70% is on us, the parent. So the best investment we could possibly make for our children is to invest in ourselves as parents.

The Conscious Parenting Mastery>> has its roots in Dr. Shefali’s tried and tested concepts that have worked wonders for parents like you. Which means this: if you go through the program and utilize the tools, you will see results.

Dr. Shefali is the foremost expert in conscious parenting. Her work has empowered tens of thousands of parents. Her new paradigm of parenting is so influential that Oprah endorsed Dr. Shefali’s work as revolutionary and life-changing.

That being said, if you aren't completely blown away by the journey, you'll get a full refund. You do not have to make a commitment until you've fully tried this out for 10 days. Try at least one lesson and then decide!

What's more, since this journey happens online in a group setting (without sacrificing the personal touch), it won’t cost you a fortune!



To go through the journey again, you don't have to make further purchases of it!

Great thing about this online course is that it keeps being improved by the author and the publisher.

This means that you get the access to the latest strategists, methods, practices, knowledge and all other updates on conscious parenting for FREE!

You’re free to revisit different portions and brush up on specific techniques or lessons as often as you like.

What's more, you also have the option to join as many future intakes of The Conscious Parenting Mastery Journey>> intakes as you like. Meaning you can experience it over and over again.

Many students tell that retaking the journey is like re-reading a good book: you get to discover new things you didn’t notice, and deepen your learning each time. Plus you get to connect with even more like-minded people on the same journey as you.



If you are a therapist, a parenting expert or a family counselor, you can opt for a printable digital Certificate of Completion to recognize your The Conscious Parenting Mastery Journey>> graduation!

This is a terrific opportunity for you to expend your knowledge, master a new approach, and present it to your clients!

A Printable Digital Certificate of Completion of The Conscious Parenting Mastery Journey by Dr. Shefali


The Conscious Parenting Mastery Journey>> is for both soon-to-be parents and parents alike, who are looking to up-level their parenting skills to create beautiful, meaningful connections with their children.

Whether you are a parent of a toddler, young children, teenagers, or adults who have recently left home, this journey will provide you with the tools you need to:

  • Better understand your child’s deeper needs,

  • Raise them to be emotionally resilient,

  • Nurture a high level of self-confidence and self-worth,

  • And create a beautiful bond that every child secretly desires from their parents.

If you are an expecting parent, this is the ideal path to take if you wish to be as prepared for parenthood as possible.

Whatever your personal objectives might be, mastering the art of conscious parenting will both empower you and your children, as you develop a mutual relationship where your children are just as pivotal to your emotional and spiritual growth as you are to theirs.

Even if you are not planning to have children of your own in the foreseeable future, you may have nephews or nieces, or other younger children in your life that will benefit from you being more conscious in the way you interact with them.

But here’s the most important takeaway: this journey is ultimately not about the children around you. It’s about learning how to re-parent your inner child which everyone has. It is designed to help you heal your unmet childhood needs so you can free yourself from any of the many limiting beliefs you may have inherited when you were young — which may be holding you back today.

In short, you do not need to be a parent to benefit from this journey!


When you take this 35-day journey, you will

  1. Understand how to heal your own inner child and avoid one of the biggest mistakes most parents make today - implanting their own unmet wants and longings onto their children.

  2. Discover the 5 most transformative conscious parenting tools to help you raise children who will grow into their most confident, resilient and authentic selves.

  3. And effortlessly navigate through the many, varied challenges of parenting – at ALL stages of your children’s development – with poise and peace of mind.



The vast majority of parenting books and courses out there focuses mainly on the child, and how to correct unwanted behaviors. You will often find rigid disciplinary tactics designed to coerce or trick children to change their behaviors and are modeled after outdated concepts of success.

Conscious parenting looks to flip this entire paradigm on its head. Instead of focusing on the child, conscious parenting focuses predominantly on the parent. By healing your own unmet childhood needs first and foremost, you are able to show up to your children as a whole and fully actualized adult.

This single concept has been a game-changer for thousands of parents who have been exposed to Dr. Shefali’s profound wisdom. Instead of wrestling with our own Inner Child’s needs and unconsciously projecting those needs on your children, you’ll find yourself effortlessly navigating through each challenge with calm and non-reactivity.

In turn, this will give your children the space they need to blossom and flourish as the unique, talented individuals they are.


Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

Did this technique WOW you? Share your WOW with me in the comment box below.

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