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Brand New: FREE 6-Figure Side Hustles Docuseries

Updated: May 6, 2023

6-Figure Side Hustles Docuseries

Many more regret buying into the big lie that if you work hard, you’ll get ahead, when in reality…

Being a "hard worker" means more stress, tighter deadlines, and constant pressure to do even more to make up for those who aren’t willing to work… All while watching others reap the rewards of your labor.

But that isn’t everyone’s reality… and it doesn’t have to be yours any longer.

If you’re looking for a way to start attracting money that you desire and deserve by doing something you enjoy, then you might be interested in...

“6-Figure Side Hustles” FREE 9-part online docuseries Streaming May 23rd - June 1st at 7pm EST

6-Figure Side Hustles>> is a fascinating docuseries where experts of side hustle field reveal how to hit 6-figures (or more) with over 2 dozen spare-time side-hustles!

You’ll learn how to hit 6-figure income in just a few hours a week:

  • As a YouTube influencer (with as little as 1,000 subscribers!)

  • Using Artificial Intelligence to provide services (no tech skills required)

  • Selling info products, coaching & consulting (turn your knowledge into $$)

  • Cash flowing Airbnb, rentals, house flips, even commercial real estate

  • As a freelance writer, social media manager, or digital service provider

  • Selling other people’s products online (affiliate marketing)

  • Drop-shipping on Amazon or Shopify (without ever touching inventory)

  • Trading 1-Hour-a-Day... or dividend investing

  • Or just straight up starting a business

  • And many more!

There’s even info about how to sell "junk" that’s gathering dust in your garage! In other words, there aren’t a lot of hurdles to get started…

All of these side hustles are within reach of anyone looking for the money!
Free 6-Figure Side Hustles Docuseries

IMPORTANT: The series is free for a limited time!

Episode 1 kicks off May 23 at 7pm EST. It's free for a limited time. Every episode is available to watch up for 24 hours only! Do NOT miss an episode because each one builds on the last!


  1. Docuseries Free Viewing (episodes drop one per day at 7pm): May 23 - June 1, 2023

  2. Replay Weekend (all episodes available to binge-watch): June 2 - June 4, 2023

Get the inside scoop straight >> from the people who have built these exact side hustles into 6-figure, 7-figure, and 8-figure plus incomes AND Taught thousands of others to do the same thing.

Hypnotherapy & 6-Figure Side Hustles

There’s a powerful mental trigger session in each episode (people pay $25k for this) that multiplies your odds of starting a successful side hustle! This is more than entertainment - It’s a blueprint for financial freedom!

When you grab your free pass to watch the series for free through this page, you’ll hear from dozens of experts in 9 engaging episodes how

  • they built their personal side hustle business from scratch…

  • they went from earning a few hundred dollars, to 6-figures, and

  • many went beyond that to make millions, AND

  • how you can do the same thing by following their pattern.

At the end of each episode, there is a powerful surprise waiting for you that could just be the key to unlocking your full potential, and overcoming the biggest blocks to achieving massive success.

Legendary hypnotherapist Elliot Roe wraps up each session with powerful prompts that bypass the conscious mind! This easily triples the value you get out of each episode, and multiplies the likelihood of you achieving life-changing income.

He charges $25,000 for 10 sessions - and you get 9 sessions for FREE!

Elliot’s poker clients have won over $100,000,000 and nearly every major tournament title, including the World Series of Poker Main Event.

His clientele also includes Olympic medalists, UFC Champions, Hollywood actors, business executives and wall street traders.


Here are the speakers and the topics that they will present

Episode 1:

  • Mike Filsaime: Money-Making Websites,

  • Stephen Gardner: YouTube Influencer

  • Michael Hearne: 6-Figure Writer

Episode 2:

  • Kate Buck Jr: Social Media Money

  • Brian Page: AirBnB Cash Flow

  • Rich Schefren: Side Hustle Success Wisdom

Episode 3:

  • Jason Hartman: Rental Real Estate Income

  • James Wall: 1-Hour-a-day Trading Dollars

  • Chris Goegan: Sales Consultant Cash Flow

Episode 4:

  • Roger Hamilton: Side-Hustle Wealth

  • Alison Prince: 6-Figures Selling Simple Products

  • Liz Germain: YouTube Star Cash Flow Formula

Episode 5:

  • Jonathan Foltz: Side Money Secrets

  • Iman Aghay: From ZERO to 6-Figure

  • Laura Catella Georgi: 6-Figzre Writer Secrets

Episode 6:

  • James Altucher: Paving Your Own Path to 6-Figures+

  • Verne Harnish: Scaling Beyond the Side Hustle

  • Anna MacFarlane: Freelance Marketing Consultant Income

Episode 7:

  • Igor Kheifets: 6-Figure e-Farming

  • Robert G. Allen: Real Estate Riches

  • Corinne Parkinsons: Amazon Income

Episode 8:

  • Robert G. Allen: More Real Estate Riches

  • Jason Katzenback and Michael McClary: Amazon Millons

  • Rick Sapio: Life & Money Success Hacks

Episode 9:

  • Jason Fladlien: Amazon Cash Flow

  • Marcus De Maria: Stock Trading Income

  • Dean Graziosi: From Zero to Ultra-Wealthy



  • Inside you’ll watch ways to reclaim your financial freedom, time freedom, freedom from the anxiety, stress and worry of economic slavery.

  • You’ll find the secrets to creating multiple streams of income.

  • Achieving work-life balance.

  • Creating abundance so you can take advantage of opportunities, and enjoy meaningful experiences.

  • You’ll discover a roadmap that leads to an exciting life, better relationships, freedom to do what you want, with whoever you want, for as long as you want.

  • And prime your mind to act on what you learn with Elliot’s powerful exercises.


Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

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