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[FREE VIDEO] Lifebook Kick off call with Jon & Missy

This is a special Q&A call with Jon and Missy Butcher only available for Lifebook customers!

But here you have the opportunity to experience the magic of Lifebook in action for free, so you can

  1. get a taste of the program and

  2. then make your final decision about joining the program.

Scripting is a powerful tool because it makes you a vibrational match to your desires. And when you are a vibrational match to your desires, your desires manifest into your life.
You can literally script any life that you desire, and the Universe will deliver to you the people, places, and events just as you decide them to be. ~ Abraham Hicks

Special Q&A Call with the Founders of Lifebook Method Jon and Missy Butcher


Lifebook is a scripting process where you script your life vision based on your desires by questioning current society rules and beliefs.

You get clear on whether you want to continue to live based on beliefs that someone else implanted in you (that might not be beneficial to you) or you want to create your own empowering beliefs.

It helps you put your focus on what you want, which means that the Law Of Attraction starts manifesting what you want into your life.



If you take part in July 3rd class>> you'll receive bunch of great bonuses!

BONUS 1: Virtual Lifebook Retreat 2023
  • This is a virtual transformative journey over two weekends (July 29 - 30, August 5 - 6) tailored for multiple time zones.

  • The Lifebook Retreat costs $5000, but HERE>>, you will be getting access to the full virtual retreat for FREE.

  • You will be growing actively together with an experienced Lifebook Leaders who are fantastic facilitators and coaches who will help you set right goals and carry out group sessions that create a safe space for you to share your goals and get inspired from your peers. Making it the best environment possible to craft your own crystal clear Lifebook with a solid accountability mechanism to it.

Lifebook Retreat 2023>> is only for the first 5000 people who sign up for July 3rd, 20233 class because 5000 is the number of people that can join on a Zoom call!

BONUS 2: Lifebook Pro: Daily accountability and micro-pushes to ensure you complete your Lifebook with joy and ease.

BONUS 3: 6x LIVE mentoring calls with Jon & Missy
  • They will be LIVE on Zoom, guiding and coaching the class over the entire 6 weeks.

BONUS 4: Handpicked pages from Jon’s personal Lifebook

BONUS 5: (Video Lesson) Creating Your Ideal Life Vision
  • This video lesson walks you through the advanced principles to achieving your Life Vision in an incredibly short period of time.

  • You'll learn about the advanced life envisioning principles to live by (Immense Potential, Limited Potential, The Price Tag Principe, and the Big Picture Principle)

You are covered by an unconditional 15-day money-back guarantee! You can even refund yourself HERE>>

Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

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