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How To Be Guided By Your Inner Being?

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

How To Become Immune To Struggle And Suffering?
Extraordinary minds do not need to seek validation from outside opinion or through attainment of goals. Instead, they are truly at peace with themselves and the world around them. ~ Vishen Lahkiani

What does Human 2.0 look like? And how do we get there?

In this teaching, you'll

  1. discover a framework to accelerate your personal evolution and

  2. learn how to mould, shape and bend the world around you with your consciousness.


There’s a set of laboratories between Vancouver and Seattle where neuroscientists have been studying the brains and consciousness of people who have done seemingly impossible things – from Zen Roshi monks who are able to put themselves into elevated states of bliss to billionaires who are able to build and manage great complexity and companies.

What these scientists have found out is that their brains are operating in a different way.

In short, you can map consciousness directly to the brain. You can see how different brain wave states radiate consciousness.

And what these scientists were trying to see is: if you map the consciousness from one brain to another brain. In other words, if you could reverse engineer the brain if monks who have spent 20 years in meditation and put those same levels of bliss into an ordinary person in about a week.



Reconstructing Reality

by Vishen Lakhiani

In this teaching, you'll learn a new way of observing:

  1. how you evolve in the world,

  2. how you show up in the world and

  3. how you grow.

You'll learn how to put your personal growth on autopilot.

Also, you'll learn about 4 different unique levels of consciousness and you'll learn 4 tools that you use in each level.

Furthermore, you'll be shown how to get to Level 4: The Ultimate Level where it almost seems as if there’s a benevolent Universe who has your back and things are happening on autopilot. And the stuff that happens on autopilot is stuff that you would never imagine would be capable in your life.

Something really curious happens when you start transcending these levels and applying level 4 tools. It seems as if all areas of your life take off.


If you sense you are destined to something greater, then you want to watch this teaching.


Reconstructing Reality by Vishen Lakhiani

Download the workbook HERE>> (ENGLISH)

Video highlights:

[00:09:13] 7 Qualities Experienced at the Highest Level of Personal Growth

[00:23:31] KNOW YOUR WHY: Why Do You Want To Transform An Aspect Of Yourself?

[00:25:10] Understanding The Map Of Consciousness And The 4 Levels Of Consciousness (In each level you react to the world and shape the world in different ways.)

[00:26:42] Level 1 – The Victim Stage: Living The Culturescape

[00:29:00] Level 2 – The Awakening: The World You Choose

[00:29:50] Level 3 – Recoding Your Self: Thoughts Create Reality

[00:30:57] Level 4 – The World You Can Change: Becoming Extraordinary

[00:31:48] Four Qualities of Level 4

[00:36:35] How To Become A Visionary

[00:37:48] The Tools To Use In Each Level

[00:59:08] Level 4 Tool: Merging

[01:01:20] How To Learn The Tools To Ascend The Levels Rapidly?


Enroll HERE>>


Reconstruyendo la Realidad con Vishen Lakhiani




Reconstruindo a Realidade, com Vishen Lakhiani




Преобразование реальности с Вишеном Лакьяни


The Art of Bending Reality & Becoming Limitless: How To Tap Into The Consciousness Of Your Inner Being Who Knows What You Really Want And Can Guide You To It Through Your Path Of Least Resistance


Join Vishen Lakhiani in THE 30-DAY BE EXTRAORDINARY JOURNEY>> for raising your consciousness and learn tools to reach consciousness of your Inner Being who guides you to what you truly want. Your Inner Being is guiding you all the time, but this time you'll hear the impulses because of the tools you'll be taught in this journey!


While more and more people believe that they are meant for so much more (that there’s a higher stage of life they are capable of achieving)…

It always feels out of reach.

Just another unrealized fantasy.

But it’s not for a lack of trying. You’ve tried new techniques, tested out theories, and applied the latest strategies.

But nothing quite sticks.

Some even pull you backward.

This is because he personal growth industry missed a fundamental aspect of real, tangible transformation.

It’s not that the personal growth techniques you've been experimenting with don’t work!


The Be Extraordinary Journey>> is created as a framework to give you a deep understanding of your current state so you know exactly which tools you should be using to level up your consciousness.

And when you do, you’ll be able to step into a whole new reality filled with a deep sense of fulfillment, excitement, happiness and the feeling that the Universe is rooting for your success!

Raise Yourself And Break Generational Patterns That Run In Your Family, Before You Raise Your Children: The Conscious Parenting Mastery by Dr. Shefali


The Be Extraordinary Journey>> a consciousness ascension system designed to help you:

  1. Identify your current level of consciousness,

  2. Give you the appropriate tools you need to move to the next level,

  3. And realize your infinite potential in every area of your life.

The Be Extraordinary Journey>> takes you on a journey into higher levels of consciousness, so you can awaken your full human potential.

The easy-to-follow 30-day curriculum guides you through every step of achieving stage 3 consciousness where you'll unlock dramatically elevated levels of self-mastery, purpose, performance, and connectedness.

Throughout the journey, you'll take a deep look at your personal systems of living and models of reality. You’ll see your own patterns and beliefs in a whole new light. And, you’ll gain 18 empowering tools you can use to instantly upgrade your inner programming, allowing you to permanently transform how you think, perform, and show up in the world.

You are free to study the journey at your own pace, or experience it day-by-day in real-time with the global Be Extraordinary online community.


The Be Extraordinary Journey>> is based on the notion that there is a hidden code that governs how your reality is shaped. And that if you could learn how to work with that code and manipulate it, your reality changes accordingly to whatever you want it to be like.

It's for those who're looking to play a bigger game in life than what they're playing right now. This journey goes deep and outlines a step-by-step process to get you to Level 3 and 4.

It’s a deep dive journey to accelerate your evolution in consciousness in just 30 days.

After you enroll, you'll see that the journey is very real-life oriented and action-packed with techniques after techniques that you can use immediately to see results. It offers a hands-on approach to complex topics as bending reality and being extraordinary are.



This journey is designed to get you results from day 1. As you apply the techniques and tools detailed in the journey, you'll notice your reality is shifting day by day.

The things that used to bother you before have transformed. Your financial worries, your relationship issues, your health concerns, and all others drop like stones from the edge of a cliff into oblivion.

You'll feel the new possibilities. You're again excited about life. As if you're given a second chance and you're determined to not squander it.

This is the feeling of being limitless. And that's what you'll experience in mere weeks after trying the journey.


Here's a great quote from Henry David Thoreau that really captures the essence of the entire personal growth movement:

I know of no more encouraging fact than the unquestionable ability of man to elevate his life by conscious endeavor.

Steve Jobs echoed a similar sentiment when he said that,

Everything around you was created by people NO smarter than you... and you can change it.

Waking up to this power — the power to consciously direct the program of your life — is a quantum leap in the evolution of your consciousness.

From reactive, to proactive.

From victim to victor.

It's exciting because you realize that you're not limited by dogma and that you can defy convention to live a truly extraordinary life.

But there's a flip side to this waking up.

You're in uncharted territory now.

Taking responsibility for your life offers immense rewards, but also new challenges.


  1. Now that you know you can change everything... what do you change?

  2. How do you make decisions?

  3. How do you know what is really important to you?

  4. How do you find meaning, and serve a purpose that really gives you that deep sense of fulfillment that your soul craves?

  5. And when you find that purpose, how do you bring it into reality?

Well, there's a process for doing this, and this is the core teaching in The Be Extraordinary Journey>>

However, if you were to drop into the technique head-on, it's not going to make sense.

So consider diving deep into the journey and explore your limitlessness.


➡ Enroll HERE>>





The journey consists of 9 parts:


Before the Be Extraordinary curriculum begins, you'll be guided through a warm-up sequence designed to prepare you for the journey, so you can enjoy the best possible results. You’ll discover the intriguing story behind the Be Extraordinary framework, and learn about the most important theories and concepts covered in the journey.


  • The 5 ways society cripples our minds with ‘Brules’ (Bullshit Rules) – and how listening to your soul instead of what you’re told can help you break free from them.

  • How humanity’s reliance on language helped us evolve (but also made us vulnerable to cognitive illusions that restrict our full potential).

  • BONUS: Mastering Consciousness Engineering: a technique for reprogramming your consciousness with new beliefs, models of reality, and systems for living that drive you forward.

Part 1: The Structures of Consciousness

Your Be Extraordinary journey begins with a deep dive into your mental models, and how to access higher states of human existence. You’ll get mind hacks, exercises, and tools you can use to instantly gauge where you’re at, and start ascending on the ladder of human consciousness.


  • Growing your ROSE (Rate of Self Evolution): Two methods you can use to rapidly gain momentum, and reach the upper limits of your personal potential.

  • Culture Hacking: How to escape negative programming that may have been programmed into you through your culture, religion or traditions.

  • The Psychology of Transformation: How to evolve yourself and your understanding of the world so rapidly, your friends who haven't kept in touch will have to get to know you all over again.

  • Why suffering and pain happens and how to develop new mental models to turn suffering into a teacher and a healer. As Victor Frankl said, When meaning is given to suffering, it ceases to become suffering. You will learn how to heal the pain of your past so you can move on bolder, stronger and wiser.

Part 2: The Ultimate State of Human Existence

In part 2 you’ll learn how to navigate human emotions to ensure you’re always feeling and performing at your peak potential. You’ll learn how to move to a state where you can easily create synchronicities and magic in your life on autopilot.


  • How to hack your happiness, so you’re in a positive emotional state at virtually all times - no matter what’s going on around you.

  • The biggest lie about spirituality: what it really means to be ‘spiritual’, and how you can harness this quality to ignite change in yourself and the world around you.

  • Breaking the Happiness Paradox: how to bring Vision and Bliss into your life, so you can have BIG goals (although your happiness is no longer tied to the attainment of these goals, you’re happy NOW and your happiness fuels your movement towards the goal).

  • How to overcome scarcity spiritual thinking. Learn how to be spiritual but also powerful, wealthy, and making an impact on the world. Spiritual people should rule the world, instead so many end up broke. It’s time to bust the spiritual guilt around amassing money and power.

Part 3: The Art of Blissipline

In part 3 you’ll learn mastery of emotional states. Your emotions are the ultimate end goal: every goal is really about feeling good. But too many of us have no control over our emotional states. Here you will learn to harness the power of emotion to feel joyful more often and to use emotional states to influence the reality around you.


  • One daily habit for supercharging your happiness, well-being, emotional intelligence, and even sleep better (it’s not meditation, and it only takes minutes a day).

  • How Happiness Happens: the science of psychology you can apply in your life to be more happy, more often.

  • How to be so disciplined about your emotional states, that emotional well-being and happiness come to you on autopilot - which in turn brings joy to everyone around you.

Part 4: A Vision for Your Future

Goal-setting in the western world can be dangerous because we so often set goals not from our soul, but based on what media, advertising, and culture push us towards. In part 4 you’ll learn how to set goals that come from your deepest core - so you’re fulfilling your soul purpose while also helping create a magnificent masterpiece of life for yourself and a better world for humanity.


  • Why traditional goal setting is not just broken, it’s dangerous (and what you should be doing instead to become an unstoppable goal-getter).

  • You’ll ask yourself the 3 Most Important Questions: a remarkable exercise that gives you laser-focused clarity on what you really want to achieve in life. Combine this with your upcoming mastery of higher states of consciousness, and you’ll be breathing life into your desires in no time.

  • Understanding your special contribution to the world: discover how to find your unique gifts and to ensure your gifts to the world do not go ungiven. This means finding your edge and making it so powerful, you live a beautiful life that serves as an example to others.

Part 5: Becoming Unfuckwithable

In part 5, you’ll start piercing the veil of reality, as you learn the many ways societal programming has pinned down your fullest human potential. And why often, doing the opposite of what everyone - including your own mind - tells you, will lead you to unimaginable outcomes. As you do this you will be criticized. And this is where you learn to become immune to criticism and praise - you become unfuckwithable.


  • How to be unfuckwithable: an elusive rare state of being where nothing can (or would even dare to) hold you back from your self-expression and visions.

  • Making failure your friend: one simple technique that allows you to redirect the energy of any failure, towards your ultimate success.

  • Self Fueled Goals: how to set goals that change your state of being so no one or no circumstance can mess with you.

Part 6: Becoming Bold

Too many of us live far below our potential. In part 6, you’ll learn to magnify your goals and vision so you live a life of no regrets and fully get to experience all the wonders of this human experience.


  • How to re-frame failure so you’re now immune to failure and fear. Failure as a mental construct can be completely removed from your life, allowing you to live boldly.

  • How to Find your Mission by embracing your past pain. Sometimes the hurt from our past can be used as breadcrumbs to help us find our future.

  • Why realism is not for you. How to be unrealistic and set goals that ordinary humans would not even think about.

  • How to take action on your goals so they come to you faster.

Part 7: Tapping into Intuition

As you set big goals, the question becomes, how do you get to them? In this section, you learn how to tap into altered states of consciousness to harness intuition to find the answers to move you towards your vision.


  • The science of intuition and why you need to harness this skill. The first step is learning how to use intuition as a guidance system so you make the right decisions in life: who to date, what job to take and so on.

  • How to make a dent in the world by harnessing intuition as a source of creativity and inspiration - so you can generate new ideas, new businesses and even new inventions on the fly.

  • How to create invisible counselors: mental & spiritual constructs that allow you to talk to higher intelligence and get wisdom and inspiration on demand.

Part 8: Bending Reality

In part 8, you’ll receive a new set of advanced tools and mind shifts for shifting outcomes in your favor. The result: you’ll be empowered to bend reality itself, and embrace your highest calling in life. What you learn here will permanently transform how you see yourself, and how you show up in the world.


  • The Law of Resonance: discover why the Universe doesn’t provide based on your desires, but on who you are (and how you can work with this phenomenon to design your optimal reality).

  • The scientific way to use your mind to heal and protect your body. This means being able to recover from illness faster, and even slowing down aging.

  • How to get extreme clarity on what you want so you can be laser-focused on manifesting your dreams.

Part 9: Embracing Your Calling

In the final part of Be Extraordinary, you’ll learn to understand your soul’s purpose on this planet. And how to merge your soul with any outcome you want (as long as it’s aligned) so you can bend the fabric of reality and move to your goals faster and with extreme ease.


  • The Merging Technique: the most advanced tool in this journey. You’ll learn how to mould the energy of any outcome you want, so you can resolve any problem or mess in your life and seemingly ‘influence reality’ to make any outcome or goal come to you with ease.

  • Becoming a servant to a higher calling: you’ll learn how to structure your goals so that what you’re seeking is in alignment with what is best for humanity and Earth.

  • The Power of Surrender: you’ll learn how to move into a state of surrender where goals don’t even matter anymore because the Universe acts through you.



bonus 1: CONSCIOUSNESS ENGINEERING program for hacking your systems and models of reality

bonus 2: THE 6 PHASE MEDITATION program for inner stillness and peak performance



The Be Extraordinary Journey>> is one of the world's best courses. It has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 78 (20 = healthy score; above 50 = world-class score) - NPS measures how much people love the product that they tell their friends and family about it. To give you a reference, Apple has an NPS rating of 76 for their computers. So you can be sure that you’ll be blown away by the transformation you’ll enjoy through this journey.

However, in the unlikely event that you aren’t completely wowed by the results, you can get a full refund within 10 days!

You can start the refund process HERE>>



To go through the journey again, you don't have to make further purchases of it!

Great thing about this online course is that it keeps being improved by the author and the publisher.

This means that you get the access to the latest strategists, methods, practices, knowledge and all other updates on expanding human consciousness for FREE!

You’re free to revisit different portions and brush up on specific techniques or lessons as often as you like.

What's more, you also have the option to join as many future intakes of The Be Extraordinary Journey>> intakes as you like. Meaning you can experience it over and over again.

Many students tell that retaking the journey is like re-reading a good book: you get to discover new things you didn’t notice, and deepen your learning each time. Plus you get to connect with even more like-minded people on the same journey as you.


➡ Enroll HERE>>





If you are a therapist, a Law Of Attraction expert, counselor, teacher... you can opt for a printable digital Certificate of Completion to recognize your The Be Extraordinary Journey>> graduation!

This is a terrific opportunity for you to expend your knowledge, master a new approach, and present it to your clients!

A Printable Digital Certificate of Completion of The Be Extraordinar Journey by Vishen Lakhiani


Do you feel as though you’re serving your highest calling?

Do you wake up everyday, feeling tapped into life and excited to get to work?

If you feel as though there is something missing, The Be Extraordinary Journey>> is for you.

This is an advanced curriculum, and it’s actually quite difficult to describe in words the way you will feel once you ascend to a higher state. For this reason, if you’re on the fence, try the journey out and experience it for yourself.


Most of us (maybe even you) are only scraping the surface of our immense potential to live extraordinary lives.

The ultimate key to unleashing that potential lies in elevating your consciousness.

But how do you raise something as complex and intangible as your state of consciousness?

Well, this is what The Be Extraordinary Journey>> does.

Unlike other ‘one-size-fits-all’ programs out there, this journey is about giving you the right tools you need to move from your current state, towards where you want and need to be in life.

And when you start ascending to the next level of your personal evolution, magical things start happening because you start releasing more and more resistance that was previously blocking you from manifesting your desires.


You'll be enrolling in a 30-day quest that takes you on a step-by-step journey to untangle your mind from the constructs of modern society with a unique set of tools. Which will put you in a state of limitless.

You'll learn how to:

  • Maintain happiness in the now with blissipline.

  • Create a vision for your future.

  • Sharpen and use your intuition to guide you.

  • Bend reality with advanced consciousness tools that go beyond visualization.

  • Rally people around your vision to bring it into reality faster and more magnificently.

  • And so much more.


If you are looking to really level up your personal growth, then The Be Extraordinary Journey>> will help you navigate this stage of your personal evolution.

If this describes you, you're in for an amazing journey.


If you’re passionate about exploring the science of human consciousness, you’re going to love it!

Enroll In Be Extraordinary Quest by Vishen Lakhiani

➡ Enroll HERE>>




Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

Did this technique WOW you? Share your WOW with me in the comment box below.

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