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How To Release Money Blocks Using The Source Energy?

Updated: Jul 27, 2020



This is for those who want to clean their energetic patterns that are blocking the natural flow of abundance and money in their life.

How To Release Abundance Blocks:

The key to liberating yourself from those blocks is to go to the Source Energy — the part of your personal energetic field known as your abundance frequency.

When you go to the Source Energy, your energy expands which means that you are in a state of being where you are able to heal parts of your energy field that are blocked. The more you expand, the more your energy shifts - and the more you are able to clear blocks that you picked up during your life.

If you don’t clear the root belief, you will keep on regressing into non-abundant frequencies.

The key to removing blocks is to vibrate on the abundance frequencies and from that vibrational place clear the limiting patterns.

Below you can experience the energy clearing method that allows you to access the higher part of you that

  1. knows where all of your resistance is, and

  2. helps you clean it.

Consequently, your vibrations raise and the natural flow of abundance and money can start flowing into your life effortlessly and joyfully!


Based on your beliefs and expectations about money, you make decisions and then attract physical manifestations. If you’re pleased with what you manifest, then your beliefs about money are empowering and positive. But if what comes back to you is not pleasing to you, then you’re blocked. There are some abundance blocks stuck in your energy that are blocking the natural flow of abundance. Because the well-being abounds. There’s no source of negative energy, there’s only the source of positive energy. And this energy of well-being flows to you all the time, constantly, it never ends. When you make your transition from physical into non-physical, you become one with this positive flow, this flow of well-being. Also, during meditation, when you achieve the state of no thought, that’s actually this state of complete well-being.

But if you’re blocked by a limiting belief, you’re not realizing the natural and effortless flow of well-being.

Even having one abundance block is enough to completely derail your life. But clearing your blocks is totally possible.

And once you release your abundance blocks, your vibration that you broadcast will automatically align itself with your goals! And suddenly, you'll find yourself making rapid progress.

This rapid progress happens because there’s no source of negative energy, there’s only source of positive energy!

And when you start releasing negative beliefs, with every release you make, you get a little bit closer to that flow, your energy becomes clearer, it becomes more positive, you start feeling lighter, you might even experience moments when you really feel that everything is okay – this is really an amazing feeling.

So when your energy gets closer to that stream of well-being, this stream is less blocked by your negative beliefs, there’s less resistance in it. This means that some really cool things that you’ve been wanting to manifest start showing up in your physical world.

You see, in the energy world manifestations happen instantly because in the energy realm there’s no resistance, but in physical world where the resistance is, they take a while.

This energy clearing method will open you on an energetic level and allow you to release blocked parts in your energy field into abundant frequencies of happiness, love, joy, freedom, and satisfaction that are natural to your inner being!



If you look around you, you'll see that there's a growing gap between the rich and the poor. The rich are getting wealthier and wealthier, and the poor are getting poorer and poorer. The gap is increasing.