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[REPLAY WEEKEND] 6-Figure Side Hustles Shows You How 27 Regular People Made It, And How You Can Too!

You’ve never seen anything like this before!

This format is epic for learning while also being super-engaging and entertaining!

If you missed your first chance to watch Free 6-Figure Side Hustles Docuseries...

All 9 episodes are available this weekend only, after that the series expires and won’t be available!
Free 6-Figure Side Hustles Docuseries

If you’re looking for a way to start attracting money that you desire and deserve by doing something you enjoy, then you might be interested in...

“6-Figure Side Hustles” FREE 9-part online docuseries


June 2nd at 7pm EST - June 4th at midnight EST

You probably feel that you were made for more. Watching this free series and learning from people who have done what you’re dreaming of may be your next step toward getting out of the rat race, and into your purpose.

It’s free, so what do you have to lose?

Each interview is full of ideas, encouragement, and paths to financial freedom and fulfillment.

It opens your eyes to what’s possible, and inspires you to keep attracting inspiration toward finding the “more” that you know is out there for you.

We all get 24 hours a day. The only way to create a 2nd, 3rd or 4th stream of income is to figure out how to do it in your spare time.

6-Figure Side Hustles is a fascinating docuseries that reveals how to hit 6-figures (or more) with over 2 dozen side hustles you can start in your spare time!

All of these side hustles are within reach of anyone looking for the money!

IMPORTANT: The series is free for a limited time!

The Replay Weekend (all episodes available to binge-watch): June 2nd - June 4th, 2023


Hypnotherapy & 6-Figure Side Hustles

There’s a powerful mental trigger session in each episode (people pay $25k for this) that multiplies your odds of starting a successful side hustle! This is more than entertainment - It’s a blueprint for financial freedom!

When you grab your free pass to watch the series for free through this page, you’ll hear from dozens of experts in 9 engaging episodes how

  • they built their personal side hustle business from scratch…

  • they went from earning a few hundred dollars, to 6-figures, and

  • many went beyond that to make millions, AND

  • how you can do the same thing by following their pattern.

At the end of each episode, there is a powerful surprise waiting for you that could just be the key to unlocking your full potential, and overcoming the biggest blocks to achieving massive success.

Legendary hypnotherapist Elliot Roe wraps up each session with powerful prompts that bypass the conscious mind! This easily triples the value you get out of each episode, and multiplies the likelihood of you achieving life-changing income.

He charges $25,000 for 10 sessions - and you get 9 sessions for FREE!

Elliot’s poker clients have won over $100,000,000 and nearly every major tournament title, including the World Series of Poker Main Event.

His clientele also includes Olympic medalists, UFC Champions, Hollywood actors, business executives and wall street traders.


Here are the speakers and the topics that they will present

🎥 Episode 1: Mike Filsaime, Stephen Gardner, Michael Hearne

1. Mike Filsaime (Money-Making Websites) shares
  • The “3 circles” method of finding your perfect side hustle, so that you start something

    • you love,

    • you’re good at, and

    • that pays you what you desire and deserve!

  • How to eliminate 18 “apps” you need to start a side hustle website (many don’t work & cost thousands a month!), and replace them with a single solution that is

    • easy to use,

    • actually makes you money, and

    • is FREE.

  • The 2 types of online marketing:

    • one will never work for your side hustle,

    • but the 2nd can turn your side hustle into a 7-figure (or more) business.

  • And the exact formula to make $1 MILLION dollars in any side hustle.

2. Stephen Gardner (YouTube Influencer) shares
  • How to make a full-time income as a YouTube influencer: Stephen shares

    • his surprising success formula,

    • and how to use “pattern recognition” to build your YouTube side hustle.

  • The truth about whether or not you need a studio, or expensive camera to become a YouTube star that will both please and possibly surprise you.

  • Why you don’t have to be an expert, or even have a large following to make millions a year from YouTube, and the 2-word income stream that makes it possible.

  • You’ll be shocked as Stephen undoes the lies and myths about making a living as a YouTube star! It’s within anyone’s reach!

3. Michael Hearne (6-Figure Writer) shares
  • The simple way to find your first clients as a freelance writer, and who you should talk to about your services so that you get paid top dollar.

  • You’ll also get

    • 2 different formulas for crafting a message that makes people want to buy from you (do this and you’ll be able to grow your income as large as you desire),

    • 2 artificial intelligence tools,

    • 4 specific services you can sell online (even if you have no skills), and

    • 2 platforms where you can find ready-to-pay clients for those services.

To wrap the episode, Elliot Roe will guide you through an exercise that will trigger you to become more confident instantly.
🎥 Episode 2: Kate Buck Jr, Brian Page, Rich Schefren

1. Kate Buck Jr (Social Media Money) shares
  • The “specialist” secret to getting top dollar for your services:

    • 5 areas of specialized services that pay the best, and

    • a 3-step process to land your first paying client in 24 hours, and have a thriving side hustle in 30 days!

  • A simple hack anyone can use to expand their service offerings beyond their own personal skills. This lets you add high paying services you don’t have to perform!

  • How to easily add 2 or new local clients every month, who each pay you $500+ monthly for simple services, in 1-2 hours a month, so you build up a full time income fast!

2. Brian Page (AirBnB Cash Flow) shares
  • The brain-dead simple way to find AirBnB properties right away and start making money within 48 hours without paying a down payment, taking on debt, or buying any property (teens, people with no education, full time employees). This works for anyone!

  • How he made $1600 net his first month, from a single property that has made him $1300 to $2000 a month ever since, and the exact steps that let Brian hit

    • 6-figures in his first 6 months, and

    • $300k his first year

  • Can you make 6-figures in small towns? What about rural areas? The answer will surprise you… and the #1 signal that tells you whether an area is good for short term rentals or not.

3. Rich Schefren (Side Hustle Success Wisdom) shares
  • The secret about business success he learned working for the Colombo crime family - a secret you can legally and ethically use today to change your life

  • The 2-word secret that

    • took a 1-page newspaper ad from pulling in 40 calls to 500 calls, and

    • how you can apply to any ad to multiply your results

  • The secret to selling a product BEFORE you make it, and

    • how Rich made a quarter of a million dollars in sales in one day off a product he hadn’t made yet! This is a technique anyone with a little knowledge can duplicate.

Elliot Roe wraps up the episode with a powerful mental trigger to take inspired action. The first step is the hardest, but not for you after this hypnotic trigger session!
🎥 Episode 3: Jason Hartman, James Wall, Chris Goegan

1. Jason Hartman (Rental Real Estate Income) shares
  • What the “no money down” real estate gurus have dead wrong – and what they get right.

  • How much money you really need to get started.

  • You’ll learn

    • the RV ratio for knowing where to invest,

    • the 4 things you should look for before picking a place to invest,

    • 3 commandments you must obey to truly succeed as a solo investor,

    • 2 places you should NEVER invest, and

    • how to pay a negative interest rate on real estate debt! This is a hidden wealth creator most people don’t know about and a big secret of the wealthy.

2. James Wall (1-Hour-a-day Trading Dollars) shares
  • How to

    • turn trading into a 1-hour-a-day side hustle that pays a full time income,

    • increase your income every time you trade,

    • cut your risk to the bone,

    • earn a 6-figure income from a $10k - $15k trading account balance, and how to get your account balance up to that level.

  • The #1 reason some people don’t do well with trading, even with all the same training and information as others, and how to eliminate this risk as a trader so you succeed.

3. Chris Goegan (Sales Consultant Cash Flow) shares
  • The #1 skill you need to succeed in any side hustle.

  • 4 secret skills that make people want to buy from you.

  • The 3 real reasons people buy.

  • 2 tools that turn anyone into a great salesperson, and

  • how to close deals in any niche, with any product or service.

  • You’ll learn the 2-step process that took a roofing company from $4M a year to $10M a year in revenue in just 2 hours a week that works in any business.

  • The #1 key to selling in 2023 that has changed radically over the last 2 years, and how making this shift will multiply your sales and make you the #1 solution in your market.

Elliot Roe hosts a powerful trigger session that eliminates your fear of failure - a mental block that causes you to fail before you even start.
This is possibly the #1 reason people never even try to start a side hustle. It’s also the reason why some people won’t support you in your quest to achieve freedom through a 6-figure side hustle - they’re afraid and think you should be too.
But after this hypnotic trigger session, you will erase the fear of failure and put it away permanently where it can never hurt you again. Prepare to achieve the impossible!
🎥 Episode 4: Roger Hamilton, Alison Prince, Liz Germain

1. Roger Hamilton (Side-Hustle Wealth) shares
  • Wisdom that has helped millions of people start to live a wealthier life. He shares

    • the 3-phases of entrepreneurship, and

    • how to quickly get to Phase 3 where the real money starts to flow.

  • 1 Japanese concept that allows you to achieve peak wealth AND peak health by pursuing your passion!

  • He dives into why NOW is the best time in history to become massively wealthy in any country in the world (no matter where you start today).

  • Why economic changes are forcing people to become entrepreneurs, and how to make sure you aren’t left behind.

  • The 3 types of capital, and which 2 will make sure you don’t lose everything in an economic downturn, and how to structure your bank accounts to make sure the extra money you make doesn't disappear!

2. Alison Prince (6-Figures Selling Simple Products) shares
  • Her inspiring story of escaping the fake narrative sold to hundreds of millions of people in school.

  • The trash can experience that opened Alison’s eyes to the fact that she could make a living online, and made her first $300 that same evening (this can turn literal “junk” that’s lying around the house into cold hard cash online).

  • How she paid off her minivan with a piece of wood she found behind her house (this secret could change your life), and the secret to picking what to sell online (HINT: knowing this all but guarantees you will make sales online).

  • Is this process simple?

    • Her 10 and 13 year-old daughters followed the blueprint and made their first 6-figures before starting high school (thousands of women have now used this same system to succeed).

    • This is game-changing insight!

3. Liz Germain (YouTube Star Cash Flow Formula) shares
  • This is one of the shorter interviews in the series, but it is packed with precise instructions you can act on. Liz gets really tactical on how to grow your YouTube income. You’ll learn

    • the #1 secret to creating a successful YouTube channel that almost everyone gets wrong, and

    • a simple question you can ask yourself to grow your channel to a 6-figure income.

  • What YouTube really is (HINT: It’s NOT social media):

    • how to truly understood the platform,

    • 3 specific tools that put you miles ahead of your competition and all but guarantees your content will get lots of views and income, and

    • how to find the perfect sweet spot for your video topics so that you can niche your way in and compete against established channels with hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and create a 6-figure income.

Elliot Roe will deal with a mental block we all face at some point when we try to level up: Imposter Syndrome.
Imposter syndrome makes you shrink in the presence of the very people you need to level up. It stops you from contacting them. Then there’s the mental anguish.
But after this trigger session, you will be bold in the presence of those you respect and admire. And comfortable in your own skin.
🎥 Episode 5: Jonathan Foltz, Iman Aghay, Laura Catella Georgi

1. Jonathan Foltz (Side Money Secrets) shares
  • Why a high IQ is no longer the best way to succeed:

    • 2 important ways to get ahead in today’s AI-powered world,

    • how AI could end 75% of jobs, and

    • why this will make people with a side hustle who know about one specific AI tool rich.

  • The 1st step to take if you’ve never started a side hustle to make sure you succeed:

    • 1 specific online side hustle anyone can start today for about $200, that cost over $40,000 just 5 years ago, and

    • 3 specific types of online businesses you can start today without any products, and 3 platforms where you can find buyers so you get paid!

2. Iman Aghay (From ZERO to 6-Figure) shares
  • How being 17 days away from homeless forced Iman into his 1st side hustle:

    • selling a service he didn’t know how to do,

    • what he did to get his first sale, and

    • exactly how he scaled it beyond 6-figures in a few months (anyone can follow this blueprint)

  • A simple but unusual technique Iman learned after failing to sell his course, that anyone with a product or service idea can use to find their1st clients, and start getting paid

  • The 1 question you should ask yourself the day you start your side hustle that gets you in the game FAST.

3. Laura Catella Georgi (6-Figure Writer Secrets) shares
  • The best way to become a high-paid writer:

    • Master this type of writing and you’ll never be short of money - whether you write for yourself or get paid to write for others.

  • How a single online forum post made her $600 overnight, and kicked off a 6-figure side hustle that lasted 10 years.

  • How she leveraged her side hustle to get into bigger deals, and create a secondary stream of income

  • How any service provider can follow this exact model!

Elliot Roe wraps up the episode by eliminating the dream killer called procrastination aka "I’ll do it tomorrow" syndrome.
🎥 Episode 6: James Altucher, Verne Harnish, Anna MacFarlane

1. James Altucher (Paving Your Own Path to 6-Figures+) shares
  • Why following your passion is much more rewarding than following the money, and

    • how you can enjoy both with a side hustle.

  • A very unique networking technique that James used to get the most successful investors on the planet to respond to him when they had no idea who he was - apply this technique and you’ll be shocked at who you can reach!

  • How a 10 cent waiter’s order pad helped James raise millions of dollars from Wall Street insiders.

  • The super simple way you can use to create a successful side hustle.

2. Verne Harnish (Scaling Beyond the Side Hustle) shares
  • The #1 element that will determine success or failure in any side hustle or business:

    • try to fight this overwhelming force and you are sure to lose, or

    • align yourself with it and you’ll look like a business genius.

  • The key to setting the right price for your product or service:

    • how slightly tweaking the way you present your pricing increases income by 26%, and

    • how one addition to your offer can drive revenue up 250% or more!

  • How to manage a business of ANY size in 1 half-day a week:

    • how to scale as large as you desire in 7 minutes a day with 3 easy questions and 1 simple rule, and

    • how to invest the rest of your time to add fuel to revenue growth

3. Anna MacFarlane (Freelance Marketing Consultant Income) shares marketing secrets (that can make you a fortune in any side hustle) like:
  • What most people get wrong about their “brand”, and how you should think about yours so that you get it right meaning you make more money!

  • How to figure out what kind of a side hustle you should start if you aren’t sure:

    • answer this one simple question and

    • you’ll instantly know how you can start making money

  • The easiest way for most people to reach their ideal clients or customers online, and

    • 3 specific things you should tell them so that they instantly know they should give you money

Elliot Roe helps you tame the chaos in your life so that you never have to spend another day dealing with the things that stress you out and make you worry.
🎥 Episode 7: Igor Kheifets, Robert G. Allen, Corinne Parkinsons

1. Igor Kheifets (6-Figure e-Farming) shares
  • Why businesses will gladly pay big money to “e-farmers”:

    • how Igor used this fact to escape a low-wage job working with toxic waste, and

    • went on to make over $10,000 a month before he quit his job.

  • How you can

    • create as many e-farms as you want, and

    • set them up so they automatically make you more and more money every month (this has nothing to do with crypto or Bitcoin).

  • 3 simple steps anyone can take to create their first e-farm income that continues to grow and doesn’t depend on how many hours you work by tapping into “done-for-you income streams” so you don’t need your own product or service.

2. Robert G. Allen (Real Estate Riches) shares
  • How to get paid big chunks of cash to get started as a real estate investor if you have no money, no assets and nothing to offer other than the desire to get in the game.

  • The fascinating story of when the LA Times challenged Robert to go to a new city with only $100 and close a real estate deal with no money down in less than 72 hours, and

    • exactly how he won the challenge!

  • The 3 skills you need to become a highly successful real estate investor (all broken down in simple English so anyone can understand them):

    • the #1 lie about making money, and

    • the 4 C’s of funding deals.

3. Corinne Parkinsons (Amazon Income) shares
  • How anyone can start an Amazon business for a few hundred dollars and grow that into a massive cash flow:

    • how to identify exactly what you should sell, and

    • where to find any product at wholesale.

  • One brain-dead simple trick to getting over 100 MILLION people to choose your product over a competitor’s (HINT: it cuts your work in half and makes you more money!)

  • How you can start selling items on Amazon using someone else’s listing, complete with product photos, description, and instant product ratings. All that’s done for you when you follow these easy steps and start collecting income.

Elliot Roe will trigger your full “Networking” potential. Your network is your net worth. But most people lack the mindset to be with high-earners & high-achievers. Not you after this trigger session. You'll become a networking beast!
🎥 Episode 8: Robert G. Allen, Jason Katzenback and Michael McClary, Rick Sapio

1. Robert G. Allen (More Real Estate Riches) shares
  • How to win in today’s hyper-competitive real estate markets by using specific strategies that have NEVER existed before in history.

  • The 2 biggest mistakes that newbie investors make:

    • learn how to keep from screwing them up on your first deal!

  • The 5 questions you must ask every property owner to discover whether you have a deal or not.

  • The massive difference between houses and commercial real estate:

    • why understanding this simple principle can make you millions in markets where house deals don’t pay off.

2. Jason Katzenback and Michael McClary (Amazon Millions) shares
  • How to make 6-figures a year or a MONTH in just 1-2 hours a day selling on Amazon:

    • without manufacturing a single item, and

    • a simple 2-pronged strategy to hit the top of the listings in a couple of weeks where you capture most of the sales.

  • The dirty little secret of the manufacturing world that big brands hope you never find out because then you’ll have access to the exact same products they pretend are their own at wholesale prices!

  • A hidden Amazon listing field that most people don’t even know exists that will get your product exposure far beyond just the primary search terms for your product:

    • tweaking this increased sales for one of their students by 20% overnight!

3. Rick Sapio (Life & Money Success Hacks) shares
  • How to break out of the unconscious habits that make up 95% of our daily activities, so that you establish new patterns that lead to better outcomes:

    • this is the key to breaking through financial ceilings and achieving the next level of freedom.

  • What is the difference between the wealthiest 1% and everyone else? The answer will surprise you:

    • if you make this simple but not easy change, the money will follow.

  • What is leverage?

    • Understanding the answer to that question will accelerate your results beyond what you can imagine, and simplify your life while increasing the odds that you succeed in your side hustle or business.

Elliot Roe will help you move past your limiting beliefs (everyone has them and they are the proverbial glass ceiling we can’t get past)
🎥 Episode 9: Jason Fladlien, Marcus De Maria, Dean Graziosi

1. Jason Fladlien (Amazon Cash Flow) shares
  • How to quickly start a 6-figure side business selling products on Amazon:

    • Jason’s story and how he’s taught 15,000 other people to do the same, and

    • the exact steps to get started the fastest.

2. Marcus De Maria (Stock Trading Income) shares
  • Why waiting until you have money to start trading is a massive mistake.

  • How you can start trading TODAY even if you’re dead broke.

3. Dean Graziosi (From Zero to Ultra-Wealthy) shares
  • How his side hustler mentality turned into a billion dollar brand that has impacted millions of lives and given him the life people dream of:

    • follow this formula for whatever level of financial freedom you desire.

Elliot Roe will program your mind to build wealth.

Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

Did this technique WOW you? Share your WOW with me in the comment box below.


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