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How To Release Limiting Beliefs, Mental Blocks & Disempowering Thought Patterns With A 5-Step En

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

5 Steps For Releasing Limiting Beliefs, Abundance Blocks And Disempowering Thought Patterns With Energy Clearing Method

Manifesting anything is basically a sum total of all your energy frequencies and the patterns you received in your life that make up of your thoughts, ideas, judgments about abundance...

There are thousands of ways that we block our manifestations. These stories and programmed patterns can block the very thing we are trying to create in our field of energy. If everyone changed these they would never ever ever have any issue ever again.

Everything is connected. That's why, when one area of your life is unbalanced, everything else seems so much harder.

The Universe wants you to be abundant.

Living in abundance means releasing your mind from the negative and limiting programming that is dragging you down.

You were designed to attract money and success. And the only thing that's stopping you from doing that right now is your energetic frequency.

The Universe wants to deliver to you abundance of all kinds! But if you’re broadcasting a signal of "poor" it can’t because the vibration of "poor" and the vibration of "abundant" are 2 completely different vibrations that don’t match!



Be more aware of

  • your limiting beliefs,

  • their power and

  • whether they harmonize with your desires.

A belief is a practiced vibration that you can sense on an emotional level! Maybe you can’t verbalize the block but you can feel lower emotions that indicate the activation of a belief that is not serving you. This vibration was activated because its energy is stored in your energy field! You have to clear that energy in order to stop splitting it. In the videos below, it's presented how you can do that.

If you've got practiced vibrations about your desires but contradictory practiced vibrations about how you don't believe in them, then you're experiencing split energy.

In practical terms this means:

  • A desire that has a lot of momentum and no resistance (blocks), it’s ecstasy.

  • A desire that has a lot of momentum and a lot of resistance, it’s miserable.

  • A desire that has no much momentum and no resistance, is the beginning of every manifestation you want – your thoughts begin to turn to things.



You have a thought. This thought vibrates at a certain frequency (the emotion that the thought produces within you). You are now focusing to that frequency meaning that your state of being (mood), mind and body are starting to broadcast that frequency. As a consequence, you receive more thoughts and experiences of a similar vibration as the frequency you tune yourself to.

In other words, you are a vibrational being that broadcasts a signal; this signal attracts back to you things, people and experiences of the same energy as your signal.

To understand better: When a radio is tuned to the 98.7FM frequency, it will only play songs broadcasted at that wavelength; it cannot receive the songs being played over 101FM – you know it’s not possible.

This is how the momentum is built around a certain frequency. When the momentum is built, all that you can perceive is that which belong to that frequency.

In practical terms:

  • If you focus on a problem, you can’t see the solution!

  • If you focus on a question, you can’t hear the answer.

You probably remember that when you started complaining about something, more and more reasons for complaining showed up. You added to that "complaining momentum" by continuing thinking about them. You just couldn’t stop complaining – this is because you didn’t stop the momentum at early stages when it was not so strong.

When you practice the same momentum over and over again, you forget that there are plenty of other frequencies available to you that you can deliberately tune yourself to. Frequencies that produce wonderful shifts in your life

When the vibration of a limiting belief is stronger than the vibration of a desire, you become discouraged and give up. But it doesn't have to be that way BECAUSE YOU CAN CLEAR THESE ENERGY PATTERNS!



The key to liberating yourself from them is to go to the Source Energy — the part of your personal energetic field known as your abundance frequency.

When you go to the Source Energy, your energy expands which means that you are in a state of being where you are able to heal parts of your energy field that are blocked.

The more you expand, the more your energy shifts and the more you are able to clear blocks that you picked up during your life.


If you don’t clear the root belief, you will keep on regressing into non-abundant frequencies. The key to removing blocks is to vibrate on the abundance frequencies and clear the limiting thought patterns.



Think about the problem you want to solve, or something that annoys you. It could be anything – lack of love, lack of money, specific illness or pain, conflict with your boss, spouse, co-worker, kid…


"Firstly, you have to connect to the abundance frequency. You cannot feel fear in the same way if you are connected to the light. The light can be any higher power you believe in (God, the Universe, the Presence…). You naturally connect to the abundance frequency when you pray or meditate (this is the time when you take your energy really up and connect to source energy - the light)."

How to connect to the light:

  • Close your eyes & roll them up a little bit.

  • Take your energy up about 300 feet (90 meters) above your head – there's a dimension that opens, & you see, sense or feel the source energy (the light). Some people see the light, some people feel the light - whatever works for you is totally Okay.

  • Imagine this light coming in your body from above through your crown chakra (top of your head).

  • Imagine it flowing through your whole body.

  • Imagine the light going through your feet into the center of the planet – there's a dimension where it feels like mother’s love.

  • Imagine the light bouncing back from the center of the planet into your feet – like a trampoline.

  • Imagine this light flowing up through your legs, your knees, your thighs, your hips, & your heart.

  • Imagine that your heart is the energy that’s now met – imagine a big energy ball in your heart.

  • You’re now connected from ABOVE & BELOW in the center of your heart.


"We are infinite beings. We don’t flow just one way. We flow from every direction. You bring in light from everywhere, and expand it out, so your energy is giving and receiving simultaneously."

How to expand the light from your heart:

  • Imagine that this energy ball in your heart expands like a big sunshine about 12 to 15 feet (3 to 5 meters) around your whole body.

  • Imagine expanding the energy (this sunshine) past the BUILDING you’re in, & send it love & blessings, & thank it for supporting you.

  • Imagine expanding the energy past the CITY you’re in, & send love & blessings to everybody in that city.

  • Imagine expanding the energy past the STATE you’re in, & send love & blessings to everybody in that STATE.

  • Imagine expanding the energy past the COUNTRY you’re in, & send love & blessings to everybody in that COUNTRY, so that everybody gets a little new awareness, a little consciousness, a little happy, a little abundance, a lot of abundance.

  • Imagine expanding the energy past the PLANET you’re in, & send love & blessings to everybody on that PLANET knowing that you’re connected to everybody and everything and it's safe, right & good for you to be here right now doing that.


"You detail your problem by asking questions. Sometimes you won’t get the answer, and that’s fine. Silent your mind, and listen to your intuition."

Whit the problem that you want to solve in your mind, ask the following questions:

What is the first age I ever felt…? Sad, angry, isolated…

Who did I duplicate it from - from myself, my mother, my father, or anyone or anything else? Could be more than one person/institution/media...

What is the emotion attached to it? Could be multiple emotions.

Where is it located in, on or around my body?


"You're going to delete it across every field of energy that you could possibly imagine that you are plugged into at some level. Then you are going to uncreate it which means we are going to unplug the energy from the first moment you created it, and you're going to go back in time and pull it out like a big weed even if it was millions of lifetimes ago. The other clearing part, I say the word “destroy”. You're taking out the story in your field of energy, because the story has all these lies and untruths plugged into it. Sometimes I change the word destroy for destory. The reason that I do that, energy can't be blown up but the story around it can be blown up. We're basically just taking all the lies out of the story.

This light you are connected to is basically your infinite self. Your infinite self can decide something and make it be different. It can destroy the old story that is holding you back and sabotaging you, and create a space for new, prosperous story. The place in, on or around your body where you located the problem, is full of dense energy of the old story. In that dense energy are thoughts, beliefs, ideas, decisions, and conclusions about the event, and feelings… that form this old story."

You are going to target the blocked area of your body with a visualization of the light energy in order to remove the stagnant energy permanently.

How to clear the root of the problem:

Bring a lot of the light from above and below (the light that you connected to a while ago) to the part where you located the problem (question number 4) – this part is holding a lot of dense energy of the old story you want to destroy.

Imagine that this light is vaporizing, disintegrating & breaking up that dense energy of this old story – imagine parts of this dense energy falling & disappearing.

While the light is vaporizing this old story, say the following mantra 3 times:

I clear & transmute this energy across all time, dimensions, space & realities.

TRANSMUTATION means vaporizing the dense energy of the old story.

TIME: This story or pattern was stuck during certain time.

DIMENSIONS: As infinite beings, we have multiple dimensions – we have body, emotional level, mental level, & soul level.

SPACE: This story happened in certain space & it was locked there.

REALITIES: We made this old story real – when we decide something long enough, it becomes part of our reality.


Ask the following question:

What would it take for me to ___________?

Fill in the blank space with the opposite of the old story you vaporized in the step 4. Examples: to feel safe, to earn 10,000 per month, to manifest the love of my life, to lose weight, for an extra million dollar idea to show up in my world…

"When you ask “What would it take…" you are expanding your energy out into the Universe to allow unlimited possibilities to show up. The Universe has millions ways to bring us what we want, but when you decide that something has to show up in the specific way, you are limiting the Universe! When you say "What would it take for me to manifest the trip to Spain" you are allowing the Universe to decide in which way the trip will be manifested. Don’t limit yourself & the Universe by focusing on the ways – by doing this you are just lengthening the manifestation process. You don’t have to know how it will play out for you, just allow it to come."

Now go and delete stories that don’t serve you :):):)



Experience Free Energy Clearing Sessions And Release Limiting Beliefs And Disempowering Thought Patterns That Are Blocking Your Natural Flow Of Abundance

Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

Did this technique WOW you? Share your WOW with me in the comment box below.

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