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Life Envisioning Process - One Of The World’s Most Powerful Method For A Breakthrough

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Life Envisioning Method - do you know what you really want in life?

What you're about to learn will probably be the most interesting concept of success you've ever come across.

Most of us measure success based on a single metric such as:

  • the amount of money in our bank account,

  • how well our career is doing,

  • if we are going to get married and so on.

But that's not how truly exceptional people think.

They play by a different set of rules.


Furthermore, the average person steps into the New Year with two types of vague goals:

  1. CAREER, and

  2. MONEY.

In fact, a recent Statista study showed that 53% of people’s resolutions are solely to save more money.

Now, while your career and wealth are important - did you know there are actually 12 dimensions of life that shape your overall success and happiness:

1. Physical

2. Intellectual

3. Emotional

4. Character

5. Spiritual

6. Romantic

7. Parenting

8. Social

9. Financial

10. Career

11. Quality of Life

12. Life Vision

Most of us only ever set goals in one or two of those dimensions.

Many of us even believe we need to sacrifice some areas of life, in order to have success in others.

As a result, we often end up feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and incomplete - even after getting that promotion or raise.

The reason this happens is simple:

The very idea of traditional goal setting and New Year resolutions is BROKEN.


According to life design experts Jon and Missy Butcher, what we should be doing instead is to

  1. examine our entire lives, and

  2. define our personal vision of success through a process known as Life Envisioning.


Jon and Missy Butcher have created success, happiness and fulfillment in all 12 categories of their lives...

...from his love relationship to friendships to busi