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Experience One Simple Success Ritual For An Extraordinary Life

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Life Envisioning Method - do you know what you really want in life?

What if an extraordinary life is just one simple success ritual away? The billion-dollar ritual that will turn your life around...


The difference between the person you are today and the person you want to be lies in one thing:

It is the consistent practice of specific, well-thought out, powerful rituals EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

If you can incorporate the right rituals in your life and do them on a consistent basis, nothing will stop you.

It’s as if the Universe will shift to bring forth the reality that you desire.

The right success ritual gets the Universe itself on your side.


Jon Butcher, the billion-dollar entrepreneur who swears that the mysterious ritual is the key to success


Jon is a billion-dollar entrepreneur, but he’s far more than a business expert.

He’s in his 50s and looks at least a decade younger, but he’s more than a wellness expert.

He’s got a fairytale romance with his wife Missy after decades of marriage, but - you guessed it - he’s more than a relationship expert.

Jon is a mentor of LIFE.

Because he's achieved what some might say is impossible:

He’s created extraordinary success in every area of his life. On his own terms. And without sacrifice or compromise.

Jon credits his success to one ritual in particular.

It’s a ritual that keeps him connected to what he really wants in life.

And that gives him the clarity, momentum, and personal power to get it all.


How can one practice make such a big impact?

You'll see for yourself in this blog post AND feel free to apply it in your own personal growth!

And no, it’s not meditation, or visualization, or yoga:)


What you're about to learn will probably be the most interesting concept of success you've ever come across.

Most of us measure success based on a single metric such as:

  • the amount of money in our bank account,

  • how well our career is doing,

  • if we are going to get married and so on.

But that's not how truly exceptional people think.

They play by a different set of rules.