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How To Redesign Your Life In A Global Crisis And Uncertain Times?

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

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There are always those who thrive when masses are dying of sickness. There are always those who thrive economically when economic decline seems to be the order of your nation. There are always those who are clear-minded in environments of confusion. You do not need everyone or anyone else to align with your desire - only you need to align with your desire. ~ Abraham Hicks

2020 started off with so much promise.

There were so many ambitious goals you wanted to achieve this year.

Then the world turned upside down in a heartbeat.

And now, many of those goals suddenly feel out of reach.

But there’s something about a crisis that makes us re-evaluate our priorities in life.

Things like our health. Our most important relationships. Our spiritual beliefs. Our emotional resiliency. And more.

And likely, you’ve started to rethink what you truly want out of life.

But with so much chaos happening around you, it’s extremely tough to get any clarity you need to move forwards.

Which is why you need a system.

A system that allows you to really dig deep into

  1. who you want to be,

  2. what you really want,

  3. why you want it, and

  4. how to get it all in life – no matter how crazy the world gets.


And there is such a system.

It’s called Lifebook.

It was created by a man named Jon Butcher.

And he has used this system to achieve what some might say is impossible:

He’s created extraordinary success in every area of his life. On his own terms. And without sacrifice or compromise.


Alongside his wife Missy, they filmed a life-changing video on

  1. how this system works and

  2. how you can start applying it in your life today.

You can watch it below.

And by the end of this video, you’ll also create one of the most important documents of your life.

It may only end up being just two pages long.

But it has the power to keep you connected to what you really want in life.

So you have the clarity, momentum, and personal power you need to pursue everything you desire in spite of these uncertain times.

If you want a balanced life, you need this 2-page document!

Try it out for yourself by watching this video below!



The 4-Step Process To Redesign Your Life And Get Crystal Clear On What You Desire To Achieve In 12 Different Areas Of Your Life

by Jon and Missy Butcher




In the videos below, you’ll

  1. Experience the premium $1,250 Lifebook Online program for free - Receive a personal invitation from Jon and Missy to their signature program at the end of the video - and take the next steps to designing your ultimate life.

  2. Get crystal-clear on what your truly want in life - Discover 4 powerful questions to ask yourself to create a powerful Life Vision that’s aligned with your truest desires.

  3. Learn how to live a life without sacrifice or compromises - Rise above the false paradigm of sacrifice and learn how to redesign your vision of success in all 12 dimensions of life.

  4. Also, you can experience a 9-minute guided visualization session that instantly brings your unique Life Vision into crystal-clear clarity!

In other words, you'll learn how you can have it all without struggle or sacrifice because sacrifice is BULLSHIT - YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL!
You know what Abraham say, right?
The Lifebook Online Course by Jon And Missy Butcher – The Life Envisioning Process That Allows You To Experience An Extraordinary Breakthrough (Not Just In 2019 But Beyond!) That You’ve Been Looking For!

Today Jon and Missy Butcher are experts in transcending goal-setting.

They live a billionaire lifestyle that consists of travelling the world and enjoying different cultures, but it didn’t happen overnight. Jon Butcher is a mental health advocate who struggled with extreme anxiety for many years.

During this time when he was overwhelmed with anxiety, he wanted to change his family’s lifestyle. This is when he and his wife Missy developed a personal development program called the Lifebook.

In this video, this dynamic power couple share their perspective on how specific goal-setting motivates you to plan an extraordinary life.

By exploring 12 different areas of your life, Lifebook takes you on your own journey of self-discovery that sets the path to your destiny.

Need help with parenting? Jon and Missy have assisted parents who experienced challenges in raising teenagers in today’s digital age. Raising four kids themselves, they can help.

Have relationship challenges? They have counselled married couples who were on the brink of divorce to rekindle the passion that once brought them together in the first place.

This video gives you a preview at how you can redesign your life with goal-setting to achieve a billionaire lifestyle.

If you thought a luxury lifestyle was out of the question, Jon and Missy Butcher’s Lifebook helps you plan your life vision. The way they see it, the universe is yours to discover.

This global nomad couple has taken their joint entrepreneurship to great places, while travelling the world with their four children. Together, they have helped 19+ business ventures worldwide.



Jon and Missy’s Life Envisioning method is a global phenomenon. Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide swear by it - in the video below, you’ll discover exactly how to use it to shape your own vision of success in the 12 dimensions of your life.

What separates Life Envisioning method from any other goal-setting or personal growth system is how it trains you to ask yourself:

"Is my idea of success really my own? Or is it a projection forced on me by society and the limiting beliefs I’ve been conditioned with?"

Then, by guiding you through 12 key areas of your life, Jon and Missy empower you to create your own personal game plan for success that keeps you constantly motivated, and aligned with the choices that will lead to your highest quality of life.

And that empowers you to have it all: the success, the relationships, the health, the fulfillment – without having to sacrifice one for the other.


Lifebook is the premier lifestyle design process that

  1. helps re-train your brain to think beyond the outdated, industrial age models of success,

  2. and instead frees you to re-define your own levels of success in all 12 categories of life.

You will discover a powerful framework designed to help you align every single one of your goals into one compelling vision of your life that

  • empowers you and

  • fuels you to have it all: the success, the relationships, the health, the fulfillment – without having to sacrifice one for the other.

This is the secret sauce. This is what makes so many people - including some of the world’s top super-achievers - swear by Lifebook and the sheer ongoing impact it triggers in their lives.



Feel forced to make sacrifices in life?

Many of us even believe we need to sacrifice some areas of life, in order to have success in others.

As a result, we often end up feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and incomplete - even after getting that promotion or raise.

In times of uncertainty, you need CLARITY. Here’s how…

With the state the world is in right now…

It can feel like life has been an endless series of trade-offs we can’t win.

If you’re feeling pressured to sacrifice one area of your life just to keep another afloat, you’re not alone.

These are, after all, unprecedented times for all of us.

But the real reason we end up making these sacrifices has less to do with the crisis we’re in!

It has more to do with the fact that most of us are clueless as to what we really want, or how to get it.

Because often, what we think we want is simply a projection forced on us by others.

What we should do instead, according to lifestyle design experts Jon and Missy Butcher, is to

  1. examine our entire lives, and

  2. define our personal vision of success by creating something they call a Life Vision.

And there’s nothing more important you can do for yourself than redefining what is truly important in your life.

Creating a Life Vision is the life-changing process that Jon and his wife Missy use to create extraordinary outcomes in all 12 dimensions of life, all at once:

  • They are financially free with a portfolio of socially responsible companies.

  • They are grandparents in their 50s, yet are also in the best shape of their lives.

  • They enjoy a thrilling romance even after decades of marriage.