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How To Stop Worrying About Money & Make Peace With It?

Updated: Feb 15, 2021

How To Become Immune To Struggle And Suffering?

The video below is available in Spanish, too.

As you observe the enormous differences in the effort that people apply and the results they achieve, you have to conclude that there is more to the equation of achieving than action alone.
Do not let others set the standard about how much money you should have, or about what you should do with it, for you are the only one who could ever accurately define that. ~ Abraham Hicks

Why is there so much fear and drama surrounding money?

Why do most hardworking people struggle with money?

Why does money have to control every area of life?

Why is money so hard to earn, yet so easy to lose?

Why are so many rich people unhappy?

If you’re dealing with financial uncertainty, mounting debt, or if you constantly feel you don’t have enough to live your best life - then you may have asked questions just questions like these.

If this sounds familiar to you, then you have not let go of your childhood money wounds.


Could a dis-empowering money story in your head be quietly keeping you stuck in a financial rut?

When you hear the word money - what’s the first word that comes to your mind?

For many, it’s...

  • Anxious.

  • Worry.

  • Stress.

Money is a loaded topic in many of our lives. But why is it that we rarely ever talk about it?

And why is it that almost no one teaches us how to deal with money in a way that removes all the stress, frustration and worry from our lives?


If you ever had financial worries or money stress…

The key is not to save more or to make more!

It’s about changing your relationship with money.



The Japanese Art of Healing Your Money Wounds:

How To Rise Above Your Negative Beliefs, Build The Wealth You Desire And Finally Make Peace With Your Money

by Ken Honda


In this teaching, you'll

  1. Work on two common mental models that you have around money that hold you back from wealth. They are powerful aspects of Money EQ.

  2. Learn practical systems on how to change your energy around money. You’ll learn The Arigato Technique, and be guided through a 10-minute meditation for healing your money wounds and creating a greater flow of HAPPY MONEY (This meditation allows you to make peace with your money so growing your wealth becomes second nature.).


Ken Honda is not your regular financial expert.

He is Japan’s most influential money teacher and bestselling author with more than 8 million books sold worldwide who built multiple successful businesses in his 20’s and achieved ultimate financial freedom at just 29.

In his home country he is known as the Zen Millionaire.

As a young boy, Ken discovered the hard way just how much of an impact money can have on our lives. After learning of a family friend who took both his own life and the lives of his family due to a run-in with loan sharks, Ken became determined to understand why something as ubiquitous as money could have such a deep influence on our behavior.

And in some cases, with very tragic outcomes.

His entire teaching poses simple yet profound questions:

What if you could finally make peace with your money no matter how much you make and how much you have saved up?
What if there was a way for you to build the wealth you desire that has nothing to do with what you know and how much you know?

In this teaching, he answers these questions and more.


After surveying over 12,000 self-made millionaires, while being mentored by the late Wahei Takeda (the 'Warren Buffett of Japan'), he began noticing common patterns among them that allowed them to become wealthy, happy and fulfilled.

Building sustainable wealth was less about Money IQ (business and investment strategies) and more about Money EQ (our emotional intelligence surrounding money)!

And in this teaching, Ken shares 3 most common patterns. He also shares his most profound insights and techniques on the art of mastering your money so you can heal your money wounds, dissolve your financial worries, build the level of wealth you’ve always desired, and finally make peace with your money.

If you apply just ONE of these techniques, chances are it will eliminate your fears and worries about money for good - no matter your current financial situation.

You'll learn how to

  1. dissolve your financial worries,

  2. build the wealth you desire, and

  3. finally make peace with your money.


In short, if you’ve been trying to improve your finances and stop worrying about your financial situation, but nothing has worked for you – then you want to participate in this teaching.

More than ever we need someone like Ken teaching us the true meaning of Happy Money. ~ Lisa Nichols

How To Stop Worrying About Money by Ken Honda

Have a piece of paper and pen ready to take notes!

Video highlights:

[00:01:54] Money Quiz: The Most Negative Beliefs About Money – During the teaching you're going to disrupt many of them so that you can experience an immediate rise in your levels of wealth!


[00:10:31] How Ken got so fascinated with the energy of money

[00:14:51] 3 surprising and unexpected qualities of self-made millionaire (none of them has nothing to do with education, marketing strategies…)

[00:15:46] What really determines long-term wealth? What is Money EQ?

[00:17:17] Making stupid mistakes because of not being emotionally mature.

[00:18:23] Japan has the highest number of millionaires per capita out of any country in the world.

[00:18:41] MONEY WOUNDS (limiting beliefs around money that, in case you have them, you want to disrupt)

Money EQ is related to money wounds. These wounds make up our attitudes and emotions about money, which we inherited from our parents. Their debt and wounds become ours. ~ Ken Honda

[00:21:26] Why earning more will never make you feel rich.

[00:22:41] When you’ll feel secure

You can be rich but you are never truly going to feel rich until you shift your mindset around money to the mental model that the money, I need flows to me when I need it. That’s when the feeling of being wealthy really comes about.

[00:25:28] THE 3 LEVELS OF WEALTH PERCEPTION (Learning about money in a Zen way): How to radically shift your outlook on wealth so you can start experiencing life where you’re practically BREATHING IN MONEY - This is abundance-on-demand mindset that will quickly shift you towards a more wealthy, prosperous and secure reality.

[00:29:29] 3 MONEY EQ TYPES – Money Quiz to determine which type you are

[00:35:05] Money wounds for specific Money EQ Type

[00:37:40] Your Money Container – a reflection of your inner capacity to receive money.


  1. [00:40:01] HEAL YOUR MONEY WOUNDS - A 10-Minute Guided Meditation by brain trainer Dr. Scott Mills that allows you to make peace with your money so growing your wealth becomes second nature.

  2. [00:51:05] THE ARIGATO TECHNIQUE (How to grow your Money Container) - The secret technique investor Wahei Takeda used that fundamentally transformed his relationship with money and helped immortalize him as the Warren Buffett of Japan


The 21-Day Money EQ Journey>>

El Arte Japonés de las Finanzas Saludables de Ken Honda

Únete al programa>>

The Art of Raising Your Money EQ: Release All Fears, Stress And Limiting Beliefs Surrounding Money, Be In Harmony With Your Wealth, And Rewire Your Mind For Financial Prosperity


Join The 21-Day Money EQ Journey>> where Ken Honda, Japan's Number 1 Money Teacher, guides you into your psyche as you clear your underlying money beliefs that have held you back so you can fundamentally transform your personal relationship with money.

And in turn, you'll naturally attract wealth and prosperity into your life.

If you are new to Ken Honda, know that this isn’t your typical financial or money course! Ken won’t tell you what stocks to invest in, how to buy a property or how to negotiate with your boss for a raise.

Instead, Ken will show you what your subconscious really thinks about money. And then he'll help you rewire your mind and elevate your money EQ – permanently.

Enroll In The 21-Day Money EQ Quest by Ken Honda


Spanish version HERE>>
  • Whether you have enough money left at the end of the month…

  • Whether you have saved enough for retirement…

  • Whether you will ever reach the levels of wealth you desire…

...All the negative feelings and emotions and financial worries you ever had about money will be gone, when you finish The Money EQ Journey>> by Ken Honda.

The Money EQ Journey will free you from your money wounds, trauma and negative financial programming from your past and even society.

The lessons that Ken teaches you will drastically shift your relationship with your money so you enjoy a stress-free life with money and live in abundance for good.

At the end of the 21 days, you'll stop stressing out about money — no matter your current financial situation.

You will internalize the mindset of the world’s wealthiest, happiest and most fulfilled people.

The Money EQ Journey will

  1. change your relationship with money,

  2. dissolve your financial worries, and

  3. allow you take a blissful path to build the wealth you desire.

Enroll In The 21-Day Money EQ Quest by Ken Honda


The Money EQ>> takes you on a 21-day journey towards releasing all deep-rooted negative blocks that are creating worry and stress around money. Divided into 3 weeks, the journey takes you through 15 brain retraining exercises and daily guidance by Ken Honda himself, designed to eliminate stress blocks and increase flow of wealth in your life.

What makes The Money EQ so unique is Ken’s selection of Brain Retraining exercises. These powerful exercises target the money wounds embedded in your brain: which are similar to limiting beliefs that your mind holds onto in order to keep you safe.

Each one is designed to help you either

  1. widen your capacity to receive money,

  2. use your money to its fullest potential, or

  3. channel your money towards the people and goals you believe in.

The Money EQ is designed to help you build a harmonious personal relationship with money – and in turn, elevate your wealth levels.

This journey draws on Ken’s personal research of interviewing 12,000 self-made millionaires in Japan - and uncovering the common threads of the happiest, wealthiest and most fulfilled people.

Japan has the highest number of millionaires per capita out of any country in the world.


Ken’s teachings are proven to be universally applicable. He has shared the principles found in this journey all over the world with people from all walks of life, with the same positive outcomes every time.

You are free to study the journey at your own pace, or experience it day-by-day in real-time with the global Money EQ online community.

The community is an integral part of the Money EQ experience. It’s one of the reasons you’re 8x more likely to complete the journey and benefit from it, compared to traditional online courses. You’re gaining the support of not only Ken, but thousands of like-minded people from across the world for the entire duration of the journey and beyond.


With the additional aid of 15 immersive brain retraining exercises designed to amplify your money EQ, you will:

  • Go from feeling like you work too hard for too little money to a state where money comes easily and smoothly, sometimes even from unexpected places.

  • Stop feeling worried about being able to just get by and instead, feel at ease knowing that the world is abundant and on your side.

  • No longer be prone to impulse purchases and poor money management but become an effortless money master that never runs out of funds prematurely.

  • Break any scarcity mindset that may cause you to hoard out of fear and instead feel liberated to generously give, often receiving more back in return.

  • Put an end to the constant wrestling with debt and instead, be able to manage debt confidently because you understand that not all debt is bad.

  • And so much more!


As a result of taking this journey>>, you will

  1. Experience complete freedom around money. Instead of feeling fear, stress, or negativity whenever you think of money, you’ll start thinking of money as your dear friend and you’ll gain the clarity, grit, and emotional strength to finally reclaim your freedom and peace of mind.

  2. Shift your financial habits. You’ll effortlessly break free from money-sapping habits like overspending and impulse buying, and even replace them with new habits that put money into your pocket.

  3. Become a money magnet: You will be in a state of free-flowing wealth, where money and opportunities will always be drawn to you.

  4. Be making better decisions and seizing bigger opportunities in every area of life. You will be amazed by what you will achieve in your career, health, and relationships, once you’re no longer held back by financial constraints.

  5. Start to see the world from a limitless mindset instead of a scarcity mindset. This alone will lift a tremendous weight off your shoulders. You will never feel like you don’t have enough or that you will run out of money one day.



Your money mindset - or as Ken calls it, your Money EQ - is the foundation of your financial success.

Practical financial wisdom is important, but on its own it cannot replace the impact of working on your relationship with money.

If you’re not satisfied with your current financial situation, raising your Money EQ is the crucial first step. When you do this, you’ll find yourself almost automatically drawing more wealth into your life. Your emotions and habits around money will change. And you’ll find yourself consistently making better financial decisions.

It is recommended to work on both your Money IQ and EQ.

But even if you never commit to learning more conventional financial wisdom, raising your Money EQ alone will already make a tremendous difference to your financial success.


The mind shifts and a-ha moments will happen daily, as you go through the 21-day journey. These changes will stick with you, and you’ll immediately find your thoughts, habits, and decisions about money changing for the better.

These internal shifts are what will lead you towards tangible positive changes in your income, debt, savings and investments in the weeks, months, and years to come. Just like Ken’s students around the world, you’ll experience these changes faster than you ever thought possible.



Unmanageable debt happens when you don’t have the right money mindset, knowledge, or mentors.

This is Ken’s specialty: he will show you precisely how to start overcoming debt, or any other financial challenge, by looking inwards and reprogramming yourself to have a new relationship with money.



You only need 20 minutes a day to follow the journey. You can even follow along on the go: like when you’re commuting or on your lunch break. In exchange for this tiny and temporary investment in your time, you’ll experience lifelong changes to how you think about money, your capacity to earn, multiply, invest, and give back money, and ultimately, how you harness money to create unshakable prosperity and peace of mind.

The journey consists of 3 weeks:



In the first week, you'll explore your existing relationship with money, and how it's affecting you in unexpected ways. You'll uncover the hidden financial hang-ups, beliefs, and models of reality that have held you back throughout your life, as you get clear on the real reasons wealth is important to you.


  • What is your money secretly trying to tell you? This thought exercise instantly reveals what your subconscious mind feels about money.

  • Creating your personal Wealth Map. Follow these steps to define why wealth is important to various areas of your life (this map will serve as a foundation to the rest of your journey).

  • The 3 Money Types quiz. Are you a controller, indifferent, or fearful? The answer may surprise you.

  • Are you stuck in scare-city? If you constantly feel there’s barely enough to get by, this mind shift will finally set you on the path to abundance.

  • The world’s most effective wealth habit (it only takes a few minutes a day).

  • The Future Reimagining exercise: a favorite of world-class athletes and artists, this exercise charts a crystal-clear path in your mind towards the financial future you desire.

  • The Limitless Possibilities exercise: rewires your mind to perceive your financial goals as inevitable (which dramatically accelerates your journey towards making these goals happen).

  • And many more lessons in building your foundation for financial success.



The focus of your second week is clearing out your money wounds. You’ll go deeper into your core identity, and explore the impact your culture and family have left on your relationship with money. You’ll also begin using tools to heal your money wounds, and start replacing them with new programming that elevates you into a money magnet.


  • The 5 types of Money Wounds. Find out which ones are affecting you, where they came from, and how to heal them.

  • The unholy trinity of negative money emotions. How to spot and rise above the 3 common emotions that force you into poor financial decisions.

  • Forgiveness for the past, fortune for the future. Follow these steps to release past pain and resentment that’s silently dragging down your financial success in the present.

  • Opening your floodgates to wealth. Learn how to rise above the illusion of lack, and train your brain to receive wealth from your surroundings (there’s more of it than you might think).

  • The Self-Expansion exercise. Use this immersive exercise to receive abundant energy from your past, your present, and even from collective human consciousness.

  • The Visual Shift exercise: sets you free from crippling fears, beliefs, and trauma that manifested from your negative experiences with money in the past.

  • The Parental Pain Release exercise: focuses on your childhood experiences with your parents, and liberates you from the wealth-sapping thought patterns you inherited from them.

  • And many more lessons on healing your money wounds.



In your final week, Ken will expand your capacity to receive, retain, grow, and even share your wealth. You’ll discover how to step into a refreshingly new money mindset, and embrace a way of life where prosperity is your effortless default state. By the end of this week, you’ll be primed to create your new life, surrounded by Happy Money.


  • Are you limiting your own inflow of Happy Money? Do this to grow your money container, so you can start earning and saving more immediately.

  • The Stretchy Sweater exercise. Use this exercise to train your brain to feel at home in a state of abundance, and banish scarcity thinking for good.

  • Using your gifts to attract wealth. Learn how to pinpoint your unique talents, and use them as magnets for multiplying your Happy Money (this goes way beyond just doing what you love).

  • Who would you be without your limitations? Explore a vision of your greatest, most abundant self - and command your mind to shift that vision into reality.

  • Attracting money through relationships. Discover how to curate a community of people who can’t help but uplift your financial success - even if you don’t know a single wealthy person.