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It’s Your Vibration That Is Blocking The Flow Of Abundance Into Your Life

Make peace with outrageous abundance. ~ Abraham Hicks
  • Does it ever feel like you’re in a secret battle with your money?

  • Do you feel unable to get ahead, no matter how hard you work?

  • Do you feel like your pile of bills never get any smaller?

  • Do you feel you’re constantly struggling just to get by?

If you want to get ahead in this battle, participate in this FREE ENERGY SESSION FOR UNBLOCKING YOUR ABUNDANCE BY CONNECTING TO THE SOURCE ENERGY and end all your money frustrations HERE>>

It’s hosted by brilliant energy healer Christie Marie Sheldon who has one of the fascinating takes on why, for so many of us, the abundance we want keeps eluding us.

According to Christie, the REAL difference between abundant people and those who spend their lives struggling to live on their own terms…

… Has nothing to do with your genes, your luck or your intelligence...

And more to do with the little things we heard as a child. Things like…

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees.

  • Rich people are greedy.

  • If you want to be rich, you have to work REALLY hard.

On the surface, they seem harmless.

But as children, these influences have a way of latching on to our minds and forming what Christie calls Abundance Blocks that sabotage your relationship with money for years or even decades down the line.

It’s the reason why so many of us are saddled with fear about wealth.

We overlook opportunities, we’re often too afraid to invest, we always second-guess ourselves… The list goes on and on.


In this free masterclass titled Unblock Your Abundance >> you’ll get to experience an extraordinary method called Energy Clearing (which is what Christie is famous for) to release these blocks permanently by connecting to the Source Energy.

In this exhilarating 20-minute Energy Clearing Meditation, Christie will tap into your energy field and amplify your natural wealth attraction ability.


You'll release these abundance blocks

In this session>>, you’ll release the following blocks and limiting beliefs regarding your wealth, money, prosperity and abundance:

  • Income limit – Releasing your income setpoint that is blocking the flow of abundance in your life.

  • Can’t have more than enough - Spending all your money.

  • Not being able to create more than enough money.

  • “I don’t have enough”.

  • Being stuck in a job that you don’t like because you think that there is nothing better out there for you.

  • Can’t get what you really really really want.

  • Money is hard to come by.

  • Working hard for money.

  • Feeling stressed out about money.

  • Being fearful about generating wealth.

  • It's not good to love money.

  • It’s not safe to be rich.

  • Your mother’s (mother figure in your life) main block about money that made you feel bad.

  • Your father’s (father figure in your life) main block about money that made you feel bad.

  • Not taking steps into the future.

  • Sabotaging yourself.

Once they are removed, you will start to see improvements in your finances right away!

To your life full of abundance of all kinds!

Don't be dead serious about life. It is just a play. ~ Sadhguru

Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

Did this technique WOW you? Share your WOW with me in the comment box below.

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