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Stop Your Cravings Without Willpower In Just 5 Days!

It's about loving what you eat. Free & Live 5-Day Conquer Your Cravings Challenge with Eric Edmeades, the Creator of WildFit

You may not know this…

But February is a pretty significant month for a lot of people.

Because this is the month where most people break their New Year's resolution to eat healthy and lose weight.

You may have started strong and avoided all those sugary treats and junk food through sheer willpower alone.

But then the inevitable happens.

  • You have just one bad day in the office...

  • Or you get in a big argument...

  • Or some jerk cuts you off in traffic...

... And that's when you crack.

You convince yourself that you deserve a treat to make yourself feel better. (Which is the result of the constant brainwashing we're exposed to from the food industry.)

And before you know it, you’re back to the same eating habits you were so determined to free yourself from at the start of the year.


If you’ve ever fallen into this trap…

It’s not your fault.

Cravings suck.

But is there a way to rid yourself of these dreaded cravings without needing extreme willpower? So you naturally gravitate towards the healthy foods your body actually wants?

Yes, there is.


Eric Edmeades (one of the leading pioneers in food psychology and nutrition) is hosting a FREE 5-day Conquer Your Cravings Challenge!


Here's what's the challenge about

Everyday for 5 days, Eric guides you through a deep and permanent rewiring of your food psychology to delete even your most stubborn of cravings.

So you emerge with total and effortless freedom from your unwanted food cravings and habits.

If you don’t want to miss out on learning how to free yourself from even your most persistent cravings so you automatically make better food choices, start with the first video below!



The Challenge is a 5 day immersive experience giving you the tools to set you up for ultimate freedom from food in 2022.

The Challenge helps you reset your brain so that you only crave food that is good for you.

It's not about restriction or willpower. It's about loving what you eat.

A FREE 5-Day Conquer Your Cravings Challenge

DAY 1: Fearlessly facing your cravings

Your challenge begins with a deep dive into the science and psychology of cravings:

  • What they really are,

  • What they’re doing to your brain and body, and

  • How to best deal with them.

  • Plus you’ll explore the cravings impacting you the most - so you know exactly which ones to focus on and break free from.

DAY 2: The cunning ways your cravings control you

From unwinnable willpower battles to the “just this once” mental trap - your food cravings can and do keep a tight grip on your eating patterns and your health. On your second day you’ll witness all the sneaky ways they manipulate you - and the simplest way to take back (and stay in) control of your food choices.

DAY 3: How to enjoy your food consciously

The average person has shockingly little control over their food cravings and habits: and this happens because instead of making conscious choices, they’re operating on autopilot impulses. On your third day you’ll learn how to overcome these impulses, through the practice of

  • slowing down time and

  • enjoying your food with your fullest presence.

DAY 4: Rewarding yourself the right way

Rewarding yourself with treats and decadent food can be a great tool for staying motivated: but it can also just as easily lead to relapses and new unhealthy habits. Here you’ll discover a better method for approaching food rewards, in a way that leaves you both fully satisfied, and fully on track with your health and nutrition goals.

DAY 5: Transforming your food destiny

On your final day, you’ll learn how to absorb and apply everything you’ve gained throughout the challenge. Then, you’ll experience a profound two-step mind shift that empowers you to start automatically making better food choices - and enjoying a lifetime of total freedom from unwanted food cravings.



If you want to take your transformation further, you can start a full 90-day WildFit Journey HERE >>

When you’ll join the WildFit Journey >>, you’ll master a starvation-free and exercise-free way to regain your health, optimal weight, and self-confidence to a point where you’ll be among the top 5% of healthiest people on the planet.

More importantly, this methodology has been life-changing for +550,00 students and counting.

It always has the lowest refund rates - close to zero percent - which proves how effective WILDFIT is.

A 90-Day WildFit Journey by Eric Edmeades

Here’s why WildFit >> is so effective…

It is so effective because it shatters 5 long-standing myths of the health industry.

Eric discovered them by looking into

  1. medical education,

  2. human history,

  3. nutritional anthropology,

  4. behavioral psychology, and

  5. food manufacturing.

The most damaging myth you’ll find in the dieting industry is...

Myth 1: Humans Need A Diet - Food Industry Wants To Make You Healthy

The weight loss industry loves this one! They sell diet after diet that offers - at best - temporary fixes to weight problems. The fact is...

…Humans don't need a diet.

Just like what an elephant naturally eats is called an elephant diet, what we humans are naturally wired to eat is called a human diet - and that's the only diet we need to be on.

All other forms of modern diets are potentially limiting our health.

That's why Eric went to great lengths to discover the real Human Diet through WildFit >>

Myth 2: Calorie In, Calorie Out

As a student of human evolution, Eric Edmeades observed something interesting about the tribes in Africa that he spent time with: they never went on a diet. Still they had great muscle tone, amazing energy and incredible levels of fitness. It occurred to Eric that the fundamental ideas about why we eat no longer make sense. Counting calories is meaningless. Because your body is not a simple, input-output machine.

Myth 3: The Food Pyramid Works

There is no daily recommended diet. Our bodies evolve to eat annually. We go through different stages and require different foods in different seasons - winter, summer, spring, and autumn.

Myth 4: Your Diet Needs Are Unique

Modern humans have not evolved substantially enough that they require truly unique diets. While some people do have legitimately different food requirements, 80% of us have the same dietary needs.

Myth 5: You Must Exercise To Be Healthy

Exercise is great for health. But it doesn’t have a significant impact on your body. Modern science shows that 95% of your body shape is due to the food you eat and not exercise.

Now, the dieting industry (which is also part of the food industry) wants you to believe these myths so you will keep buying more foods from them, when the truth is...-

...Dieting does not work. Exercise alone does not work. Starving yourself does not work.

Instead, if you’re looking to…

• Maintain an optimum body weight...

• Raise your body’s energy levels...

• Slow down aging and eliminate illnesses...

• Free yourself from false food beliefs and cravings...

• Improve your overall health for better skin, libido, body, and more...

...WildFit >> is not only a perfect framework for the Human Diet, the real beauty of it lies in the course design - Eric is a master of human transformation.

And he uses powerful behavioral psychology to fundamentally alter your brain's relationship with food so you'll naturally be wired to follow the Human Diet without any struggle.

That's why with WildFit >> there's absolutely no suffering or sacrifice required on your part. It's all effortless.

During the 90-day program, you'll join Eric Edmeades for...

• 90 days of step-by-step video coaching .

• Private online mastermind with other members.

• Plus, so much more.

And before you know it, you're on the most ideal, nurturing and natural diet for life.

That's why 9 in 10 people who take WILDFIT complete it and experience profound results.


You are covered by an 15-day unconditional money-back guarantee!

*You can also request a refund via email!*


Keep smiling and here's wishing you have a wonderful day filled with smiles and hugs and kisses and all things nice! ♥

Did this technique WOW you? Share your WOW with me in the comment box below.

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