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Why Our Definition Of A Diet Is Wrong And How To Achieve Food Freedom

Why Our Definition Of A Diet Is Wrong By Eric Edmeades

How is it that after decades of diet fads coming and going…

Millions still struggle with their eating habits, with losing weight, and regaining their health?

According to Eric Edmeades, the creator of one of the world’s most effective health, nutrition and weight loss systems, it’s because our understanding of the word DIET is completely and utterly wrong.

Most people today see ‘dieting’ as

A temporary alteration to our eating patterns in order to fit into that specific outfit for that specific event.

But what a diet really is, is a LIFESTYLE.

In the same way animals have an ideal diet for their species…

Humans have a HUMAN DIET.

But knowing what to eat is just half the battle.

Being able to make the right food choices in spite of the Big Food industry pumping billions of marketing dollars to influence your eating habits is the other half.

Which is why Eric’s webinars have been such a game-changer for close to half a million people who have learned about his nutrition system.

And the webinar, which you can watch in the video below, is also going to be a game-changer in your relationship with food – allowing you to effortlessly re-correct your weight and put you into a state of optimal health.

A free online webinar titled

The End of Dieting as We Know It - Weight Loss Based On Food Freedom by Eric Edmeades

Available in ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH, PORTUGUESE, GERMAN AND RUSSIAN - Watch it in the videos below!


The secret lies in a food philosophy that Eric calls FOOD FREEDOM. He shares it in the videos below.

Food Freedom, according to Eric, occurs once you’ve reprogrammed your beliefs and behaviors around food so you automatically:

  • Break free from unhealthy food cravings and no longer feel the urge to reach out for those sugar-filled snacks.

  • Gravitate towards foods your body actually needs that energize, heal and nourish you.

  • And allowing your body to effortlessly shed any excess pounds without the need for restrictive diets, counting calories or resorting to brutal exercise regimes.

In this webinar Eric equips you with the very tools you need to regain your vitality and wellness, so you return to a state of optimal health.



Eric Edmeades is an accomplished entrepreneur, author and the architect of several highly effective and transformational seminars, workshops and retreats around the world. However, his intersection with the health and fitness industry was an accidental one.

Suffering for most of his teens and early 20’s with severe allergies, sinus troubles, throat infections and acne, he was only weeks away from a surgery to take out his tonsils when a friend of his urged him to attend a personal transformation seminar. That seminar ended up not only clearing up 10 years of chronic symptoms but it changed everything he believed about health and food.

All this came from his personal experience of being terribly sick for 10 years - and accidentally curing all of his symptoms, allergies and pain in just 30 days. 30 DAYS!

That's how effective his methodology is.

Since then it has been his life’s passion to help people wake up to the reality that, in terms of health, they are off course. That the human and financial cost of our current way of life is far too great.