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Here’s How to Heal & Transform Yourself AND Consequently Empower Your Children

Here’s How to Heal & Transform Yourself AND Consequently Empower Your Children

These days more than ever, parents and families need tools to best support their children while also supporting themselves.

In the video below, you can watch a free Mindful Parenting Webinar >> that teaches you the 5 steps to becoming the best parent and person you can be!

This transformative and practical focused masterclass teaches you how to heal yourself before you help others to overcome fear, anxiety, stress and bullying!


In this inspiring masterclass you’ll also see life-changing interview clips from the world’s top experts in parenting, mindfulness, personal development and creativity.

The practical tools and strategies you will learn from this webinar will empower you to live your best life and learn to overcome fear, stress, anxiety, and the “bully” in our schools, homes, and in our own minds.


In this free webinar you’ll learn:

  • 6 simple ways to live in the now and become fully present for your family.

  • The 2 most damaging kinds of parenting thoughts and how to avoid them.

  • An instant stress-relieving Eckhart Tolle technique called One Conscious Breath.

  • The number one secret to building a stronger connection with your child.

  • How to avoid rewards and punishments and help your child build their own moral compass.

  • The easy 3-step process that you can use for handling disagreements, power struggles, and tantrums.


You’ll master practical tools that will help you

  • manage stress,

  • become more resilient, and

  • reclaim your time and energy

so you can create a new way of living that serves everyone in the family better than before.


Here are the topics that are covered in the webinar:

  • How to prepare your spirit parenting and why you should heal yourself before helping others.

  • How to take responsibility for your own suffering and build a relationship with your family members in the present moment.

  • How to transform yourself and empower your children to overcome fear, anxiety, stress and even bullying.

  • Why rewards and punishments don’t work and how to set limits and boundaries.

  • Powerful daily mindfulness tools and practices for the entire family.


5 Secrets to Mindful Parenting Masterclass - Here’s How To Heal & Transform Yourself Before Helping Others To Overcome Fear, Anxiety, Stress & Bullying AND Consequently Empower Your Children

This masterclass goes hand in hand with this free eBook:

Mindful Parenting Free eBook - 5 Steps to Becoming a Better Parent - Free Teachings From S
Download • 48.48MB